Desir’s luxurious range of vibrators for her feature the most technologically advanced, ergonomically safe and sophisticated vibrators from across the globe. With options that range from the renowned hitachi magic wand and sex in the city’s rabbit vibrator, to the more discreet clitoral and bullet vibrators, our collection and the options therein are endless.

Vibrate Your Way To More Powerful Orgasms

The best vibrators in South Africa come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and functions. But not all vibrators are created equally, so it’s important that you understand the different types on offer at Désir. Here are the 5 hottest selling vibrating sex toys this year.

#1: The Rabbit Clitoral and G-spot Vibrator

When rabbit vibrators were engineered, women around the world were queuing for what was dubbed the ‘ultimate in dual-stimulation’. Named after the two or sometimes one rabbit ears that are situated on top of the shaft, this famous sex toy has not only changed the sex toy industry forever, but has also allowed women to enjoy dual stimulation to both the clitoral and g-spot area at the same time. With a curved shaft on the inside to precisely massage the g-spot and rabbit ears on the outside to powerfully stimulate the clitoral shaft, the rabbit vibrator provides you with a far more intense orgasm than you are able to achieve through either clitoral or g-spot massage alone.

Designed using 100% body safe silicone, and with their waterproof and usb rechargeable technology, rabbit vibrators have evolved over the years to vary from whisper quiet to rumbly and deep. Brands like LELO, Je Joue, Minds of Love, and Fun Factory have taken it upon themselves to continuously modify and evolve the rabbit to become even more ergonomically compatible, technologically advanced, and more pleasurable than ever before.

With powerful vibrations, a multitude of vibrating speeds and vibrational patterns, combined with the most intense all-round stimulation, rabbit vibrators are an absolute go-to for women seeking penetrative and external pleasure at the same time.

View our range of rabbit vibrators here.

#2: Clitoral Vibrators

If you prefer external stimulation alone - without the feeling of penetration - and require assistance with being able to climax during penetrative sex, then clitoral vibrators are what you have been looking for. These smaller in size vibrators are designed in various shapes and forms, from egg vibrators and bullet, to o-shape and saddles.

Designed to cup the entire vulva area or the clitoris only, clitoral vibrators are paired with features that include intense stimulation and a multitude of vibration settings to ensure precise and deep clit stimulation. From pulsating and deep to subtle and soft, clitoral vibrators offer stimulation that is completely customizable, preventing overstimulation and desensitisation of the clitoral area.

Discreet in design and compact in size, clitoral vibrators are perfect for travel and privacy and with some including a whisper quiet motor or a completely waterproof design, clitoral vibrators are perfect for women who are looking for a smaller sex toy that offers privacy and discretion and does not include an overly cumbersome shaft design. Versatile enough to be used on all of your erogenous areas, clitoral vibrators do not need to exclude your partner and can even be used on his perineum area or her nipples for added foreplay and heightened arousal.

Explore the ultimate range of clitoral vibrators that offer pinpoint precision for clitoral orgasms, or enjoy the dual stimulation of clitoral and oral sex thanks to the ingeneous design of clitoral vibrators that mimic a licking and tapping motion. Whatever your preference, Desir offers the most versatile range of clitoral vibrators from popular brands like Rocks Off, We-Vibe, Tenga, and Svakom.

View our range of clitoral vibrators here.

#4: Body Wand Vibrators

If modesty is important to you, then body wand vibrators, may be the companion you have been searching for. Also known as Hitachi wands, magic wands, and body massagers, these sex toys are versatile in design and offer pleasure, relaxation and all-over stimulation - for both him and her.

With its rounded head swivel type neck mechanism, wand vibrators are designed to offer all over vulva stimulation. Reaching the entire vulva area leads to a more powerful orgasm and the entire clitoral ‘wish-bone’ anatomical nerve structure is stimulated. The rounded swivel head allows you to move the hitachi wand in a rotational manner and apply the precise amount of pressure required to encourage a deeply satisfying and long-lasting orgasm.

With many wand vibrators offering heat mechanics, wands offer the dual function of acting as a body massager and stress reliever. The swivel head massages your various pressure points, offering the combined effect of relaxation and pleasure all-in-one. Use a body glide or lubricant to leave the skin silky smooth and allow the wand to glide over each of your pressure points to experience tension relief.

Discreet in their design in that they do not look like your typical vibrator, body wand vibrators are perfect for the more discerning customers. Often powered by mains, body wands are far more powerful than the traditional battery operated or USB rechargeable vibrators and offer far more stimulation and intense orgasms that are ordinarily produced by typical vibes. Large in design however, they can tend to be a bit cumbersome to navigate, but this is quickly forgiven thanks to the incredible power and pleasure that is produced by these powerful vibrators.

View our range of wand vibrators here.

