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Uncover our mischievous range of luxury vibrators, uniquely selected to heighten personal moments of self-exploration and couples intimacy. Let the pulsing sensations consume you with vibrating sex toys like our wand vibrators, p-spot massagers, clitoral stimulators, eggs and rings – for a new kind of trembling vibration that takes you from zero to ‘yes’ in no time.

Recharge your bedroom play by adding some tasteful vibrators to your collection.

Vibrate Your Way To Feelings of Delight

The best vibrators in South Africa come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and functions. But not all vibrators are created equally, so it’s important that you understand the different types on offer at Désir. Here are the 5 hottest selling vibrating sex toys this year.

#1: The Rabbit Habit

When rabbit vibrators arrived on the scene, they changed the sex toy industry forever. Easy to identify thanks to the famous ‘pair of rabbit ears’ that act as the stimulation device on top of the wand, these are some of the best vibrators money can buy.

Rabbit vibrators rotate and vibrate for simultaneous internal and external excitement. View our range of rabbit sex toys here.

#2: On-Top Stimulation

If you prefer ‘on-top’ stimulation, then clitoral vibrators are what you have been looking for. These are the best vibrators for women looking to inspire arousal in a small travel-sized package. Whether pulsing, varying intensities, sucking or pressure is your thing, these vibrating sex toys have become this season’s must-have in your collection

Clitoral vibrators are small, easy to conceal and many come with different speeds. View our range of clitoral stimulators here.

#3: Deep Vibrating Sensations

Once you have found your g-spot, the next step is find out what you can achieve with it – and that’s where g-spot vibrators come in handy. Created to directly arouse the g-spot area in both men and women, these are the best vibrators to use for powerful climaxes.

G-spot vibrators come with varying intensities and fun settings to play with. View our range of g-spot stimulators here.

#4: The Manual Classic

If modesty is important to you, then wand vibrators may be the companion you have been searching for. These sex toys are easily mistaken as back massagers, yet they are the best vibrators for internal and external direct stimulation. Versatile and comfortable, with these vibrating sex toys any massage has the potential to become something more satisfying.

Wand vibrators are phallic-shaped, chargeable and soft enough for direct contact. View our range of wand stimulators here.

#5: The Egg Inside

There are many different kinds of bullet vibrators available, excellent for light external play and deep interior stimulation, as the egg slips inside and rests against your p/g-spot. These are the best vibrators to invest in for couples, thanks to remote control functionality.

Bullet vibrators are soft, simple to clean and are great for bedroom couple’s play. View our range of bullet stimulators here.

Before You Buy: The Guide To Good Vibrations

Before you buy vibrators online it’s best to decide on the sex toy that will best suit your unique sexual personality. A solid solo investment for a woman would be a clitoral stimulator, as most women find it easier to orgasm this way.

Men on the other hand may prefer vibrating bullets or beads, which can enhance their own alone time. For couple’s play, many vibrating sex toys take on different uses, depending on your imagination – wands, rabbits and g-spot stimulators are perfect for use on each other, alone or during role play scenarios.

When you buy vibrators online from Désir have your goal clearly in mind. That way, the sex toy you have selected will meet and exceed your expectations on delivery!

Browse our diverse range of the best vibrators available for sale online in South Africa, and honour yourself with some good vibrations this year.

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