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Explore our superior range of selected sex toys for men, designed to enhance intimate couple encounters and individual play. Invite desire back into your life with luxury male sex toys like massagers, plugs, rings, masturbators, enhancers and sleeves – for bedroom experiences that will satisfy the deepest longings of the daring, modern man.

Discover your innermost desires with our range of sex toys for men.

Your Confidential Bedroom Playtime

Direct from our intimate collection, Desir offers clients the opportunity to acquire some of the best sex toys for men in South Africa, available exclusively online from our showroom in Camps Bay, Cape Town.

For couples looking for excitement and rediscovery, or for a more enriching solo experience, these male sex toys will help you redefine your definition of pleasure.

Sexual exploration has become an important aspect of male intimacy, though it can still be a challenge to buy sex toys for men online in South Africa with complete peace of mind. We firmly believe in the manta ‘what happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom’ and work tirelessly to make sure that our client’s desires remain private and confidential.

Male sex toys can unlock the potential hidden in the stagnancy of a familiar relationship, unleashing new waves of pleasure and connection for the couple involved. For profound vibrating, tickling, squeezing or massaging thrills - few sex toys will heighten the excitement of your bedroom games quite like ours can.

Browse our sophisticated list of the best sex toys for men for 2016, and choose how you are going to add zest to your sexual experiences this year. Warning! Pleasure ahead.

The Best Sex Toys For Men: 2016

The mark of a great sex toy for men is durability, comfort and satisfying stimulation. If you are looking for the finest recommendations for 2016, check out our top 5 list of classic luxury male sex toys on sale at today. Some of these toys you can really get behind!

The best sex toys create the best sexual experiences, over and over again.Each toy is an investment in shared desires, which brings people closer together.

#1: The Pervasive Cock Ring

For a stronger, harder, longer-lasting erection no man should be without a cock ring this year. Still one of the best sex toys for men, use one ring or several simultaneously to enjoy several hours of fun in the bedroom. Many cock rings come with powerful vibrating add-ons and extensions for heightened couple interactions.

She will love how long you last, he will break records in personal pleasure. Find your perfect cock ring companion here.

#2: The Ever-Popular Vibrator

Vibrators are not just for women anymore! Once tried, few can resist the deep pulsing, teasing and tickling of a luxury vibrator. These are some of the best sex toys for men because they amplify the power of your orgasm every time you use them.

From prostate vibrators and vibrating dildos, to handheld masturbators, this is a crucial addition to any cabinet of delights.

She will love your ecstatic enthusiasm, he will discover a new level of stimulation. Find your ideal vibrating companion here.

#3: The Definitive Penis Sleeve

Add girth and size to your penis, all while sending pulsing vibrations through the both of you with one of the best sex toys for men in 2016. The soft silicone finish on this indulgent sex toy makes it comfortable and intensely arousing for couples indulging their most secret sexual desires. Perfect the art of love-making with this popular male sex toy.

She will love the deep sensations, he will enjoy how it drives her wild. Find your penis sleeve companion here.

#4: The Unforgettable P-Spot Plug

Every man deserves a plug for enhanced orgasm stimulation. Prostate plugs are hot items this year, which makes them one of the best sex toys for men in 2016. Some of them vibrate, others are more for manual operation – but there is no denying the lure of anal play for intimate, thrill-seeking couples or during solo masturbation.

She will love your building excitement, he will explode with stronger climaxes. Find your personal p-spot plug here.

#5: The Exhilarating Enhancer

Last on the list of best sex toys for men is the heady enhancer, ideal for increasing the size and strength of a man's erection. Get yours as a handheld pump, or one that works with water for added suction, usable in the bath or shower for intense sexual arousal.

She will love your eager energy, he will delight in her all-consuming contentment. Find your favourite enhancer here.

The Desir Intimate Collection of male sex toys was designed to facilitate a wide variety of sexual encounters and tastes – so whether you are role playing with your spouse, or investing in a new set of bondage restraints, your needs will always be satisfied with us.

Browse our range of exclusive sex toys for men here, or honour yourself with a champagne consultation at our showroom in Camps Bay, Cape Town.

