The Sex Toy That Takes Erotic Massage to New Heights. A wand vibrator has a reputation for being the most powerful vibrator money can buy.

This all-over massager was designed to release muscle tension, but has since become a popular sex toy. Penetrating vibrations for your muscles and other sensual areas!A quality magic wand massager is typically ergonomically designed, with a large flexible head for deep tissue massage, and a curved handle for easy manoeuvring around the body. This sex toy is a bedroom essential for couples that love erotic massage, and want to branch out with toys.

What’s So Great about a Wand Vibrator?

The original Hitachi wand hit the market as a vibrating massager – and was marketed as a dream for relieving sore muscle tension. People quickly realized the wand vibrator solved another common issue – reaching orgasm! Studies show it works 93% of the time, every time.

These high tech magic wand vibrators are the cure to orgasm dysfunction in women. Many medical studies have since made wands the most popular and sought after sex toy for couples play and women’s solo play that exists in the world. These are the finest vibrators on the market.

Who is a Magic Wand Vibrating Toy For?

Women everywhere regret not investing in a Hitachi wand sooner, once they’ve realized its potency. Hitachi wands are uniquely valuable erotic massage tools, and facilitate the deep, intense intimacy that happens when two people take turns massaging each other.

Use it to create powerful orgasms:

Self-care has never been as rewarding, as when you own a magic wand massager. Great for massaging away the stress of your work day on your own, followed by an extremely satisfying orgasm, or five.

Use it for next-level couple’s massage:

Couples play is about forming strong connections and touch is essential to this process. Your wand will leave your partner feeling great, and it naturally and effortlessly helps you transition from massage, to erotic encounter.

Check out our superior assortment of toys to find your wand vibrator among them. From super powerful, to soft and sensual – you’re sure to uncover the right wand in our exclusive range.

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Mini Wand Massager - Easy Toys Mini Wand Massager - Easy Toys 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Mini Wand Massager - Easy Toys

The Mini Wand Massager by Easy Toys is a compact vibrator designed to be both discreet and effective. With it's swivel, rounded head and an ergonomically designed handle, this mini wand is ideal for all over muscle release or for intimate area massage. Perfectly controlled via one hand, the wand features 7 variable settings (easily controlled via the...
Le Wand Rechargeable All... Le Wand Rechargeable All... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Le Wand Rechargeable All Over Body Wand Vibrator - Le Wand

Le Wand
BO DP 4890808186862
Vote as the winner of Cosmopolitan's most powerful sex toy, the Le Wand Rechargeable vibrating massager is an all over body massager that is perfect for both body and intimate massage. Guaranteed to deliver intense and sensual pleasure, the Le Wand rechargeable vibrator features 10 rumbly vibration speeds and 20 vibration patterns. With it's sleek design...
PalmPower Extreme Massage... PalmPower Extreme Massage... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

PalmPower Extreme Massage Wand Vibrator - Swan

BO DP 677613309112/280
The PalmPower Extreme body wand is a powerful and versatile massage wand designed for all-over body and intimate massage. Rechargeable and water-resistant, this wand features an elongated arm and flexible swivel neck allowing you to position the broad based silicone head on either your body's muscular pressure points or to deliver powerful vibrations to...
Emma Neo Rabbit Wand... Emma Neo Rabbit Wand... 2
Sex Toys

Emma Neo Rabbit Wand Interactive Warming Vibrator - Svakom

The Emma Neo warming wand vibrator by Svakom is part of the new Intelligent App Control series, now allowing you to be more connected than ever before. Featuring new technology, Emma is a powerful, interactive, warming wand vibrator featuring detachable rabbit ears. With it's versatility you are able to use your wand, with it's swivel head, for powerful...
Wand-er Woman All Over Body... Wand-er Woman All Over Body... 2
Sex Toys

Wand-er Woman All Over Body Wand Vibrator - Satisfyer

This impressively sized wand by Satisfyer promises targeted stimulation and pressure designed for soothing tension and providing intense pleasure. Measuring in at an impressing 34 cms, the Wand-er Woman Wand features a streamlined shape coupled with 50 vibrational intensities made up of 10 rhythms and 5 varied intensities. With its waterproof seamless...
Aida Mini Wand Massager -... Aida Mini Wand Massager -... 2
Sex Toys

Aida Mini Wand Massager - Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only
The Aida wand massager by Good Vibes Only is a travel friend mini wand massager designed to stimulate your intimate areas or release muscular tension. With it's swivel head design, Aida features 10 vibrational speeds that range from slow and deliberate to deep and intense. It's super soft silicone design allows you to slide the head over your intimate or...
Base Wand Vibrator - Post... Base Wand Vibrator - Post... 2
Sex Toys

