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Désir’s range of sex toys have been carefully sourced and selected. Importing only the most trusted adult toy brands from around the world, we ensure that all products are 100% body safe; are quality checked and vetted; are medically sound, and are the most luxurious, authentic, and sophisticated of products available in South Africa

Promoting sexual health and intimacy, not only does Desir ensure that you are able to honour yourself in the most sensual manner possible, but we also ensure that both you and your partner are provided with the best sexually empowering experience – whether it be for beginners , experts , solo, couple play, for him or for her.

Desir's most sophisticated Sex Toys

Desir prides itself on its strong brand affiliations. With brands like Lelo,We Vibe, Womanizer, Fleshlight , Tenga, and Fun Factory to name but a few, we are able to provide customers online access to the most sophisticated and globally recognised adult sex toys right here in South Africa.

Through careful research, each brand has been invested in based on criteria that ensures that the product provides you with a unique experience; that they are deemed the highest in quality; that they promote intimacy in its most sensual form; and that they are 100% authentic and body-safe.

Categorised according to the application and type of pleasure each sex toy produces, you are able to find the ideal product to meet your sexual needs whether it be sex toys for men, sex toys for women, or sex toys for couples.


Our sex toys for woman category is extensive and selecting a sex toy for the first time can be incredibly overwhelming. From clitoral and g-spot stimulation, to oral sex simulators and pleasure air technology, knowing where to start is all based on the type of pleasure you are after.


This is by far one of the most popular vibrators available on the market. Named as such for its bunny ear design on the exterior of the vibrator, this sex toy offers both g-spot and clitoral stimulation - at the same time.

With two (or sometimes one) set of ears on the exterior, these are designed to sit either alongside the clitoris or applies pressure directly on top of the clitoral area. With a larger ergonomically curved shaft designed to provide internal g-spot stimulation and penetration, the rabbit is unique in that is stimulates both the clitoral and g-spot areas simultaneously giving you a completely new orgasmic experience.

Also known as a dual stimulator thanks to simultaneous massage of both the g-spot and clitoris, rabbit vibrators feature powerful motors and intense vibration patterns. With their usb rechargeable design, dual motors, and medically graded silicone, the rabbit vibrator is a firm favourite for both beginners and experts alike.


Desir’s clitoral stimulators and bullet vibrators are designed to ensure accurate and pinpoint precision to your clitoris offering you external stimulation alone. With an excess of 7000 nerve endings in the broader clitoral area, clitoral vibrators ensure even the deepest nerve endings are stimulated. 65% of women are unable to orgasm through penetration alone, making the clitoral vibrator and bullet a must-have for any woman who requires external clitoral stimulation.

From lay-on vibrators and oral stimulators, to saddle style and pebble, clitoral vibrators are ergonomically designed and often fit in the palm of your hand. Their sleek, compact design allows for perfect external stimulation whilst you are being penetrated by a partner, or provide you with the perfect match for solo masturbation play. Simply place the clit vibe between you whilst you are being penetrated and enjoy the feeling of fullness and external clitoral stimulation at the same time.

With the sleek and compact design of the bullet vibrator, these vibrators are perfect for travel or more discreet play. With a tapered tip shaped like a bullet, these vibrators are not only limited to clitoral play, but can be used to stimulate all of your, or his erogenous zones - from your nipples and temples, to his perineum and anus.

With their compact design, whisper-quiet motors and intensity, clitoral vibrators and bullet vibrators are ideal for external stimulation in a more discreet manner and are perfect for both beginners and experts alike.


For singular g-spot massage, Desir’s G-spot vibrators feature a curved tip on an elongated shaft. Used with your favourite water-based lubricant, g-spot massage is precise and takes a little practice. Situated deep within your vaginal walls, the g-spot is stimulated by what is best referred to as a ‘come hither’ motion. By gently stimulating the anterior wall of your vagina, different pressure and stimulation often leads to a more intense orgasm than you would normally experience.

With the incredible range of ergonomically designed g-spot massagers, you are able to reach your g-spot effortlessly and with the combination of intense vibrations and various patterned settings, orgasms are longer-lasting and more powerful


More modest in their design, body wand vibrators are a great solution for the more discerning customer who wants a less intimidating sex toy.