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  • R2,199

    The Lelo Accomplice Gift Set is the perfect indulgence for those looking for a couple's experience. With the luxury  TOR 2 vibrating couples cock ring, a box of 12 Lelo HEX condoms, and a 150ml quality water-based personal moisturizer, you have all you need to ensure a night of uninterupted pleasure. Use the vibrating ring to enhance and prolong...

  • R1,595

    "VStroker - The world's most advanced virtual sex system"Enhance your solo experience with the revolutionary VStroker. It connects seamlessly to your Fleshlight and wirelessly transmits sensor information to your PC or Mac - simulating a lifelike experience. Simply attach VStroker to the end of your Fleshlight (sold separately), insert the USB...

  • R1,499

    This 50 Shades Darker Love Ring is an ergonomic, stretchable vibrating cock ring designed to enhance clitoral stimulation for her whilst helping him achieve longer lasting and harder erections. With 8 patterns and 12 speeds this powerful motor offers a whisper quiet vibration. USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof and perfect for the ultimate couple play.

  • R999
    2 Reviews

    The Doc Johnson White Wabbit Cock Ring is made from 100% Body-Safe Silicone that guarantees pleasure for both him & her. Worn by the male, the cock ring ensures prolonged ejaculation & maintains his erection. The removable bullet has 3 intense speeds & 7 different vibration patterns & its one-button design allows you to...

  • R2,999

    "Piu - Designed for Pleasure"This is one of the most luxurious and revolutionary vibrators for men, which allows you to experience your media like never before! A dedicated app provides you with an online media library, and the opportunity to upload and watch your own content. What makes Piu special, is that it syncronizes your pleasure by reacting to...

  • R1,899

    The Manta Ray - a revolutionary toy for men from the luxury sex toy manufacturer, Imtoy. Its innovative design and functionality provides you with an experience like no other! It is a super-flexible, open male stroker made from silky soft, body-safe silicone. Its textured design and flexibility makes for fully customizable pleasure. A superior, powerful,...

  • R2,999
    1 Review

    Lelo's Hugo prostate massager is one of a kind. t's remote control functionality allows you the option to control the vibes & intensity, giving you the perfect hands free experience! The Hugo is designed to increase the size & intensity of the male climax by 30% providing you with the most explosive orgasmic experience. Perfect for either solo...

  • R1,569

    "Fleshlight - The #1 selling male sex toy in the world"The Fleshlight Go Torque Ice is smaller than the standard Fleshlights, giving you a more discreet, travel-friendly companion made from soft SuperSkin material. Its clear sleeve and casing allows you and your partner to watch the action. The screw cap at the bottom of the Fleshlight allows you to...

  • R319
    Out of stock

    The Lidl Extra Penis Extension sleeve is perfect for those who want to delay ejaculation and provide extra stimulation for their partner. Adding on an an extra 7.6cm's this penis sleeve also add's on extra length to your penis, whilst providing her with additional stimulation at the same time. Covered in textured pleasure beads, this sleeve is perfect for...

  • R3,879
    1 Review

    In your journey to penis enlargement, you would have already started out with either the Bathmate Hercules or the HydroMax X30. And now that you have outgrown those (literally), it is time to move on to the HydroMax X40 to continue growing to your preferred size. It is not suggested to advance directly to the X40, as the results are not...

  • R889

    Rated as the #1 selling male sex toy in the world, the Quickshot Vantage male masturbator is a non anatomical masturbator with an array of ridges & textures designed to provide you with the most incredible stimulation. With a hole on either side, this product is perfect for either solo or couple play. For solo play, you can either leave the cap on one end...

  • R2,895
    2 Reviews

    Known as the first “Guybrator”, this multi-award winning male-stimulator, is one of the hottest male masturbators on the market. Originally designed for solo play, the new Pulse II Duo now allows for couple play as well. Worn by the male, the powerful vibrations and oscillations stimulate the penis encouraging a snug fit and providing the most...

