Désir's stimulants add a multi-sensational experience to your play. From clitoral enhancing and g spot arousal cream, to tingling lubes and prolonging spray, you will find everything you need to add that extra bit of spark to the bedroom.

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    As she enters the room heads turn; drawn in by her magnetism. She holds herself in a way that makes people envy her. She is as alluring as she is striking. Not because of her killer heels but because she is the very embodiment of confidence. She is a Lady Prelox woman. She is who we all aspire to be… Recognising that women need and want more...

  • R395

    Pjur med energy glide is a gentle water based double effect glide that acts as both a massage glide as well as a lubricant. With plant extracts such as cacao, ginger, cardamon and white pepper, these strengthening active ingredients enhance natural lubrication of sensitive skin and provide pleasant stimulation to your intimate areas. Stimulating the...

  • R499

    JO's Premium Anal Cooling Lubricant provides a cooling tingling sensation, whilst delivering a silky smooth, thick, long lasting and sensual glide. Waterproof and containing no harmful numbing agents or desensitizes, it is latex safe and can be used with non silicone sex toys. It is fragrance free and never sticky. Non toxic, non allergenic and perfect...

  • R395

    Pjur's Med Warming glide contains a natural formulation featuring Balinese lotus blossom extracts which not only provide vitamin C rich in antioxidant properties, but also contains proteins for increased moisture, elasticity, and beautiful glowing skin. Perfect for sensitive skin, this warming lubricant adds a warm luscious heat immediately on contact,...

  • R715

    Shunga's 'Hold Me Tight' Female Tightening Gel is made with certified, organic ingredients that are recognized to have tightening properties. These astringent properties tighten the vaginal walls by making them contract. This gel has been designed to help intensify a couple's embrace and may also assist in restoring vaginal lubrication. When applied to...

  • R475
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    The Gentle Clitoral Stimulating Gel from Intimate Organics has a unique formula that contains certified organic extracts, such as peppermint oil and natural damiana which increases clitoral sensitivity. This is perfect for women that are looking for more intense orgasms but are not looking for the intense experience other clitoral gels provide. 30ml.

  • R630

    Close to 10% of all couples experience infertility at one point or another, with half of all couple's infertility problems being due to male infertility. This is commonly due to deficiencies in the semen. Lamelle Research Laboratories has over 40 years of pharmaceutical and medical experience and it is with this extensive knowledge that they have...

  • R630
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    Sexual wellness and performance is often seen as a barometer of a mans health. With blood flow being one of our most important functions, it helps bring oxygen and nutrients to our muscles and organs. A healthy blood circulation is key to optimal erectile function and quality. Prelox Peak Performance tablets contribute in a natural way to not only...

  • R469

    Intimate Organics Adventure is an anal relaxing spray formulated for women. It has been designed to naturally relax the anal sphincter, allowing for more comfortable penetration. What makes this product different is that it has no anesthetic effects, therefore will not numb the schincter and cause tearing. It works quickly and is very easy to use. 30ml

  • R475

    The EMBRACE Tightening Pleasure Gel from Intimate Organics is a specially formulated bled of certified organic extracts and natural capiscum that will relieve personal dryness & suppliment the body's natural lubrication. It enhances tightness and warmth to increase pleasure for both partners. A wonderful, 100% pur vegan product, perfect for those looking...

  • R359

    Intimate Organics MELT is a warming lubricant that contains cinnamomum zeylancium bark. It is a premium, paraben-free lubricant that creates a warming sensation on contact & blends with a woman's own fluids. MELT is all naturally derived and is pure vegan, perfect for those looking for an all-natural lubricant. 120ml

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    Looking to add a little adventure to the boudoir? Then this bundle pack is for you! Get the Oden 2 Vibrating Couples Love Ring and the SuperHero Performance Spray for Men at a reduced price to help spice things up a bit! The Oden 2 is one of the world's most sophisticated vibrating love ring for couples. It has flexible, interchangeable bases to...

  • R785

    The Aphrodisia is a 2 in 1 scented, silicone-based massage and intimate gel that is the ideal addition to your boudoir. Great for massages and perfect for pleasure. It has a fragrance that was inspired by the Kama Sutra that combines ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose & oriental spices - the exclusive essence of Bijoux Indiscrets. It has been created to heighten...

  • R439

    Pjur SuperHero Performance spray for me is perfect for those wanting to prolong their sexual enjoyment. The unique formula and ingredients ensure longer enjoyment and prevent premature ejaculation. It enhances smoothness, reduces oversensitivity and is one of the top selling Pjur products worldwide! With only 2 to 4 sprays required per application, this...

  • R339

    With the OverTime delay cream for men you wont have to worry about under performing and can concentrate on the sensual experience that you and your partner are bound to have with this great product. Specially designed to prolong your satisfaction and ensure that you stay harder for longer, this cream is the perfect addition to make a great evening last....

  • R355

    Awaken Stimulating Clitoral gel is specifically designed to arouse the 8000 plus sensory nerve endings in the clitoris. Crafted from ingredients such as Cinnamon, Ginseng root extract, Raspberry, Ginko Baloba leaf extract, Peony root, Wild Yam, Black Cohash, Maca and Damiana, this unique combination is all that is needed to create a wonderful and sensual...