Also known as the famous hitachi wand or magic wand, body wand massagers feature a round swivel head design that offers broader coverage than a traditional vibrator. By pressing the rounded head firmly against your entire vulva area, you are able to reach the entire clitoral nerve structure, that leads to greater pleasure and a more intense orgasmic experience.

Also known for its body stress release, body wand vibrators are also commonly used on various pressure points around the body. From the neck and shoulders, to your back and erogenous zones, the options with the body wand are endless.


For more risque play that can include your partner, Panty Vibrators, remote controlled and even app controlled vibrators have made sure that you are able to keep up with remote or long-distance play, no matter where or when - keeping pleasure at a simple click away.

Simply link your app or remote to your sex toy, and control the vibrations and variable settings through your remote. With the control at his or her fingertips, nothing can be more exciting that submitting yourself to pleasure at the hands of your partner.


For women, the ultimate orgasmic experience is heavily reliant on strong pelvic muscles and these can be supported by Desir’s amazing kegel ball range. Worn discreetly for a couple of minutes a day over a limited time period, the pelvic muscles are stimulated and exercised by the internal movement of the rotating balls, thereby firming up your pelvic muscles and allowing for stronger contractions during orgasms.

According to WebMD, not only do kegel’s heighten your arousal and orgasmic strength but they also assist with symptoms related to urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse and sphincter prolapse.


Not only catering for women, our men’s range is just as comprehensive. Shop our Sex Toys for Men range to explore cock rings, which prolong ejaculation and maintain erections, to male masturbator’s, which provide intense vibrations and oscillations. If it’s penis extension you are looking for, Desir’s range of penis pumps and penis extenders feature the latest hydrotherapy techniques, allowing you to practice penis enlargement in the comfort of your own home.


One of the most underrated sex toys for men, cock rings (also known as c-rings, or penis rings) are the most effective sex toys for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Sitting snugly at the base of his penis against his hips, a cock ring gently restricts the blood flow to the penis resulting in a larger, firmer erection and sustained or prolonged lovemaking. Available in materials that range from stretchy silicone and latex to leather and metal, penis rings cater for a number of sizes and provide almost immediate results.


With brands like Fleshlight pioneering real-feel pleasure for men, masturbation and masturbation sex toys for men has become a true art form.

With the combination of super soft realistic interiors, coupled with their compact vibrational designs, male masturbators are now designed to be longer-lasting and more durable than ever before. With textured ridges and nubs, and exteriors that replicate anal or vaginal openings, pleasure is right at your fingertips in a way you’ve never experienced it before.

With accessories like the Fleshlight warmer, shower mounts, Fleshlight Launch, and even Fleshlight vibrational bullets, you are able to customise your masturbatory experience to a whole new level.


With the benefits of prostate massage no longer kept a secret, our anal products, such as the prostate massagers, allow men to practice safe and comfortable prostate massage whilst experiencing an increase in orgasmic strength by up to a third.

With brands like LELO, Malesation,Rocks Off , and Nexus taking the lead on ergonomically engineered designs, prostate massagers are becoming more powerful, more effective, and more technologically advanced. Remote control allows you hands-free pleasure, while App controls let your partner take charge - no matter where in the world.


Penis enlargement and enhancement is no longer a treatment reserved for medical or surgical theatres. With brands like Hydromax, Bathmate and Malesation understanding the science and technology behind penis extension, you are now able to increase your length and girth in the comfort of your own home.

Using hydrotherapy as the most effective technique in penis enlargement, Bathmate has introduced a variety of pumps that suit a number of penis sizes and can be used in your shower at home. Much like a regular gym regime, penis enlargement requires commitment and consistency and with Hydromax promising an almost 20% increase in both girth and length with regular use, penis extension with these reputable brands is easy.


Desir offers a comprehensive range of anal sex toys designed for both him and her. For women looking to experiment with anal sex, Desir’s range of petite anal plugs (also known as butt plugs) are perfect for beginners, whilst the graduated anal beads and anal dildos are designed to accomodate the more adventurous users.

