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Kegel & Vaginal Revitalising Bundle for Her | Bundled Deal

Your pelvic floor is a set of muscles that are often over-looked. Strengthening these muscles will assist with the prevention of incontinence, it will improve recovery time from childbirth & increases sexual sensations and orgasmic potential. This pack is the perfect purchase when looking to strengthen your pelvic floor. It contains the Je Joue Ami Kegel Exerciser Set & the Ntimate Rejuvenate Serum - a great combination of products that will assist in restoring your vagina and reviving your sex life. This combination is guaranteed to reinforce confidence, leaving you feeling empowered to use your sensuality to its fullest capacity.

The Ami Kegel Balls by Je Joue are made with the purpose of exercising your pelvic floor muscles so that you may maintain your pelvic control. These balls will strengthen and tone these muscles to enhance sensitivity, decrease your chances of developing urinary incontinence, help with preparing your pelvic floor for birth and quicken your healing process. The Je Joue Ami comes with three sets of kegel balls of varying weights, allowing you to start out slow & work your way up. They weigh from 47g to 87g to 106g with each kegal ball having a retrieval loop.

The Ntimate Rejuvenate Serum is specifically designed to tighten, tone and restore a women's vagina, without hassle of lazer surgery, in less than 60 seconds. It also de-odorizes and refreshes your intimate areas, whilst also intensifying the pleasure and friction experienced during sex. It does all this by using homeopathic ingredients including anti-oxidants, anti-pathogens, as well as anti-inflammatories, to tighten and revive your vagina in the quickest time possible. This product is endorsed by well know Sexologist and Author, Timothy Kieswetter, and is 100% natural.

Set Includes:

Ami 3in1 Kegel Exercising Set - Je Joue
- Ntimate Rejuvenate Vaginal Revitalizer


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