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Explore our superior range of selected sex toys for men, designed to enhance intimate couple encounters and individual play. Invite desire back into your life with luxury male sex toys like massagers, plugs, rings, masturbators, enhancers and sleeves – for bedroom experiences that will satisfy the deepest longings of the daring, modern man.

Discover your innermost desires with our range of sex toys for men.

Your Confidential Bedroom Playtime

Direct from our intimate collection, Desir offers clients the opportunity to acquire some of the best sex toys for men in South Africa, available exclusively online from our showroom in Camps Bay, Cape Town.

For couples looking for excitement and rediscovery, or for a more enriching solo experience, these male sex toys will help you redefine your definition of pleasure.

Sexual exploration has become an important aspect of male intimacy, though it can still be a challenge to buy sex toys for men online in South Africa with complete peace of mind. We firmly believe in the manta ‘what happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom’ and work tirelessly to make sure that our client’s desires remain private and confidential.

Male sex toys can unlock the potential hidden in the stagnancy of a familiar relationship, unleashing new waves of pleasure and connection for the couple involved. For profound vibrating, tickling, squeezing or massaging thrills - few sex toys will heighten the excitement of your bedroom games quite like ours can.

Browse our sophisticated list of the best sex toys for men for 2016, and choose how you are going to add zest to your sexual experiences this year. Warning! Pleasure ahead.

The Best Sex Toys For Men: 2016

The mark of a great sex toy for men is durability, comfort and satisfying stimulation. If you are looking for the finest recommendations for 2016, check out our top 5 list of classic luxury male sex toys on sale at today. Some of these toys you can really get behind!

The best sex toys create the best sexual experiences, over and over again.Each toy is an investment in shared desires, which brings people closer together.

#1: The Pervasive Cock Ring

For a stronger, harder, longer-lasting erection no man should be without a cock ring this year. Still one of the best sex toys for men, use one ring or several simultaneously to enjoy several hours of fun in the bedroom. Many cock rings come with powerful vibrating add-ons and extensions for heightened couple interactions.

She will love how long you last, he will break records in personal pleasure. Find your perfect cock ring companion here.

#2: The Ever-Popular Vibrator

Vibrators are not just for women anymore! Once tried, few can resist the deep pulsing, teasing and tickling of a luxury vibrator. These are some of the best sex toys for men because they amplify the power of your orgasm every time you use them.

From prostate vibrators and vibrating dildos, to handheld masturbators, this is a crucial addition to any cabinet of delights.

She will love your ecstatic enthusiasm, he will discover a new level of stimulation. Find your ideal vibrating companion here.

#3: The Definitive Penis Sleeve

Add girth and size to your penis, all while sending pulsing vibrations through the both of you with one of the best sex toys for men in 2016. The soft silicone finish on this indulgent sex toy makes it comfortable and intensely arousing for couples indulging their most secret sexual desires. Perfect the art of love-making with this popular male sex toy.

She will love the deep sensations, he will enjoy how it drives her wild. Find your penis sleeve companion here.

#4: The Unforgettable P-Spot Plug

Every man deserves a plug for enhanced orgasm stimulation. Prostate plugs are hot items this year, which makes them one of the best sex toys for men in 2016. Some of them vibrate, others are more for manual operation – but there is no denying the lure of anal play for intimate, thrill-seeking couples or during solo masturbation.

She will love your building excitement, he will explode with stronger climaxes. Find your personal p-spot plug here.

#5: The Exhilarating Enhancer

Last on the list of best sex toys for men is the heady enhancer, ideal for increasing the size and strength of a man's erection. Get yours as a handheld pump, or one that works with water for added suction, usable in the bath or shower for intense sexual arousal.

She will love your eager energy, he will delight in her all-consuming contentment. Find your favourite enhancer here.

The Desir Intimate Collection of male sex toys was designed to facilitate a wide variety of sexual encounters and tastes – so whether you are role playing with your spouse, or investing in a new set of bondage restraints, your needs will always be satisfied with us.

Browse our range of exclusive sex toys for men here, or honour yourself with a champagne consultation at our showroom in Camps Bay, Cape Town.

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