Base Wand Vibrator - Post Modern Vibes

The Base wand vibrator by PMV-20 is a cordless and super-flexible slim wand vibrator that is both versatile and easy to use. With a flexible head that swivels and flexes according to your pressure, Base is perfect for both all-over body tension release as well as intimate massage. The super soft silicone texture allows it to slide and glide, making it...
Vibrating Wand - PlusOne Vibrating Wand - PlusOne 2
Sex Toys

Vibrating Wand - PlusOne

This lightweight body wand by PlusOne is a cordless and compact massager featuring a powerful motor that promises all-over body massage and intense pleasure. With 10 vibrational settings operated by an easy-to-use control panel, this super soft wand can be used on any of your erogenous zones or any part of your body that requires muscular tension relief....
BThrilled Premium Noir... BThrilled Premium Noir... 2
Sex Toys

BThrilled Premium Noir BodyWand - BSwish

B Swish
BO DP 4897106300136
The BThrilled wand by BSwish is an ergonomically designed wand that promises intuitive exploration, all-over stimulation, and total relaxation. Designed for used on any erogenous or muscular area, this versatile wand is perfect for all-over vulva and clitoral stimulation and even body-stress release. The super-soft silicone flexible head flexes gently to...
Powerful Wand Vibrator with... Powerful Wand Vibrator with... 2
Sex Toys

Powerful Wand Vibrator with Attachments - We-Vibe

We Vibe
BO DP 839289004948
The Wand by We-Vibe is an ergonomically designed wand vibrator that includes two custom attachments to give you both versatility and a variety of sensations as well the intense pleasure that is synonymous with the We-Vibe brand. Made from soft-touch silicone, this seamless wand vibrator is 30cm in length and features a gentle ergonomic curve in it's...
Personal Wand Massager -... Personal Wand Massager -... 2
Sex Toys

Personal Wand Massager - PlusOne

The personal massager by PlusOne is an ergonomically designed vibrating wand perfect for clitoral and all-over body massage. Compact and powerful, this 13cm massager features an elongated shaft and a flexible silky soft rounded head. Use the rounded head to envelop your entire clitoral area and run it along the sides of your labia for increased arousal...
Smart Wand 2 Luxurious Body... Smart Wand 2 Luxurious Body... 2
Sex Toys

Smart Wand 2 Luxurious Body Massager & Vibrator (Large) - LELO

BO DP 7350075027789/7772
Lelo’s Smartwands are more than just a smart update on the traditional body massager/wand vibrator made famous by Hitachi. With it's rounded, swivel head design and elongated arm, you are able to free the tension in your body through all-over body massage, and enjoy the benefits of holistic sensual intimate massage at the same time.  Promising...
Happy Rabbit Wand Vibrator... Happy Rabbit Wand Vibrator... 2
Sex Toys

Happy Rabbit Wand Vibrator - LoveHoney

BO DP 5060020009419
The Happy Rabbit Wand by Love Honey is the perfect combination of the classic rabbit vibrator 'ear' design combined with the easy to use and incredible power that you gain from a massage wand.  With 10 vibrating patterns and 3 powerful speeds, this sophisticated wand is versatile enough to use directly over your clitoral area or any other erogenous zone....
Pillow Talk Sultry Dual... Pillow Talk Sultry Dual... 2
Sex Toys

Pillow Talk Sultry Dual G-Spot and Wand Vibrator - Swan

BO DP 677613268167
The Pillow Talk Sultry Wand Vibrator is a versatile vibrator that combines dual-ended functionality, intense vibrations, and powerful rotations - providing you with a two-in-one g-spot vibrator and an all-over body wand vibrator. With the rounded and tapered head that flexes and swivels upon pressure, this part of your vibrator is perfect for...
Little Friends Kegel & Wand... Little Friends Kegel & Wand... 2
Sex Toys

Little Friends Kegel & Wand Set - Minds of Love

Minds of Love
BO DP 4041937313753
The Minds of Love Little Friends set is the perfect combination for beginners or women who require a more discreet vibrator that will both tone their pelvic muscles and stimulate at the same time. Featuring two products, this set contains an ergonomically designed wand vibrator as well as a double stimulation kegel device. The wand massager with it's...
Viala Sonic Skin Cleanser & Body Massager - Svakom Viala Sonic Skin Cleanser & Body Massager - Svakom 2
Sex Toys