  • R2,499

    Lelo's perfectly shaped Loki prostate massager for men is perfect for more controlled application and direction. Guaranteed to enhance your orgasms by 30%, this vibrating massager is waterproof and rechargeable. With 6 variable settings providing mind blow and intensive orgasms, this perfectly shaped and angled prostate massager, makes it your number one...

  • R2,239

    The Bathmate Hercules Enhancer is designed to increase the size of a man's penis. Used in the bath or shower using the suction of water, this product not only increases the size of the penis, but also assists in promoting longer lasting erection and increased sexual satisfaction. As the original and longest selling hydropump to help men get bigger,...

  • R1,365

    The Naughty Boy Prostate Stimulator by Rocks Off is designed for the ultimate in prostate massage specifically stimulating the anus, prostate, and perineum. perfect for beginners. The prostate, a walnut sized gland located at the root of the penis, when massaged correctly, provides intense, long-lasting, even multiple, orgasms and intense...

  • R1,499

    "Fleshlight - The #1 selling male sex toy in the world"The name says it all. This Fleshlight is the original Fleshlight masturbator that was launched and is still a favourite amongst returning and first-time customers. Unlike the other Fleshlight models with patterned interiors, this smooth patented SuperSkin sleeve not only provides a...

  • R1,159
    1 Review

    Malesation's Homeboy is a vibrating strap-on prosthesis that has 7 levels of vibration, all managed by an easily accessible remote control. Though it has a soft-to-the-touch silicone coating, the prosthesis itself is sturdy and rigid. These strap on prostheses assist men that suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Added girth & realistic veins add...

  • R2,399

    Intensify your sexual experience with the Lelo Tor 2 Vibrating Couples Cock Ring. It is a comfortable and perfectly-fitting ring made from 100% sfot body-safe silicone. Not only does it provide him with prolonged erections and delayed ejaculation, it has been designed to stimulate her clitoris just as effectively. It has a motor that is 100% more...

  • R839

    The Malesation Anal Stimulator has been ergonomically designed for ultimate pleasure. Its internal arm massages his prostate with precision, while the bump on the external arm will massage his perineum to gain maximum pleasure.

  • R2,399

    The O(h!)-thello by Mystim is an oval dildo attachment for the Tension Lover e-stim unit. This dildo is suitable for vaginal and anal use & its smooth curves provide incredible e-stim sensations, from the first oval all the way through to the deepest penetration. It is made from medical aluminum and can be cooled in the fridge or warmed on a heater, and...

  • R2,999

    Tantus' Bend Over Intermediate Strap on Kit is the perfect way to explore strap-on sex. With two smooth 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone dildos, the Medium and Large Silk, this kit comes with a velvet harness that is comfortable, adjustable (fits up to 60” hips), and machine washable. With a one touch vibrator fitting snugly on the pouch on the front of...

  • R199

    This vibrating cock ring is made from soft silicone, and is accompanied by a vibrating bullet that slips into a sleeve attached to the top of the ring. This sleeve was designed with soft silicone nubs for added stimulation. Two sets of batteries are included & is made to fit most sizes!

  • R599

    Penis pumps are widely known to increase the length and girth of your penis. The Malesation Penis Pump Enlarger is no different! The pump-action enlarger will not only increase the size of your penis, it will also assist with the treatment of Peyronie's disease, improves ejaculation control & prolongs the time of sexual intercourse. This product is not...

  • R145

    The Nubby Sleeve by Malesation will not only provide length and girth to your penis, but will stimulate your partner with its added bumps and clitoral stimulating protrusions. This sleeve is ultra-soft, odorless and non-porous. It is made from elastic, phthalate-free TPR and will stretch to fit most men.

  • R2,754

    Lelo Bruno Prostate Massager has been called the world's most pleasurable prostate massager. The prostate, a walnut sized gland located at the root of the penis, when massaged correctly, provides intense, long-lasting, even multiple, orgasms and intense ejaculation. While many men focus largely on external stimulation, the prostate gland is often...

  • R745

    This Shower Mount is the perfect accessory for your Fleshlight experience! This mount provides you with the versatility to try out different angles and heights, so that you can find the perfect position to steam up your shower session!

