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Uncover our mischievous range of luxury vibrators, uniquely selected to heighten personal moments of self-exploration and couples intimacy. Let the pulsing sensations consume you with vibrating sex toys like our wand vibrators, p-spot massagers, clitoral stimulators, eggs and rings – for a new kind of trembling vibration that takes you from zero to ‘yes’ in no time.

Recharge your bedroom play by adding some tasteful vibrators to your collection.

Vibrate Your Way To Feelings of Delight

The best vibrators in South Africa come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and functions. But not all vibrators are created equally, so it’s important that you understand the different types on offer at Désir. Here are the 5 hottest selling vibrating sex toys this year.

#1: The Rabbit Habit

When rabbit vibrators arrived on the scene, they changed the sex toy industry forever. Easy to identify thanks to the famous ‘pair of rabbit ears’ that act as the stimulation device on top of the wand, these are some of the best vibrators money can buy.

Rabbit vibrators rotate and vibrate for simultaneous internal and external excitement. View our range of rabbit sex toys here.

#2: On-Top Stimulation

If you prefer ‘on-top’ stimulation, then clitoral vibrators are what you have been looking for. These are the best vibrators for women looking to inspire arousal in a small travel-sized package. Whether pulsing, varying intensities, sucking or pressure is your thing, these vibrating sex toys have become this season’s must-have in your collection

Clitoral vibrators are small, easy to conceal and many come with different speeds. View our range of clitoral stimulators here.

#3: Deep Vibrating Sensations

Once you have found your g-spot, the next step is find out what you can achieve with it – and that’s where g-spot vibrators come in handy. Created to directly arouse the g-spot area in both men and women, these are the best vibrators to use for powerful climaxes.

G-spot vibrators come with varying intensities and fun settings to play with. View our range of g-spot stimulators here.

#4: The Manual Classic

If modesty is important to you, then wand vibrators may be the companion you have been searching for. These sex toys are easily mistaken as back massagers, yet they are the best vibrators for internal and external direct stimulation. Versatile and comfortable, with these vibrating sex toys any massage has the potential to become something more satisfying.

Wand vibrators are phallic-shaped, chargeable and soft enough for direct contact. View our range of wand stimulators here.

#5: The Egg Inside

There are many different kinds of bullet vibrators available, excellent for light external play and deep interior stimulation, as the egg slips inside and rests against your p/g-spot. These are the best vibrators to invest in for couples, thanks to remote control functionality.

Bullet vibrators are soft, simple to clean and are great for bedroom couple’s play. View our range of bullet stimulators here.

Before You Buy: The Guide To Good Vibrations

Before you buy vibrators online it’s best to decide on the sex toy that will best suit your unique sexual personality. A solid solo investment for a woman would be a clitoral stimulator, as most women find it easier to orgasm this way.

Men on the other hand may prefer vibrating bullets or beads, which can enhance their own alone time. For couple’s play, many vibrating sex toys take on different uses, depending on your imagination – wands, rabbits and g-spot stimulators are perfect for use on each other, alone or during role play scenarios.

When you buy vibrators online from Désir have your goal clearly in mind. That way, the sex toy you have selected will meet and exceed your expectations on delivery!

Browse our diverse range of the best vibrators available for sale online in South Africa, and honour yourself with some good vibrations this year.

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  • R999
    Out of stock

    The Zizo Innie Vibe by Picobong is a classically curved vibrator perfect for focussing on all of your pleasure points. Classic and classy in it's design, the Zizo is for confident minimalists looking for maximum pleasure. With a curved shaft for G spot stimulation and a tapered tip for precise clitoral massage, the Zizo is a versatile vibe offering all...

  • R1,199

    The Moka G Spot Vibrator by Picobong is a versatile and agile vibrator designed to switch between both G-Spot and Clitoral massage. With it's angled ergonomic design, it directly stimulates the G Spot, whilst the flattened head allows you to turn it over and massage your clitoris. With vibrations alternating between the clitoris and G-spot, you are able...

  • R1,699

    The LayaSpot2 is an ergonomically designed vibrator which is designed to hug your body and spread intense vibrations across off your erogenous zones. Use it to wake up your partner's nerves with a full body massage, slip it on top of your clitoris during intercourse, or use the curve to gently stroke and tease your partner's scrotum and perineum area....