From vibrating to non, and in a variety of shapes and sizes, anal sex and the exploration thereof is easy with Desir. Starting off small is a good idea, and when you are ready you are able to progress to toys with a greater diameter. Remember to use your favourite water-based lubricant, and a good anti-bacterial cleanser to avoid cross-contamination or infection.


Dildos at Desir come in a mass of shapes and sizes. The more classic sex toy, dildos are generally shaped to replicate that of a penis and can feature realistic and fallic features like a glans or veins to make the design on the shaft that much more realistic.

In a variety of materials that range from glass and silicone, rubber and stone, dildos are perfect for internal penetration whether it be anally or vaginally and may feature a suction cup to allow hands free play. With most dildos featuring a solid shaft, hollow dildos or prosthetic dildos are becoming increasingly popular for men who are looking to experiment with extra length or girth. Vibrating hollow dildos offer dual stimulation to both wearer and receiver and with a harness to keep the hollow dildo in place, you gain hands free play at the same time.

For same sex couples or couples who enjoy pegging, strap on dildos feature a harness that is worn around the wearer’s hips. With an o-ring placed in the centre, the wide based dildo is placed firmly in the centre allowing the wearer to penetrate the receiver. Popular in bondage circles for their element of submission and control, strap ons and harnesses allow couples to experiment with power play, pegging, light bondage and even bdsm, making dildos a popular choice for a wide range of end uses.


Not limited to solo play, Desir caters perfectly for couples looking to add some adventure or fun into their bedroom. For couple play, Desir has a wide assortment of products available in the Sex Toys for Couples category. From light bondage and vibrating penis rings to remote control couples vibrators and dual ended dildos, couple play and exploration has never been more thrilling.

Brands like We-Vibe, Satisfyer, and LELO have made simultaneous orgasm easier than ever before with their unique designs on products like the Sync, Verge, and Tiani. Designed to act as both a clitoris stimulator as well as a vibrator for him, these products are worn by the woman and allow the man to penetrate her at the same time. With powerful vibrations, a multitude of settings, and even APP controlled, both partners receive pleasure during intercourse - making simultaneous orgasm and pleasure easier than ever before.


Désir provides all customers the opportunity to shop for their adult sex toys online or from our discreet showroom in Camps Bay, Cape Town.

We encourage the exploring of one’s sexuality and endeavour to provide as much information as possible pertaining to the functionality and end use of our sex toys. We believe that each purchase is an investment – both in yourself and your partner. Desir provides an environment where you are encouraged to explore, educate, and honour yourself.


Our client concierge team are on line during office hours to guide, interact, and assist you in making the right purchase for your needs if need be, and always act in the most professional and discreet manner possible. For our comprehensive buyers guide and additional info, please view here.

Once you have selected your intimate product, Désir offers a quick and discreet check out process, protected by a 100% secure payment method. Your parcel is discreetly and elegantly packaged, thereby protecting your identity and right to discretion at all times.

Our couriers are the most professional, and all deliveries within main lying areas (Johannesburg, Cape Town,Durban, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth etc) will reach you within 2 to 3 days of your parcel being dispatched.

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Adonis Clear Penis...Adonis Clear Penis... 2
    Sex Toys

    Adonis Clear Penis Extension Sleeve - You2Toys

    You 2 Toys
    EDC 05196850000
    This clear penis sleeve by You2Toys is a sleeve designed to add more than 4cm to your length. By applying a small amount of lubricant you are able to slide the shaft onto your penis giving you a total length of approximately 16cm, a penetration depth of 11.5cm and an outer diameter or 2.5 - 4cm. Slightly elastic it requires a bit of stretch to slide on,...
    Xtension Penis Sleeve -...Xtension Penis Sleeve -... 2
      Sex Toys

      Xtension Penis Sleeve - You2Toys

      You 2 Toys
      EDC 05097280000
      The Xtension sleeve by You2Toys is a penile sheath designed to give you extra length and girth. With additional nubs and veins on the outside of the shaft you get a realistic feeling as well as an extra long shaft that can be cut to provide you with the perfect fit.  With an outer length measuring approximately 22cm and a diameter ranging between 3.8...
      Set of 3 Crystal Yoni Eggs...Set of 3 Crystal Yoni Eggs... 2
        Product available with different options
        Sex Toys

