Swan PalmPower Massager + PalmPleasure Heads

Swan's PalmPower Personal Massager is a mini wand that is incredibly powerful for its size. It has the option to attach different heads, which are normally sold serarately. This incredible bundle offers you the opportunity to purchase the PalmPower Personal Massager as well as the PalmPleasure head attachments, all at a reduced price!

The PalmPower Personal Massager, sitting at 19cm in length, is a multi-speed wand that will surprise you! It has varying vibration strengths ranging from a low rumble to an intense vibration, all controlled via a single button. It has a slighty tapered handle and a soft silicone head that pivots, allowing you to explore your body in the most intimate way. It is USB rechargeable (cable included) and perfectly travel-sized.

The PalmPleasure head attachments are great accessories for the lovely PalmPower Personal Massager. One head attachment has two rabbit-like ears, designed to stimulate both your g spot and clitoris. The second head attachment has three finger-like points that will stimulate and tease both your clitoris and vulva. Both heads are made from super soft body-safe silicone and provides you with the opportunity to mix and match pleasure based on your intimate needs. Attaching these heads is easy, simply clip off the pink silicone cap on your wand and clip on the head attachment of your choice. Make sure to line up the ridges on the inside so it clips in properly.

It is always best to use a water-based lubricant with any toy that consists of body safe silicone, so don't forget to purchase your favorite lube!
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