  • R799

    The Gaia rabbit vibrator by Adrien Lastic is all you need for all over clitoral massage and intense orgasms. With it's 2 motor design, this powerful yet whisper quiet vibrator fully massage the entire vaginal area to stimulate and provide intense sensations. With one arm vibrating internally, the external arm sits gently on the clitoris ensuring that the...

  • R2,299

    The OhMiBod Snuggle, is a modern rabbit vibrator that offers dual stimulation by stimulating your clitoris as well as massaging your g spot internally. With 7 preset scalable pulsations, this 100% body safe silicone vibrator is splash proof and usb rechargeable providing you with the most discreet playtime. Made from super soft body safe silicone,...

  • R2,799
    2 Reviews

    Swan's Kissing Massager is one of the most luxurious and promising Rabbit Vibrators. What makes this vibrator extra special is it's rotating internal shaft which gentle circles and massages you internally, whilst providing direct stimulation to the entire g spot region. At the same time, it's soft rabbit like ears and bulbous finger stimulate the...

  • R1,699

    The Trigger rabbit vibrator by Adrien Lastic is a vibrator with a specific 'come hither' oscillating movement. With it's three powerful motors and intense vibration settings the Trigger focuses on powerful vaginal and clitoral stimulation. With the internal arm giving you a backwards and forwards motion massaging your internal vaginal canal and g spot,...

  • R899

    The Typhoon Rabbit vibrator by Adrien Lastic is a powerful rabbit vibe designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the internal g spot, providing you with blended and intense orgasm. Featuring a slightly larger girth (3.9cm) than the other rabbit vibes in the Adrien Lastic range, the Typhoon is powerful and big on features. With a smooth, textured...

  • R799

    The Cyclone rabbit vibrator by Adrien Lastic is a super soft textured vibrator which focuses on dual stimulation of both the G Spot and Clitoris, providing you with the ultimate experience of blended orgasms. With one quick click of the easy to control button, this vibe releases a hurricane of whisper-quiet vibrations up and down the shaft via the 2...

  • R939

    Sqweel Go Oral Stimulator gives exactly the same amount of punch as the original Sqweel, the only difference being it's size. At 7cm, it is the perfect travel companion. With 10 lapping, licking, & revolving silicone tongues for your clitoris, this device is the closest thing a lady will get to having oral sex on demand. Perfect for bath time solo play!

  • R1,899

    The New Touch by We-Vibe is the ultimate in clitoral vibes! Silky soft to the touch, this clitoral vibe provides two hours of play on a single charge. 100% waterproof it is perfect for bath play and packs enough power to deliver 8 vibration modes with a deep and satisfying intensity. Perfect for foreplay, couple play, and mulitple orgasms.

  • R3,299

    If you enjoy the feeling of fingers curling against your g-spot, fingertips fluttering against your labia, and the overwhelming sensation of super-strong vibrations, then the Bi stronic fusion thrusting rabbit vibrator is perfect for you. With intuitive control and a quick stop function, this vibe pulsates with one of the strongest external motors on the...

  • R2,495

    The G5 Tiger from Fun Factory is an incredibly powerful vibrator that is perfect for both vaginal and anal stimulation. The curved shaft hits the g spot or p spot with precision whilst the wide base stimulates the clitoris or the perinium. It has a rippled body for a more intense experience and is ergonomically designed with a looped handle, making the G5...

  • R2,149

    This Fifty Shades of Grey 'Holy Cow' Vibrator, an update of the traditional "Hitachi" wand, at a length of 22.8cm, has a powerful head perfect for either clitoral and vulva stimulation or for a directed body massage. With 8 vibration modes and 60 minutes of play, this waterproof vibrator provides the ultimate in intense orgasmic release. 

  • R1,862

    The Bonnie & Clyde remote controlled rabbit by Adrien Lastic is a unique vibrator designed for massaging the entire vaginal canal from top to bottom. With a remote control to seamlessly control the vibrations and intensity, this vibrator not only offers intense vibrations throughout it's shaft, but has two rotating shafts - one on the outside to swirl and...