  • R199

    This Malesation Swell Cock Ring has an adjustable design to fit most sizes. WIth it's super stretchy soft silicone fit and lightweight feel, this high quality design ensures prolonged erections, delayed ejaculation, and is easily cleanable and reusable.  

  • R2,799
    1 Review

    The Cobra Libre is the perfect masturbator for males seeking powerful and intense stimulation. Requiring no up or down movement, this masturbator fits snugly around the tip of the penis and has two individual and adjustable motors to do the work for you. With a touch pad control, you simply sit back and relax, enjoying the intensive massage. It’s...

  • R239

    The Malesation Beaded Cock ring set gives you two cock rings specifically beaded for extra stimulation. Made of high grade silicone, these soft, hygienic rings are anti-allergenic and easy to clean. Set includes two cockrings: 4cm and 4.5cm wide.

  • R2,818 R3,058
    Reduced price!

    Looking to add a little adventure to the boudoir? Then this bundle pack is for you! Get the Oden 2 Vibrating Couples Love Ring and the SuperHero Performance Spray for Men at a reduced price to help spice things up a bit! The Oden 2 is one of the world's most sophisticated vibrating love ring for couples. It has flexible, interchangeable bases to...

  • R854
    3 Reviews

    This is your absolute must have cock ring! The JNaja is designed to provide you with a completely different sensation to ordinary cock ring. When positioned correctly, the pressure on your perineum allows you stronger erections and incredibly powerful ejaculation. Providing you with constant perineum massage, this ring provides you with a host of health...

  • R250
    Out of stock

    The Go Vibe from Screaming O is a disposable penis ring that is perfect for couples. Do not let its single speed motor fool you - it is incredibly powerful! The ring itself is stretchy, yet will be tight enough to restrict blood flow, thus enabling longer lasting erections and delayed ejaculation. When worn with the motor facing up, it will pleasure her...

  • R1,599

    The Rocks Off Rude Boy Prostate Stimulator is specifically designed to stimulate the anus, prostate, and perineum. The prostate, a walnut sized gland located at the root of the penis, when massaged correctly, provides intense, long-lasting, even multiple, orgasms and intense ejaculation. While many men focus largely on external stimulation, the...

  • R3,115 R3,461
    Reduced price!
    Out of stock

    Whether you are looking to increase the size of your penis, or whether you are looking for something that will assist with the effects of erectile dysfunction (ED), then this is the deal for you! This penis enhancement kit includes all the essentials needed to help expand your performance & pleasure. The Hydromax X30 Penis Enhancer is designed to...

  • R399

    The Squeeze Cock and Ball Ring from Malesation provides triple the pleasure. Place your penis in one loop & your balls in the other to reinforce your erection & stamina. With a vibrating bullet, you are able to stimulate both your own areas during penetration.

  • R799

    This Penis Extender Set by Malesation is gives you the option to extend your penis size by 5cm or 10cm. Made from Phthalate-free TPE, the penis extenders provide a pleasureable, realist sensation. The sleeve can be cut off to achieve the desired length, for a perfect fit. Apply just enough lubricant to slide it on, but not too much that it slides off you....

  • R1,299

    The Cheeky Boy Prostate Massager by Rocks Off is a prostate massager designed to stimulate the perineum, anus, and prostate. The prostate, a walnut sized gland located at the root of the penis, when massaged correctly, provides intense, long-lasting, even multiple, orgasms and intense ejaculation. While many men focus largely on...

  • R519

    This Fifty Shades of Grey Feel It Baby Vibrating Cock Ring is designed specifically for couple play. The snug fit of the cock ring allows him an enhanced and longer lasting erection, whilst the vibrators from the single speed device powerfully stimulates and vibrates her clitoris and the top of his shaft at the same time, allowing both partners to...

  • R469

    The Screaming O Trio Triple Pleasure Ring is a cock ring designed to stimulate both the male and female during couple play. With it's dual motor vibrating rings and an extra ball attachment, the woman's clitoris is stimulated whilst the baller attachment wraps comfortably around the man's testicles gently stimulating him for added stimulation and...