#5: The Egg Vibrator

There are many different kinds of bullet vibrators available, excellent for light external play and deep interior stimulation, but if it is compact external and internal vibrations that you are after, then the egg vibrator is perfect for you.

Named after their egg type shape, these vibrators can be inserted internally and used externally for clitoral stimulation. Small in size, the egg vibrator can be used during solo play or even during couples play as their compact design does not allow them to get in the way during penetration.

With fast evolving designs and technologically advanced engineering, egg vibrators allow you the ultimate in hands-free play with their ability to be app or remote controlled. With a retrieval cord at the base, egg vibrators are slipped into the vagina using a bit of water-based lubricant and operated by your partner or yourself, you are able to wear them out thanks to their discreet and whisper quiet design.

Primarily used as clitoral vibrators, egg vibrators are the perfect companion for erotic foreplay massage. Massaging the penis, anus, vagina, testicles or nipples, egg vibrators are as versatile as you need them to be.

View our range of egg vibrators here

#6: The Panty Vibrator

Vibrating panties are panties that include an additional pouch in the front that allow the placement of a discreet vibrating bullet. Usually remote controlled, vibrating panties are the perfect way to add adventure and a little more risque play to your date night - whether out or in the comfort of your own home.. With the partner controlling the discreetly designed app or remote control, you are able to tease your partner into pleasure oblivion thanks to variable settings that can range from slow and steady to toe-curlingly intense

If you are a little more daring and looking for playful fun and adventure, our panty vibrators are bound to spice things up like never before.

View our range of panty vibrators here.

#7: Clitoral Suction Vibrators

Before clitoral suction vibrators came on the market, rabbit vibrators were the absolute go-to for intense pleasure. The rabbit however seems to have met it's nemesis in the intensely popular and willdy thrilling clitoral suction vibrator.

With it's unique pleasure air technology, Clitoral Suction Vibrators, promise no-touch stimulation via the sucking, lapping, and stimulation of the intensely powerful air waves. The large clitoral head sits gently around the clitoris creating a seal, and by navigating through the powerful pleasure settings, gentle waves of pleasure stimulate you deeply leading to multiple orgasms that are far more powerful and long-lasting.

Unlike other vibrators, clitoral suction vibrators do not desensitize or provide the habituation effect that more tingly vibrators produce, thereby allowing you to orgasm again and again, for as long as you can possible handle.

View our range of Clitoral Suction Vibrators here.

Before You Buy: The Guide To Good Vibrations

Before you buy vibrators online it's best to decide on the sex toy that will best suit your unique sexual personality. With so many options available, it may be a case of trying one of a few before you find the one that suits your needs.

Men on the other hand may prefer vibrating bullets or beads, which can enhance their own alone time. For couple’s play, many vibrating sex toys take on different uses, depending on your imagination – wands, rabbits and g-spot stimulators are perfect for use on each other, alone or during role play scenarios.

When you buy vibrators online from Désir have your goal clearly in mind. That way, the sex toy you have selected will meet and exceed your expectations on delivery!

Browse our diverse range of the best vibrators available for sale online in South Africa, and honour yourself.

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BulletPoint PowerBullet... BulletPoint PowerBullet... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

BulletPoint PowerBullet Vibrator - Swan

Rocks off
BO DP677613565150
The PowerBullet by Swan is a discreet and powerful bullet vibrator designed to offer pinpoint precision and accuracy. With 10 powerful settings, PowerBullet is known for its highly advanced motor and deep and rumbly vibrations. With a simply press of a button, you are able to navigate through 10 settings that vary from gentle and mild to incredibly...
Two-Vibe Flexible Vibrator... Two-Vibe Flexible Vibrator... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Two-Vibe Flexible Vibrator with Remote - Rocks Off

Rocks off
BO DP 811041014518
The Two-Vibe flexible vibrator by Rocks Off has been specifically designed to offer you versatility whether you are using the Two-Vibe for couples or solo play. With each person built differently, the Two-Vibe features an ergonomically designed flexible shaft that allows you to flex and bend according to the perfect shape just for you. For an all-over...
Lapin Rabbit Vibrator - ST... Lapin Rabbit Vibrator - ST... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Lapin Rabbit Vibrator - ST Rubber

BO DP 6946689010777
The Lapin Mini Rabbit Vibrator by ST Rubber is the perfect rabbit for beginners thanks to it's petite stature and easy to control design.  With a length of approximately 11cm and a maximum diameter of 2.5cm, this user-friendly mini vibe delivers a punch despite it's petite size. 7 vibration patterns offer 3 pulsations, 1 escalating vibration and 3...
Enigma Dual Stimulating... Enigma Dual Stimulating... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Enigma Dual Stimulating Sonic Massager - LELO