  • R1,299

    Inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, this Wickedly Tempting Clitoral Vibrator, measuring at 10cm, is small and discreet enough to make it the perfect travel companion. With it's 5 pattern single speed vibration, it's sleek design is perfect for clitoral precision. 

  • R799

    The Nyx super soft G Spot Vibrator by Adrien Lastic at a length of 20cm's features an ergonomical design and rounded curvature allowing you to precisely stimulate and reach your inner g spot. With it's super soft touch, this whisper quiet vibrator can also be used for external clitoral stimulation using it's curved and slightly flattened tip to directly...

  • R1,789

    The Tenga Iroha Sakura vibrator is a squeezable and supple mini clitoral vibrator. With a split tip to gently hug the clitoris, this 3 speed vibrator offers 1 pulsation pattern and 90 minutes total play time. Perfect for use during lovemaking to assist in simultaneous orgasms. 

  • R799
    1 Review

    The Ares rabbit vibrator by Adrien Lastic is a super soft clitoral vibrator that is designed to provide a full massage to the entire vaginal area - both internal and external. With two powerful motors - one in the head of the vibrator and another in the external clitoral arm - this vibe provides you with 8 types of powerful whisper quiet vibrations which...

  • R3,895
    3 Reviews

    Womanizer's new and upgraded W500 PRO Clitoral stimulator is a revolutionary product which uses both sucking and air pressure to stimulate the clitoris. Featuring two stimulating attachments, this Womanizer provides for any size clitoris, guaranteeing you a comfortable and compact fit. It has 8 intensity levels all controlled by a simple push of a button....

  • R1,099

    The Butch Cassidy rabbit vibrator by Adrien Lastic is a clitoral vibrator designed to allow you to personally customise the type of stimulation based on your desire. Use the rabbit eared head for traditional 'rabbit' clitoral stimulation, or simply slip on the smooth unicorn sleeve to experience the single, soft, curved wand for more precision....

  • R1,459
    Out of stock

    Be adventurous with this amazing triple stimulating massager from OhMiBod! With 3 powerful motors & 7 scalable pulsations, this ergonomically designed vibe stimulates three places at once. Gently stimulating the nerves in the anal area, whilst massaging the clitoris and g spot at the same time, this Love Life Adventurer is guaranteed to stimulate all...

  • R799

    The Billy the Kid ribbed vibrator by Adrien Lastic is a smooth silicone soft vibrator featuring a ribbed and rippled shaft. With it's 10 functions and 10 varied intensity levels, the vibrations are transmitted from the base of the shaft right to the head providing you with the most intense orgasmic experience. The ripples provide you with intense...

  • R1,799

    The Gazelle is a luxury "two in one" waterproof clitoral Stimulator and massage Wand, within the ZOO Collection, by Imtoy. Use it either on its own as a traditional wand massager for all-round body stress release and pleasure, or attach the two 'rabbit style ears' and enjoy the all over labia and precise clitoral stimulation. With...

  • R1,899

    The Fifty Shades Darker 'Oh My' Rabbit Vibrator has a smooth contoured shape with ears positioned for the ultimate clitoral stimulation during use. In a natural shape and ergonomically designed shaft, this rabbit is perfect for beginners and experianced users alike. It has two powerful twin motors which offer 8 patterns and 12 powerful speeds. In...

  • R524

    The Dino G Spot Mini Vibrator by Adrien Lastic is a silicone soft vibrator designed to specifically target the G Spot giving you absolute toe curling and intense orgasms. With a wavy vibration profile that varies from super slow sensual speed to a rumbling roar, this 8 patterned vibrator is whisper quiet despite it's powerful motor. With it's rounded form...

  • R2,399

    The new G Jack vibrator by G Vibe reaches new heights with it's state of the art BIOSKIN material. Feeling as real and as close to the human body as possible, this ecologically safe, hypoallergenic, and premium material vibrator is impossibly close to the real thing. 100% waterproof, G Jack is great to play with in the bath or shower. With a magentic...

  • R1,929

    The Swan Squeeze Me Hug Rabbit vibrator has a curve and precision that allows both clitoral and g-spot stimulation. With the new innovative 'squeeze me' technology, this vibe allows you to control the intensity of the vibes simply by applying pressure to shaft. Simply put, the more you squeeze, the more powerful the vibes. With intuitive controls and a...