  • R299

    The Shiatsu Tightening Spray is perfect for intensifying pleasure for both yourself and your partner. Spray directly onto your labia and clitoris and simply wait a few minutes to allow the liquid to absorb to experience vaginal tightening sensations. Also helps relieve vaginal dryness and will provide you with intense sensations and enhanced sexual...

  • R299

    The amazing Shiatsu Tightening cream is composed of special astringent and circulation-enhancing agents. These ingredients relieves vaginal dryness and will provide you with intensified sensations and enhanced sexual experiences.

  • R239

    Malesation's Hybrid Anal lubricant has a 2 in 1 water-based composition that allows this product to feel like a silky textured silicone lubricant. It supports the body's natural moisture balance, providing the utmost comfort during sexual activities without hindering the stimulation experienced. Being water-based, it is safe to use with toys that are made...

  • R249
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    Ntimate Rejuvinate serum is specifically formulated for women and endorsed by the well known Sexologist & Author, Timothy Kieswetter. With it's unique homeopathic ingredients, this serum tightens, tones, and restores a women's vagina, without the pain and hassle of lazer surgery, in less than 60 seconds. Follow the application method precisely, and...

  • R435
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    Ntimate Rejuvinate serum is specifically formulated for women and endorsed by the well known Sexologist & Author, Timothy Kieswetter. With it's unique homeopathic ingredients, this serum tightens, tones, and restores a women's vagina, without the pain and hassle of lazer surgery, in less than 60 seconds. Follow the application method precisely, and...

  • R599

    Pjur Superhero Delay Serum - 20ml - is a lubricant serum for men, which reduces sensitivity of the penis thereby prolonging ejaculation. Suitable for daily application, this gel enhances the smoothness of the penis and provides a desensitizing film around the penis to reduce sensitivity without giving a completely numbing effect. Perfect in combination...

  • R729

    Shunga's Dragon Virility Cream has a fire and ice sensation, providing men with unleashed power, energy, and libido, whilst sensitizing and intensifying a woman's pleasure. This product is fast acting and made from natural ingredients, providing a true couple experience. 60ml.

  • R449

    Pjur's Med Pro-long Spray is a delay spray for men. Can be used super sparingly and only 1 spray is sufficient per application. With natural oak bark extract, this spray distributes evenly and reduces over-sensitivity thereby allowing you to last longer during lovemaking. Compact and ideal for travelling, and can be used with latex...

  • R69

    Durex Pleasuremax Tingling condoms are specially designed with raised dots and uniquely positioned ribs, with a special tingling lube which provides a gentle tingling sensation. Tingle condoms are coated inside and out meaning heightened sensation for both of you.  3's

  • R599

    Pjur MyGlide is a stimulating and warming lubricant that contains ginseng to stimulate circulation whilst providing a warm tingling experience thereby enhancing sensitivity and maximising sexual experiences. Perfect for women who desire more pleasure, this water-based lubricant was specially developed to excite, arouse, and stimulate the clitoral and...

  • R149
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    Play Tingle lube is specially formulated for a maximum tingling effect! It contains a unique blend of ingredients that warm, cool and tingle whilst still being gentle on your intimate areas. It doesn't contain menthol and is fragrance-free. Play Tingle is water-soluble and easily washed off. It's non-sticky and won't stain. 50ml.

  • R1,599

    The Shunga Tenderness & Passion Collection is perfect for couples wishing to add a little spice to their love life. With it's aphrodisiac effects and based on the incredible Japanese art form of lovemaking, this sensual aroma infused collection is perfect for heightening your and your partners sense, making it the ideal prelude to your lovemaking....

  • R895

    Shunga Geisha Secret Collection is the perfect exotic combination based on the sensual art form of Japanese lovemaking. This set includes massage Oil perfect for all over body massage (10ml), aphrodisiac Oil perfect for intimate area massage (10ml), exotic bathing Gel (10ml), edible sweet snow body powder perfect for oral play (4g), small feather tickler...

  • R349

    Shunga Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss 10m. This pleasure lip gloss provides a cooling, warming, tingling sensation. Designed for oral play, applying a layer to your or your partner’s lips can please both male and female, and is used to intensify oral pleasure.

  • R599

    Pjur's Analyse Me Anal Comfort Spray assists the skin in preparation of anal intercourse. Using Panthenol and Aloe Vera to counteract oversensitivity, this spray relaxes the skin whilst moisturising at the same time. Contains no Lidocaine or Benzocaine. 20ml. Best used in conjunction with an Anal lubricant.

  • R625

    JO Anal Warming Lubricant has the highest viscosity of all silicone lubricant ranges and is specifically for anal use. With it's unique ingredients it gently numbs and desensitizes the anal area in preparation of anal play, whilst providing a warming sensation shortly after application. It is warm to the touch & delivers a silky smooth, long lasting...

  • R420

    Pjur's MySpray for women is a vaginal stimulation spray which provides increased sensation to the sensitive nerve endings, whilst moisturising at the same time. This special formula improves blood flow, thereby giving you more intensive sensations and bigger and better orgasms. 20ml.

  • R149

    Play Feel is a light, silky lube designed to give you an intensely sensual experience. Containing a specially formulated blend of ingredients which will enhance touch between you and your partner. It is a water-soluble, easily washed off won't stain. 50ml. 

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