BO DP 7350075028182
Enigma by LELO is a luxurious dual actioned sonic massager designed to stimulate both the clitoris and g-spot in spectacular fashion. Worn by inserting the rounded arm gently into your vagina and allowing the sonic tip to rest on your clitoris, Enigma gets to work by using sonic wave technology and gentle pulsations to stimulate the g-spot and the...
Midnight Rabbit Vibrator -... Midnight Rabbit Vibrator -... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Midnight Rabbit Vibrator - Easy Toys

The Midnight Rabbit Vibrator by Easy Toys is a super soft, gorgeously designed vibrator designed to give you an all-over body orgasm and intense stimulation. Designed using super soft body safe silicone, this flexible vibrator has a seamless casing that features extra ridges and nubs along the entire shaft. Stimulating your vaginal canal on each and...
Mini Wand Massager - Easy Toys Mini Wand Massager - Easy Toys 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Mini Wand Massager - Easy Toys

The Mini Wand Massager by Easy Toys is a compact vibrator designed to be both discreet and effective. With it's swivel, rounded head and an ergonomically designed handle, this mini wand is ideal for all over muscle release or for intimate area massage. Perfectly controlled via one hand, the wand features 7 variable settings (easily controlled via the...
Regala Rabbit 'A-Spot'... Regala Rabbit 'A-Spot'... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Regala Rabbit 'A-Spot' Vibrator - Rocks Off

Rocks off
BO DP 811041014280/4136
The Regala by Rocks Off is a sophisticated rabbit vibrator that features elegant lines and ergonomic dimensions and is designed to stimulate the A-Spot.  Also known as the female prostate or technically the anterior fornix erogenous zone, this sensitive area is located deep inside the vagina between the cervix and the bladder. Much like the g-spot, the...
Flutter Rabbit Vibrator -... Flutter Rabbit Vibrator -... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Flutter Rabbit Vibrator - Rocks Off

Rocks off
BO DP 811041014303
The Flutter Rabbit vibrator by Rocks Off is a velvety soft rabbit that features 2 independently controlled motors to give you dual stimulation on both your clitoral area as well as your g-spot. With it's soft fluttering ears, you are able to caress each side of your clitoris whilst the tapered bulbous tip on the larger shaft massages and stimulates your...
Sundaze Pulsing & Thrusting... Sundaze Pulsing & Thrusting... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Sundaze Pulsing & Thrusting Vibrator - Fun Factory

Fun factory
BO DP 4032498807089
The Sundaze vibrator by Fun Factory is an all-in-one thrusting, pulsating, rumbling vibrator that promises hands-free pleasure wherever you need it. Sundaze delivers a completely new kind of stimulation. Unlike conventional vibrators, Sundaze features a unique pattern that allows a slow, gentle tapping motion that gradually moves faster and faster...
PalmPower Extreme Massage... PalmPower Extreme Massage... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

PalmPower Extreme Massage Wand Vibrator - Swan

BO DP 677613309112/280
The PalmPower Extreme body wand is a powerful and versatile massage wand designed for all-over body and intimate massage. Rechargeable and water-resistant, this wand features an elongated arm and flexible swivel neck allowing you to position the broad based silicone head on either your body's muscular pressure points or to deliver powerful vibrations to...
Iris Clitoral & G Spot... Iris Clitoral & G Spot... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Iris Clitoral & G Spot Vibrator - Svakom

The Iris clitoral and g-spot vibrator by Svakom is an ergonomically designed vibrator that features the perfect angle in order to reach the g-spot seamlessly. Made from ultra-soft seamless silicone, the Iris features a slim design with a curved arm. With a soft spoon shaped head, insertion is both easy and comfortable and once inserted finding your...
Emma Neo Rabbit Wand... Emma Neo Rabbit Wand... 2
Sex Toys

Emma Neo Rabbit Wand Interactive Warming Vibrator - Svakom

The Emma Neo warming wand vibrator by Svakom is part of the new Intelligent App Control series, now allowing you to be more connected than ever before. Featuring new technology, Emma is a powerful, interactive, warming wand vibrator featuring detachable rabbit ears. With it's versatility you are able to use your wand, with it's swivel head, for powerful...
Siren Double Tongued... Siren Double Tongued... 2
Sex Toys

Siren Double Tongued Vibrator - Svakom

The Siren by Svakom is a double-tongued designed vibrator that provides intense clitoral and g-spot stimulation. Made from super-soft body safe silicone, Siren features a soft and flexible rounded head that allows for smooth and easy insertion whilst the double-tongued design on the opposite end gives you intense and stimulating vibrations on your...
Muse Rhythm Based Audio... Muse Rhythm Based Audio... 2
Sex Toys