  • R1,598

    The Venture X Rabbit Vibrator is a cute and quality vibrator that stimulates both clitoris and g spot. With its 10 different vibration patterns, you are bound to find a rhythm that suits your needs! It is 11cm in lefth, with a insertable length of 7cm - perfect for beginners. It has a diameter of 3cm and makes use of 2 x AAA batteries (not included). It...

  • R2,179
    1 Review

    Fun Factory's Delight luxury S shaped Vibrator at a length of 15cm offers the latest royal curl design. With 8 vibration speeds and 3 patterns, the rounded end fits snugly inside your vagina stimulating the g spot, whilst the handle is perfectly curved to rest on your entire clitoral region. Stimulating both the g spot and clitoris at the same time, this...

  • R699

    The Rocks off Finger Tingle Vibrator is a powerful vibe featuring 7 powerful settings which take you from 3 constant speeds to 4 pulsing patterns. With it's discreet size you are able to conceal this vibe perfectly, taking it either to your bath or shower, or making it ideal for that special night away. Powered by a R0-80mm bullet, you simply slip your...

  • R729
    Out of stock

    SToys Ashley Vibrator at a length of 14cm is a quiet and durable 12 speed vibrator. Focusing on your g spot and clitoris simultaneously, this rabbit like vibrator is soft, waterproof, and guaranteed for overall and total orgasmic intensity.

  • R1,299

    Rocks off introduces the new Lust Linx 2 in 1 Vibrator and Flogger. With a 6 inch ridged vibrator offering 3 vibrations and 7 pulsations, this toy introduces new thrills and light S&M, building your excitement every step of the way. With body safe silicone chain links, you are able to feel them bounce off your skin, whilst anticipating the next exciting...

  • R2,199

    The G Vibe mini award winning vibrator is an impressively smart toy offering pleasure for both men and women. Offering simultaneous stimulation of the g spot as well as the entrance of the vagina and clitoris, the g vibe mini is soft and flexible and adapts easily thanks to the two flexible silicone tips. Offering a sense of fullness, without stretching...

  • R1,199

    The mini wand by Swan is a luxuriously compact vibrator beautiful in both design and power. Perfect for on the go, this wand in it's seamless and soft to the touch silicone finish is waterproof, luxurious and compact. Powered by the intensive PowerBullet motor, this press and hold vibe has a travel lock and is charged via a USB cord. With a run time of up...

  • R1,549

    The Swan Squeeze range of vibrators are an amazing new innovation allowing you to use one vibrator in three entirely different ways. These vibrators can either be hand-held, hands-free or used internally. With pressure sensitive technology, you are able to adjust the power of the vibrations simply by adjusting your touch - the stronger you squeeze, the...

  • R599

    The vibrating sea sponge by Sex in the Shower, is a cleverly designed gentle and exfoliating bath sponge which features a single speed bullet hidden deep inside. Ultra discreet, and with quiet vibrations, this innocent looking sponge packs a punch and provides the most intense vibrations. Completely waterproof, you are able to use it to assist with...

  • R799

    The Billy the Kid 2 Ribbed vibrator by Adrien Lastic is a water-resistant vibrator featuring 10 speeds and 10 patterns, ranging from strong constant vibes to an orgasmic range of powerful pulsations. Slightly bigger than the original Billy the Kid, this firm and flexible, silicone soft vibe has wavy contours along the shaft of the vibrator and is designed...

  • R1,799

    This Fifty Shades Darker G Spot Vibrator is the best selling g spot shape designed for smooth insertion, powerful internal stimulation, and ergonomically design stimulation. With two powerful twin motors it has 8 patterns and 12 powerful speeds it provides direct stimulation and powerful orgasms. With it's smooth, dark navy silicone exterior and a...

  • R1,865

    The Minds of Love Franco Vibrator is designed for both clitoral and g spot stimulation. With it's curved design it applies direct stimulation to the g spot, whilst the rabbit like finger provides vibrations to the clitoris. With ridges on the inner side of the vibrator, additional stimulation is added add to the sensual pleasure. The 7 available...