Viala Sonic Skin Cleanser & Body Massager - Svakom

The Viala by Svakom is a luxuriously versatile 2-in-1 sonic skin cleanser and all over body massager.  Offering a full spa experience and holding the accolade of being an award winning facial cleansing device, the Viala is a vibrating body wand that features a silicone, non-porous, bristled removable head that is resistant to bacterial build up and is...
Doxy Die Cast Ultimate Vibrating Massage Wand - Doxy Doxy Die Cast Ultimate Vibrating Massage Wand - Doxy 2
Sex Toys for Her

Doxy Die Cast Ultimate Vibrating Massage Wand - Doxy

The special edition Doxy Die Cast is a the exact replica of the original Doxy, but features a gorgeous brushed aliminium alloy exterior that gives it a sophisticated and modern edge.Featuring 30% more power than the traditional Hitachi Magic Wands, the Doxy Die Cast offers a sleek, luxurious experience without compromising on intense power and...
Doxy Number 3 Masturbator Sleeve Attachment - Doxy Doxy Number 3 Masturbator Sleeve Attachment - Doxy 2
Sex Toys

Doxy Number 3 Masturbator Sleeve Attachment - Doxy

BO DP 5060274221162
The Doxy masturbator attachment head is designed as an add-on accessory to the infamous and powerful Doxy Wand Vibrating Massager. Combining the exciting application of a masturbation sleeve with the power of the Doxy Number 3, you are now able to enjoy a completely turbocharged experience with your wand. Simply screw off the original Doxy Number 3 head,...
Doxy Number 3 Rabbit Attachment - Doxy Doxy Number 3 Rabbit Attachment - Doxy 2
Sex Toys

Doxy Number 3 Rabbit Attachment - Doxy

BO DP 5060274221148
The Doxy Number 3 clitoral head attachment is designed to be used with the infamous Doxy Number 3 Body Wand Vibrator. Combining the power of the Doxy wand with a removeable clitoral head, you are now able to gain even more direct and intense stimulation than before. With a unique wing shape and a bulbous finger-tip type head, you are able to direct the...
PalmPower Plug In Personal Massager - Swan PalmPower Plug In Personal Massager - Swan 2
Sex Toys

PalmPower Plug In Personal Massager - Swan

BO DP 677613305282
The Swan PalmPower personal massager has a deserved reputation as one of the most powerful and compact massage wands available. This plug-in version gives you all the power equal to that of a super-charged vibrator. The PalmPower features a cleverly tapered handle that is easy to hold while you guide the head to the perfect position. The flexible neck...
Emma Mini Wand Vibrator | Svakom Emma Mini Wand Vibrator | Svakom 2
Sex Toys

Emma Mini Wand Vibrator - Svakom

The Emma mini wand by Svakom, is a powerful mini wand designed for women who prefer medium or small sized massagers. With 6 vibration modes and a powerful motor, this wand features a flexible vibrating head that stimulates the entire vulva area, or allows for a powerful all-over body massage. Stimulating even the deepest of vaginal nerve endings, the head...
Pillow Talk Cheeky Petite & Powerful Wand Vibrator - Swan Pillow Talk Cheeky Petite & Powerful Wand Vibrator - Swan 2
Sex Toys

Pillow Talk Cheeky Petite & Powerful Wand Vibrator - Swan

BO DP 677613267191/60
The new Pillow Talk range from luxury erotic toy manufacturers BMS Factory is sure to prove as popular as their Swan and Palmpower toys. BMS adult toys are known for their powerful motors and beautiful silicone finish, and the Pillow Talk Cheeky Wand Massager is no exception. The PowerBullet™ motor in the head of this vibrating massage wand is strong,...
Mini Wand Vibrator - Swan Mini Wand Vibrator - Swan 2
Sex Toys

The Mini Swan Clitoral Wand Vibrator - Swan

BO DP 677613321565
Slightly larger than a standard bullet vibrator and with a surprisingly strong motor, the Mini Swan Wand is a handheld clitoral vibrator that will quickly become your favourite for foreplay or solo masturbation. The curved and bulbous head perfectly translates the powerful vibrations to stimulate the nipples, vulva, clitoris, perineum or other erogenous...
Swan Palm Power recharge Head - Palm Pleasure
Sex Toys

The PalmPower Swan Recharge Heads - PalmPleasure | Swan

BO DP 677613305336
The Swan PalmPower recharge heads are designed to be used with the Swan PalmPower body massager (sold seperately).Thanks to this set of two click-and-play heads, you can change from the basic rounded head on the PalmPower to one of these delightful clitoral stimulators. Consisting of two different heads, you have the PalmDelight which has two rabbitlike...
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