Muse Rhythm Based Audio Vibrator - Svakom

The Muse vibrator by Svakom is an egg-shaped vibrator that features incredible new rhythm-based technology that allows your egg vibrator to mimic the same intensity and vibrations as your favourite music. Connect via Bluetooth and sync up with your favourite playlist to experience the combination of technology and design that transfers the signals into...
Wand-er Woman All Over Body... Wand-er Woman All Over Body... 2
Sex Toys

Wand-er Woman All Over Body Wand Vibrator - Satisfyer

This impressively sized wand by Satisfyer promises targeted stimulation and pressure designed for soothing tension and providing intense pleasure. Measuring in at an impressing 34 cms, the Wand-er Woman Wand features a streamlined shape coupled with 50 vibrational intensities made up of 10 rhythms and 5 varied intensities. With its waterproof seamless...
Womanizer Silver Delights... Womanizer Silver Delights... 2
Sex Toys

Womanizer Silver Delights Collection - Womanizer

BO DP4251460605816
The Silver Delights Collection by Womanizer is a limited edition collection featuring two of your favourite products in one gorgeous gift pack. Featuring the Womanizer Premium clitoral suction vibrator and the We-Vibe Tango bullet vibrator, this set is perfect for women looking for intense clitoral stimulation whether it be for solo or couples play and...
Ella Neo Interactive App... Ella Neo Interactive App... 2
Sex Toys

Ella Neo Interactive App Controlled Egg Vibrator - Svakom

The Ella Neo Egg Vibrator by Svakom is part of the new Intelligent App Control series, now allowing you to be more connected than ever before. Offering long distance control, local control and even web interactive, the Phoenix allows you to enjoy your pleasure with whoever you want, wherever you are or even for solo pleasure. Controlled remotely via an...
Sex Toys

Phoenix Neo Interactive App Controlled Bullet Vibe - Svakom

The Phoenix Bullet Vibrator by Svakom is part of the new Intelligent App Control series, now allowing you to be more connected than ever before. Offering long distance control, local control and even web interactive, the Phoenix allows you to enjoy your pleasure with whoever you want, wherever you are or even for solo pleasure. Controlled remotely via an...
Tedy Mini Rabbit Clitoral... Tedy Mini Rabbit Clitoral... 2

Tedy Mini Rabbit Clitoral Vibrator - Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only
Tedy by Good Vibes Only is the perfect hand held clitoral vibrator that promises intense stimulation and absolute discretion. Measuring in at 8cm, Tedy is made from 100% body safe silicone and features two super-soft silicone ears designed to flex and stimulate the clitoral area. Use the bulbous end of the bunny to run the intense vibrations along your...
Aida Mini Wand Massager -... Aida Mini Wand Massager -... 2
Sex Toys

Aida Mini Wand Massager - Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only
The Aida wand massager by Good Vibes Only is a travel friend mini wand massager designed to stimulate your intimate areas or release muscular tension. With it's swivel head design, Aida features 10 vibrational speeds that range from slow and deliberate to deep and intense. It's super soft silicone design allows you to slide the head over your intimate or...
Lici G-Spot Vibrator - Good... Lici G-Spot Vibrator - Good... 2
Sex Toys

Lici G-Spot Vibrator - Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only
The Lici G-Spot vibrator is a slim-lined vibrator designed to stimulate and pleasure your g-spot. With 10 speeds and an easy to use control panel on the shaft of the vibrator, Lici features vibrations that range from slow and steady to strong and intense. The tapered tip makes Lici perfect for direct G-spot stimulation but also allows you the versatility...
Base Wand Vibrator - Post... Base Wand Vibrator - Post... 2
Sex Toys

Base Wand Vibrator - Post Modern Vibes

The Base wand vibrator by PMV-20 is a cordless and super-flexible slim wand vibrator that is both versatile and easy to use. With a flexible head that swivels and flexes according to your pressure, Base is perfect for both all-over body tension release as well as intimate massage. The super soft silicone texture allows it to slide and glide, making it...
Vice Triple Stimulating... Vice Triple Stimulating... 2
Sex Toys

Vice Triple Stimulating Vibrator - Post Modern Vibes

The Vice Double Vibrator by PMV is a triple stimulating vibrator designed for the more adventurous user. Featuring three unique shafts, the Vice promises clitoral, anal, and vaginal pleasure - all at the same time! With 12 rotational modes, the largest shaft is worn internally where it massages and stimulates the g-spot. Swirling and rotating in a...
Liberty by Lily Allen... Liberty by Lily Allen... 2
Sex Toys

Liberty by Lily Allen Clitoral Stimulator - Womanizer

BO DP 4251460606479
The Liberty - the latest release by Womanizer -  is a small, lightweight clitoral stimulator that now offers a super silent motor, and a uniquely designed cover, making it the perfect companion no matter where you are.With the incredible and award winning Air Pleasure technology, the Womanizer is designed to stimulate your clitoris by barely touching it...
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