        Set of 3 Crystal Yoni Eggs - Yoni Eggs

        Yoni Eggs
        Yoni Eggs, or more commonly known Jade Eggs, have been used for thousands of years as part of traditional medicine. Today the practice of inserting a Jade or Yoni Egg into the vagina, offers a myriad of benefits that not only incorporate medical advantages but also healing properties on an energetic level. By using a Yoni egg daily, blood and lymph flow...
        G-Spot Curved Rose Quartz...G-Spot Curved Rose Quartz... 2
          Sex Toys

          G-Spot Curved Rose Quartz Wand - Yoni Eggs

          Yoni Eggs
          The G-Spot curved Yoni wand from Yoni Eggs is a curved, smooth finished wand crafted from beautiful pale pink Rose Quartz crystal and is perfect for all over body massage or intimate stimulation. Known as the crystal of universal love, Rose Quartz is believed to purify and open the heart to all levels, thereby promoting self-love, friendship, feelings of...
          Liberty Clitoral Stimulator - WomanizerLiberty Clitoral Stimulator - Womanizer 2
            Sex Toys

            Liberty Clitoral Stimulator - Womanizer

            BO DP 4251460611015/046/022/039
            The Liberty - the latest release by Womanizer -  is a small, lightweight clitoral stimulator that now offers a super silent motor, and a uniquely designed cover, making it the perfect companion no matter where you are.With the incredible and award winning Air Pleasure technology, the Womanizer is designed to stimulate your clitoris by barely touching it...
            Duo Rabbit Vibrator - WomanizerDuo Rabbit Vibrator - Womanizer 2
              Sex Toys

              Duo Rabbit Pleasure Air Dual Stimulator - Womanizer

              BO DP 4251460600057/40/0404431/6424/
              The Duo by Womanizer is a powerful g-spot and clitoral stimulator featuring the incredible Pleasure Air Technology - guaranteed to give you the most explosive orgasms in 30 seconds.With a unique ergonomic design, the Duo uses the perfect combination of both G-spot and Clitoral stimulation thanks to it's curved design. With the external arm delivering...
              Liberty by Lily Allen...Liberty by Lily Allen... 2
                Sex Toys

                Liberty by Lily Allen Clitoral Stimulator - Womanizer

                BO DP 4251460606479
                The Liberty - the latest release by Womanizer -  is a small, lightweight clitoral stimulator that now offers a super silent motor, and a uniquely designed cover, making it the perfect companion no matter where you are.With the incredible and award winning Air Pleasure technology, the Womanizer is designed to stimulate your clitoris by barely touching it...
                Womanizer Golden Moments...Womanizer Golden Moments... 2
                  Sex Toys

                  Womanizer Golden Moments Collection - Womanizer

                  BO DP 4251460609135
                  The Womanizer Golden Moments Collection is a limited edition collection featuring two of your favourite couples and clitoral stimulators - all in one gorgeous gift pack. Featuring the Womanizer Premium and the We-Vibe Chorus, this set features both products in a sophisticated sleek black and gold colourway. Created to celebrate the union of the two...
                  Womanizer Silver Delights...Womanizer Silver Delights... 2
                    Sex Toys

                    Womanizer Silver Delights Collection - Womanizer

                    BO DP4251460605816
                    The Silver Delights Collection by Womanizer is a limited edition collection featuring two of your favourite products in one gorgeous gift pack. Featuring the Womanizer Premium clitoral suction vibrator and the We-Vibe Tango bullet vibrator, this set is perfect for women looking for intense clitoral stimulation whether it be for solo or couples play and...
                    Womanizer Premium Eco...Womanizer Premium Eco... 2
                      Sex Toys

                      Womanizer Premium Eco Clitoral Stimulator - Womanizer

                      BO DP4251460603645
                      The Womanizer Premium ECO is a completely new and unique concept delivered by Womanizer. Made from sustainable, renewable, and vegan materials, this pleasure air clitoral stimulator is the first of it's kind to deliver a toy that is 100% recyclable. Offering the same pleasure intensity as the original premium, this clitoral stimulator offers 12 intensity...
                      Romp Free Clitoral...Romp Free Clitoral... 2
                        Sex Toys

