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The Sex Toy That Takes Erotic Massage to New Heights. A wand vibrator has a reputation for being the most powerful vibrator money can buy. This all-over massager was designed to release muscle tension, but has since become a popular sex toy. Penetrating vibrations for your muscles and other sensual areas!

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A quality magic wand massager is typically ergonomically designed, with a large flexible head for deep tissue massage, and a curved handle for easy manoeuvring around the body. This sex toy is a bedroom essential for couples that love erotic massage, and want to branch out with toys.

What’s So Great about a Wand Vibrator?

The original Hitachi wand hit the market as a vibrating massager – and was marketed as a dream for relieving sore muscle tension. People quickly realized the wand vibrator solved another common issue – reaching orgasm! Studies show it works 93% of the time, every time.

These high tech magic wand vibrators are the cure to orgasm dysfunction in women. Many medical studies have since made wands the most popular and sought after sex toy for couples play and women’s solo play that exists in the world. These are the finest vibrators on the market.

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Who is a Magic Wand Vibrating Toy For?

Women everywhere regret not investing in a Hitachi wand sooner, once they’ve realized its potency. Hitachi wands are uniquely valuable erotic massage tools, and facilitate the deep, intense intimacy that happens when two people take turns massaging each other.

- Use it to create powerful orgasms: Self-care has never been as rewarding, as when you own a magic wand massager. Great for massaging away the stress of your work day on your own, followed by an extremely satisfying orgasm, or five.
- Use it for next-level couple’s massage: Couples play is about forming strong connections and touch is essential to this process. Your wand will leave your partner feeling great, and it naturally and effortlessly helps you transition from massage, to erotic encounter.

Check out our superior assortment of toys to find your wand vibrator among them. From super powerful, to soft and sensual – you’re sure to uncover the right wand in our exclusive range.
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