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  • R399

    Sheer mesh leaves nothing to the imagination when you wear these super-sexy trunks with narrow waistband. They’re cut low on the hips and have a short leg for comfort and ease of movement.

  • R449

    Lightweight black mesh fabric in a bodyhugging black trunk that’s both sexy and comfortable for everyday wear.

  • R349

    The micro mesh trunk by Blue Line imported lingerie, is a comfortable classic trunk design with a unique solid pouch design for added comfort and improved appearance. Perfect for every day wear, the micro mesh trunk is both sexy and functional.

  • R299

    This Blue Line Pinstriped classic trunk is a sleek design offering moisture-wicking microfibre ensuring durable shape and stretch retention. Perfect for keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable. 

  • R299

    Blue Line Microfiber short is a classic sleek design in moisture-wicking microfiber. Moisture-wicking is a fabric that moves moisture away from the skin by absorbing and spreading the moisture across the fabric to enahance the drying rate. The durable material enhances size, profile and stretch retention. To ensure correct sizing, view the size chart below.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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