                        Romp Free Clitoral Stimulator - ROMP

                        BO DP4251460600965
                        Romp Free is a clitoral stimulator designed using the incredible pleasure air technology - giving you multiple orgasms again and again. Designed specifically for clitoral stimulation, the Romp Free uses subtle changes in air pressure that mimic a sucking and pulling sensation. With 10 intensity levels, you are able to experience intense pleasure without...
                        Premium 2 Clitoral...Premium 2 Clitoral... 2
                          Sex Toys

                          Premium 2 Clitoral Stimulator - Womanizer

                          BO DP4251460615525
                          The Womanizer Premium 2 is the upgraded version of the bestselling clitoral stimulator.  With the same groundbreaking pleasure air technology, autopilot and smart silence technology, the difference for this clitoral stimulator is the added intensity levels and smooth delivery - making your experience of multiple orgasms easier than ever before. The...
                          Starlet 3 Clitoral...Starlet 3 Clitoral... 2
                            Sex Toys

                            Starlet 3 Clitoral Stimulator - Womanizer

                            BO DP 4251460616416
                            The Womanizer Starlet 3 is the upgraded version of the bestselling lightweight and compact clitoral stimulator.  The Starlet 3 is perfect for those looking to explore the world of pleasure air technology and are looking for a discreet and compact stimulator. With 6 varied intensity levels, the Starlet produces alternating waves of pressure that produce...
                            We Vibe Rave G Spot Stimulator (app ready)We Vibe Rave G Spot Stimulator (app ready) 2
                              Sex Toys

                              Rave App Controlled 10 Speed G-Spot Vibrator - We-Vibe

                              We Vibe
                              BO D 839289006430
                              The Rave by We-Vibe™ is a powerful new innovation in G-spot vibrators. The unusual ‘twisted’ design creates a feeling of fullness that is complemented by the strong, deep vibrations. Rave’s unusual asymmetric shape makes finding your G-spot effortless. Press down gently on the ergonomic handle for firm, satisfying G-spot pressure. You can also it on your...
                              We Vibe Luxury Pivot Couples Vibrating Penis Ring - APP readyWe Vibe Luxury Pivot Couples Vibrating Penis Ring - APP ready 2
                                Sex Toys

                                Pivot Vibrating Penis Ring for Couples - We-Vibe™

                                We Vibe
                                ST 839289006812
                                The Pivot by We-Vibe™ is a stretchy silicone cock ring that is worn around the base of the penis. It is made of soft silicone that is comfortable and hardwearing. Apply We-Vibe™ Lube to the ring and the penis and slide down gently to the base of the penis. The Pivot cock ring helps him to stay harder and to last longer. The powerful rumbly motor in the...
                                We Vibe Luxury Verge Penis RingWe Vibe Luxury Verge Penis Ring 2
                                  Sex Toys

                                  Verge Luxury Vibrating Penis Ring & Perineum Massager - We-Vibe

                                  We Vibe
                                  BO DP 839289006805
                                  You’ll love the the power and pleasure you’ll feel with the Verge by We-Vibe™. Cock rings help to create a bigger, harder, and more long-lasting erection, finishing with more powerful orgasms. Now, the Verge cock ring by We-Vibe™ intensifies that pleasure with vibrations targeted to the scrotum and perineum. Put the Verge on before you get aroused, gently...
                                  We Vibe Luxury Wish Clitoral Vibrator - APP ReadyWe Vibe Luxury Wish Clitoral Vibrator - APP Ready 2
                                    Sex Toys

                                    Wish Luxury 10 Speed Broad Clitoral Vibrator - We-Vibe™

                                    We Vibe
                                    BO MS 1010
                                    The powerful pebble-shaped Wish clitoral vibrator by We-Vibe™ is an ideal first luxury toy for her. Boasting a silky soft silicone finish and a strong, rumbly motor, this 10 preset clitoral vibrator allows you to pick the pace that suits you; or to use the We-Connect™ app on your phone to customise your own rhythms. From a light touch to a deep massage,...
                                    We Vibe Bloom Kegel Exerciser - We VibeWe Vibe Bloom Kegel Exerciser - We Vibe 2
                                      Sex Toys

