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Electro-stimulation provides a unique sexual experience by harnessing the power of electricity. Allow soft electrical impulses to stimulate and excite your body, or take it up a notch to experience the most intense orgasmic release.

Looking for a unique sexual experience? The latest range of E-stim sex toys allow both men and women to harness the power of electricity by providing you with the most intense all over body electro-stimulations. With their electrodes and conductive paddles, the E-Stim puts you in control, allowing you to adjust the sensations from mildly tingling to powerfully strong waves of delight. The award-winning range of E-Stim products allow you to choose from various accessories to complete your electro-sexual experience. 

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  • R1,916

    The John Butt Plug is tapered in the classic butt plug shape that allows for easy insertion and comfortable wear. The wider ‘waist’ section gives a feeling of pleasant fullness, and the narrow shaft fits naturally into the rectum. The flat base makes this butt plug discreet and comfortable for longer wear. Made from hand polished medical grade...

  • R1,815

    The Double Dan is a smooth, smaller sized metal e-stim dildo designed for beginners to electroplay. The classic rounded tip and approximately 6.5cm of insertable length make this slimline dildo very comfortable and easy to insert. It’s made of medical grade aluminium, which is completely body safe and can be warmed or cooled to enhance your...

  • R1,411

    Take your prostate play up a notch with the Flexing Flavio electro-stim prostate massager. This high-quality silicone prostate massager is a comfortable 9.5cm insertable length with a tapered end for easy insertion and a bulbous tip for stronger prostate stimulation. Similar shaping to the front of the base offers additional perineum massage and a...

  • R2,799

    Take your sexual experience to another level with e-stim! By means of electro-stimulation you can stimulate or heavily excite almost every area of your body! Enjoy the indescribable comforting tickling sensation that spreads through the entire body and leads you to a new dimension of satisfaction. For both experts and beginners, the mystim is perfect if...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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