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Shop the most luxurious range of sex toys for men - designed for maximum and long-lasting pleasure.

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Désir’s range of Male Sex toys is a carefully curated catalogue of the worlds’ best male masturbators, penis enhancers,fleshlights, prostate massagers, cock rings, and sheaths designed to stimulate pleasure, confidence, and overall sexual health and wellness.

Featuring globally recognized brands such as Tenga, Fleshlight, Aneros, Bathmate, LELO, Malesation and OxBalls, to name a few, Désir has worked tirelessly to ensure South African men have access to the most prestigious and globally recognized male pleasure products for intense sensation and pleasure.

What are the best Sex Toys for men?

The mark of a great sex toy for men is durability, comfort and satisfying stimulation, that not only invokes intense pleasure, but provides you with absolute confidence in the bedroom. Here we feature several of our favorite categories and explain why these are a must-have for anyone wanting to take their pleasure to the next level.

#1: The Cock Ring

For a stronger, harder, longer-lasting erection no man should be without a cock ring. Still one of the best sex toys for men, these silicone rings encourage longer play, firmer erections, and delayed ejaculation. Penis Rings are designed with your anatomy in mind and can either be singular or double ringed.

Depending on your comfort levels, wear the singular ring at the base of the penis against your pelvis for a traditional fit, or fit the double ring around your scrotum. The secondary ring gently pulls out your erection and provides gentle pressure to your testicles to increase your orgasmic strength and intensity of your pleasure.

With several cock rings now featuring an added motor, you are able to enjoy intense vibrations either to your perineum (the area underneath your scrotum) or you are able to deliver powerful vibrations to your partner on each and every thrust.

Simultaneous orgasms and maintaining an erection have never been easier than wearing a cock ring. The easiest way to prolong bedroom play and to deliver a harder erection, vibrating and non- vibrating cock rings are 100% body safe, easy to use, and 100% effective.

Shop your perfect cock ring companion here.

#2: The Prostate Massager

Prostate Massagers not only deliver incredible prostate pleasure for him, but are becoming more and more necessary in promoting overall prostate health. Known to clear the prostatic duct, prostate massage is anecdotally supported for a range of conditions, including erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis.

Used as an intimate product to assist with the side effects associated with prostate surgery, prostate or anal massagers, and prostate play, give the added benefit of increased prostate orgasmic strength, explosive pleasure, and all-over erogenous pleasure. Taking care of your health has never been more satisfying.

With a comprehensive range of prostate massagers ranging from vibrating to non, remote controlled, and waterproof, Désir has ensured that prostate massage is not only ergonomically safe, but intensely pleasurable at the same time.

With popular brands like Rocks Off, Malesation, Nexus Nexus, and Fun Factory, we’ve built a range that is easy on the eye, powerful to the touch, and gentle on the body. Gaining award-winning recognition for their benefits from all around the world, Désir’s range of premium prostate massagers for him are the ultimate in male pleasure and sexual health.

From beginners to the more advanced, prostate massage has never been easier or more fulfilling.

Find your ideal prostate massager here.

#3: The Penis Sheath

Penis Sheaths are becoming increasingly popular for their non-invasive and non-surgical approach to providing him with a firmer and larger girth and a longer penis length.

Designed as a hollow prosthetic, penis sheaths are worn over his penis and are available in a multitude of textures, colors, attachments, and materials. With the added layer of body-safe material that fits snugly around his shaft, the gains on his girth and length are instant and in many instances offer additional stimulation and pleasure to the receiver thanks to the added nubs, textures, and realistic designs.

With their harness type structure, penis sheaths provide the wearer with additional support that not only supports a harder erection, but also allows for delayed ejaculation due to the reduced sensitivity.

For an instant, non-surgical and pain-free alternative to a larger girth and erection size, shop Désir’s body-safe Penis Sheaths for the confidence you need.

#4: Penis Pumps & Penis Enlargers

With award winning brands like Bathmate pioneering the world of all-natural penis enlargement, non-surgical growth on his shaft in the comfort of his home has never been easier. From hydro pumps to male extenders, vacuum devices or penis enlargement devices promise extra length and girth, increased confidence and an improved sex life.

With lasting improvements, Désir’s range of penis pumps and enhancers are internationally sourced and backed by medical expertise and sound results. Designed to assist with moderate erectile dysfunction, and promoting an increase in blood flow by creating a vacuum, the use of Penis pumps and enlargers have produced successful results from the over 1 million satisfied users across the world.

Use the Bathmate range for their hydro pump effect and water-based suction power, or opt for the more traditional Penis extender. Based on spring force traction that promises long-lasting or even permanent results, the Penis Extender is recommended specifically for users who suffer from Peyronies’ disease (penile curvature). Backed by medical research and with their lightweight design, penis extenders and pumps are a healthy and safe alternative to surgical procedures.

Shop Désir’s range of Penis Pumps and Penis Enhancers here.

#5: Fleshlight - Our Favourite Male Masturbator

Meet the ultimate in male pleasure. Fleshlight (also known as a pocket pussy) is an international male brand known for their mind-blowing sensations, quality and replicated oral sex experiences.

A masturbation sleeve made from the incredibly realistic Superskin material, Fleshlight promises the near real deal and features orifices that range from vaginal and anal, to neutral and round – making sure that they have catered for each individual’s specific desires and needs. Including the popular Stamina Training unit, you can now improve your performance thanks to this all realistic feel masturbation training sleeve.

With several sleeves molded on international players from within the adult industry, the Fleshlight Girls and the Fleshlight brand is unparalleled when it comes to pleasure, fit, and design. With over 7 million masturbation sleeves sold across the world, Fleshlight continues to innovate and maintain its position as the number one male masturbation brand in the world.

Shop the latest from Fleshlight here Fleshlight here.

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