                                      Bloom App Controlled Vibrating Kegel Exerciser - We-Vibe

                                      We Vibe
                                      BO D839289006393
                                      Bloom is the latest innovation from luxury brand We-Vibe™, and takes advantage of their high-end technology. The top end of the Bloom unscrews to allow you to interchange the three different weights that come with this toy. Use the Bloom to exercise your kegel muscles and strengthen your pelvic floor for longer and better orgasms. As your pelvic muscles...
                                      We-Vibe Unite Couples & Solo Vibrator - We-VibeWe-Vibe Unite Couples & Solo Vibrator - We-Vibe 2
                                        Sex Toys

                                        We-Vibe® Unite™ Couples Vibrator with Remote Control - We-Vibe

                                        We Vibe
                                        BO DP 839289002166
                                        The We-Vibe® Unite™ is the entry-level, easy-to-use couple’s vibrator by popular brand We-Vibe. The majority of women do not orgasm by penetration alone. They need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm. The We-Vibe Unite makes it easy to enjoy deep clitoral pleasure during foreplay and penetration. The slim internal arm of the Unite holds the toy in...
                                        Jive Wearable hands-free G-Spot Vibrator - We-Vibe
                                          Sex Toys

                                          Jive Remote Controlled 10 Speed Vibrating Love Egg - We-Vibe

                                          We Vibe
                                          BO DP 839289006928/ 4251460607476
                                          Remote-controlled love eggs are highly popular sex toys. We all love the idea of a discreet and indulgent sex toy that teases us to orgasm in the middle of a business meeting. Of course, most of us wouldn’t wear it to a business meeting, but the Jive by We-Vibe™ is that perfect quiet, discreet and wonderfully powerful egg vibrator we’ve all been looking...
                                          Gala Clitoral Vibrator - We-VibeGala Clitoral Vibrator - We-Vibe 2
                                            Sex Toys

                                            Gala Clitoral 10 Speed Dual Motored Vibrator - We-Vibe™

                                            We Vibe
                                            BO MS 1017
                                            The Gala clitoral vibrator by We-Vibe™ has a split tip that surrounds the clitoral head for intense stimulation. Two separate motors mean that you can have one or both on to control your arousal exactly the way you like it. The wide base with soft-touch buttons sits comfortably in your hand, with the vibrations focused in the tips. The waterproof Gala...
                                            Tango Pleasure Mate Collection - We VibeTango Pleasure Mate Collection - We Vibe 2
                                            • Sale
                                            Sex Toys

                                            Tango Pleasure Mate™ 3-in-1 Unisex Vibrator Collection - We-Vibe

                                            We Vibe
                                            BO MS 1004
                                            This stunning collection from We-Vibe™ brings together the Tango bullet vibrator with the Glow and Dusk silicone toy forms. The Tango is a waterproof and powerful rechargeable bullet vibrator with easy single button operation and when couples with the silicone forms, you are able to transform your bullet into a G-Spot (Glow) or Anal (Dusk) Vibrator. The...
                                            Ditto Vibrating Prostate Massager with Remote - We-VibeDitto Vibrating Prostate Massager with Remote - We-Vibe 2
                                              Sex Toys

                                              Ditto Vibrating Prostate Massager with Remote - We-Vibe

                                              We Vibe
                                              BO DP 839289006836
                                              The Ditto anal massager by We-Vibe is a vibrating anal plug designed to stimulate and arouse the P-spot.Adding new stimulation to your intimate play, the Ditto is perfect for use during masturbation, foreplay or even intercourse. Stimulating your prostate with gentle pressure and rumbling vibrations, the Ditto is made of soft, smooth silicone and has a...
                                              Moxie Wearable Clitoral Vibrator - We-VibeMoxie Wearable Clitoral Vibrator - We-Vibe 2
                                                Sex Toys

                                                Moxie Panty Clitoral Vibrator - We-Vibe

                                                We Vibe
                                                BO DP 839289001992/ 4251460604918​
                                                The Moxie by We-Vibe is a discreet and sensual hands-free vibrator designed to be worn inside your underwear, whilst your partner controls your pleasure via the easy-to-use remote, or the We-Vibe connect APP.With a perfectly contoured shape, and a magnetic slip-free clip to keep it firmly in place, Moxie is ergonomically designed to stay in place as you...
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