  • R2,894
    2 Reviews

    2016's most anticipated dual vibrator!! The new We Vibe Nova is a uniquely designed toy that takes the rabbit vibrator style to a whole new level! What makes this incredible dual stimulator so unique is its very flexible clitoral arm - it flexes with your movement, allowing it to stay in constant contact with your clitoris. It has whisper quiet...

  • R1,799
    2 Reviews

    Rhino, from Imtoy's  Luxury ZOO Collection, is a revolutionary dual stimulation rabbit vibrator that will be the only toy you'll ever want to play with! With two motors producing the most intense vibrations, this vibrator has an elegant horn which produces direct and targeted stimulation to the clitoris, whilst the gently curved tip provides...

  • R675

    The Bdesired Deluxe vibrator combines sleek design, a smooth silicone touch, and 6-functions - perfect for both clitoral, anal, and internal massage. With it's silky contoured tip, this vibrator has a velvety smooth feel and seamless look. The 6 functions operate at the simple click of a button and is perfect for solo masturbation or couple play. Made...

  • R2,395
    Out of stock
    1 Review

    Lelo's Smartwand Medium, an update of the 'Hitachi' is cordless & designed for intense, luxurious pleasure. A smaller version of the Lelo Smartwand Large, this massager increases it's vibratory strength the harder it is applied. With memory function that remembers the last setting & with SenseTouch feature, the Smartwand Medium has 8 varied speeds,...

  • R2,754

    The G-Kii vibrator is the perfect vibrator for women who are trying to discover and stimulate their g spot. Everyone's body type is different so hitting your G Spot with regular toys may be difficult. However, the Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator comes with an impressive feature - it is adjustable, designed with a variety of positions that click into place...

  • R729
    3 Reviews

    SToys' Ayleen Vibrator is designed for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation. Featuring a one-touch control and boasting 12 vibration modes, the Ayleen design is ergonomic and allows you to control your discreet and quiet stimulation. Perfect for sensitive skins, this vibrator is both anti-allergenic and phthalate free.

  • R2,299

    The RO-Deo sit on vibrator by Rocks Off is a one of a kind vibrator that allows you to go totally hands free while sitting on a bed, a chair or even the bath! With a soft silicone shaft featuring a curved head and rounded tip to stimulate your g-spot, and a clitoral stimulating tongue on the outside, this dual stimulating vibrator allows you to rock...

  • R1,499
    Out of stock

    The O Venus Clitoral stimulator by Adrien Lastic was specifically designed by sex toy tester Venus O Hara. With the focus on ergonomic shape and handling, the O Venus has two arms and was designed specifically with a woman's anatomy and shape in mind. One fits comfortably and seamlessly into the vaginal opening, whilst the arm with the rabbit like ears...

  • R1,799
    Out of stock

    The Noa by Lelo is a couples vibrator worn by women whilst making love, offering both him and her intense pleasure. Worn with the 'tail' inserted vaginally into her, the exterior arm rests on her clitoris providing 6 different vibrations. The internal arm is small enough to allow him to enter her, allowing him to take advantage of the intense pleasure...

  • R2,199

    The Wish Luxury vibrator by We Vibe is an all over clitoral vibrator which also stimulates the entire vulva area. With a similar feel to that of a wand vibrator, the Wish has a soft exterior and a tapered tip, ensuring that you not only stimulate the clitoris directly, but that you gain the best of both worlds by simultaneously stimulating the entire...

  • R3,299

    The Doxy Skittle, shaped similar to a bowling skittle, is a powerful, multi-purpose vibrator perfect for both men and female. With it's unique shape, the skittle can be used effectively for all kinds of stimulation, from direct clitoral stimulation, to perineum play, as well a anal probe. Smaller and lighter than the original Doxy wand, the Skittle...

  • R1,499
    1 Review

    The Bbold Premium is a 7 function massager which is ergonomically designed to massage all of your erogenous zones. With it's angle silhouette, it fits perfectly on the clitoral area, ensuring that each and every party of the labia is stimulated. With it's bulbous end, and easily insertable shape, the BBold allows a feeling of fullness whether it be...

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