  • R1,365

    The Rocks Off Bad Boy Prostrate Stimulator is specifically designed to stimulate the anus, prostate, and perineum. The prostate, a walnut sized gland located at the root of the penis, when massaged correctly, provides intense, long-lasting, even multiple, orgasms and intense ejaculation. While many men focus largely on external stimulation, the...

  • R849

    Rated as the #1 selling male sex toy in the world, the Quickshot Boost male masturbator is a non anatomical masturbator with an array of ridges & textures designed to provide you with the most incredible stimulation. With a hole on either side, this product is perfect for either solo or couple play. For solo play, you can either leave the cap on one...

  • R3,799

    The MaleEdge penis enlarger is a penis traction device that provides an all natural penis enlargement by means of cell division. This means you will keep the extra inches forever. It's been proven to grow your penis' length and girth without surgery & has been proven to correct Peyronie's disease. *This product has been medically endorsed by Desir's...

  • R679

    The Screaming O Propello Vibrating Cock Ring is a dual stimulation cock ring for him & her. With two nobbly bullets, the one sits on top of her clitoris, whilst the other stimulates her rear and his testicles, allowing the ultimate in dual stimulation. The male receives the benefit of both vibrations, as well as the snug fit of the cock ring allowing him...

  • R1,949

    "Fleshlight - The #1 selling male sex toy in the world"The Vibro Pink Lady Touch Fleshlight can be seen as the upgrade on the Original Pink Lady Fleshlight. Not only does it have a "touch" textured interior that feels like concentric fingers down the shaft, it comes with 3 vibrating bullets to add to the phenomenal sensation. These single speed bullets...

  • R1,599

    The Flexing Flavio is an e-stim prostate stimulator attachment for the Mystim Tension Lover Electro Stimulation unit. Its flexible design allows you to manipulate its shape to one that pleases you most, however will still retain its original form. The conductive surface is on the internal arm, ready to provide you with the best prostate...

  • R1,399

    The Flight Pilot Fleshlight has a newly improved, aerodynamic outer casing and an unbelievably bumpy inner texture that will take your solo mission to new heights! The suction intensity can be controlled by the screw cap at the base, providing you to create the perfect experience. Water based lubricant is advised, as silicone based lubes will...

  • R210

    This flexible penis sleeve slips comfortable over your erection or vibrator and with its raised beads, will increase your sexual experience and provide heightened satisfaction. Its silicone material is incredibly stretchy, allowing it to expand and fit any size, yet always retaining its original shape!

  • R1,089

    The Magnum Dildo is Fun Factory's second largest dildo, sitting at 18cm in height & 3.8cm in diameter. Not only is it harness compatible for couples play, but it also has a suction-cup base allow the Magnum to adhere to smooth surfaces and walls for solo play.  It is suitable for both vaginal and anal play. Its smooth, curved shaft and rounded tip is...

  • R1,599

    This may look like the original Pink Lady Fleshlight on the outside, however the experience awaiting you on the inside will blow your mind! Instead of the smooth interior, the Vortex contains 4 spiralled chambers and deep ridges. Combined with the soft SuperSkin material and the screw cap to regulate the suction intensity, experience a more explosive...

  • R199
    1 Review

    The Joy Division VarioRing is a silicone cock ring that has an adjustable closure allowing it to fit perfectly on any size penis. Allowing you to control the tension by constricting blood flow, this cock ring allows for a fuller and stronger erection and assists with erectile dysfunction issues.  *This product has been medically endorsed by Desir's...

  • R699

    Discover the Sensation of Aerostimulation!TENGA has improved upon their famous CUP Style with the new AIR-TECH Reusable Vacuum CUP – now with a removable sleeve for cleaning! Also featuring an all-new airflow structure for boosted Vacuum Suction Sensation!

  • R399

    The Cogilia Anal beads are high-quality and highly functional anal beads. Using your favourite lubricant, gently insert the beads anally while masturbating or during intercourse, and remove them slowly at the point of orgasm to increase and enhance your climax. The beads are 100% body safe silicone, extremely soft, completely seamless and ensure extra...

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