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Delve into our first-class range of intimate sex toys for couples, designed to ignite imagination and experimentation during couples play. Inspire profound sexual connection in your relationship with superior couple’s sex toys like vibrators, penis rings, magic wands, plugs and remote controlled toys – for bedroom experiences that encourage total immersion in each other for the bold, modern couple. Expand your definition of excitement with our range of sex toys for couples.

Your Unrestricted Path To Pleasure

You have arrived at Désir, where finding the best sex toys for couples in South Africa is just a click away. Available from our private online website, headquartered in Camps Bay, Cape Town, our goal is to enhance the sexual experiences that you share with your lover.

A strong, healthy relationship depends on the invigoration and attention that you share with each other in the bedroom. That is why intimacy needs to evolve with you over time.

Buying couples sex toys online can be an exciting experience, shared between the two of you, or as a surprise arrival to keep things feisty and interesting.

In South Africa, no brand does this quite like Désir, with our dedication to privacy and our focus on quality. We want our couples to enjoy an unparalleled level of service, which doesn’t end once the package arrives!

Couple's sex toys can revive waning interest, reignite old passions and forge unrestricted paths into new avenues of sensuality for you and your lover. Whether you are looking for something new, or expanding on a particular skill – or you have a specific fantasy in mind - your bedroom experiences can only get better with Désir’s sex toys on your side.

Couples Sex Toys For Two

Fun sex toys for couples challenge the limits that the two of you can reach while engaged in play together. The right toy can be a friendly instigator, a torturous teaser or an intense one-on-one experience, shared between you. Here is a list of the best sex toys offered by Desir.

#1: The Couples Vibrator

Hands-down one of the most popular sex toys for couples this year is the couple's vibrator, worn by her during intercourse, it sends surges of pleasure rolling through you both. This is one comfortable toy that enhances lovemaking every time. Encouraging dual simulation and simultaneous orgasms, brands like We-Vibe and Satisfyer have made sure that couples vibrators and couples sex has never been easier to use or more pleasurable.

You will both love the simultaneous waves of pleasure, for a combined couple's orgasm. Find out more about your couples vibrators here.

#2: The Couples Cock Ring

Endless possibilities abound when couples sex toys like the cock ring extend your play time. Fitting tightly around the base of the penis while simultaneously pleasing her with the rabbit feature that has become accustomed to a vibrating cock ring, this is a waterproof, anti-allergenic, stretchy material lovemaking companion that never fails.

Use the vibrating ring it to increase the strength and duration of his erection, assisting with symptoms related to erectile dysfunction, while improving the stimulation she receives internally and externally.

You will both love the sustained power that comes with wearing a cock ring, for an experience that never has to end. Find out more about Desir’s silicone rings and couples cock ring here.

#3: The Couples Dildo

When foreplay has become too routine, one of the best sex toys for couples is the couple's dildo – made from a variety of materials that include silicone or even glass, dildos are perfect for dual stimulation while one lover arouses the other’s desires. In a multitude of designs that range from realistic dildos to rippled or even curved, dildos are designed to assist in deep, immersive lovemaking between the two of you and offers a perfect alternative to penetrative sex.

Used on it’s own or with a strap on harness, dildos offer hands free or harnessed pleasure, for a more stimulating body connection. Find out more about your couple’s dildo here..

#4: The Couples Love Egg

Great sex toys for couples have uses that inspire creativity, imagination and free play – even if it’s beyond the bedroom. Explore where your lover can take you with a couple’s love egg, it's remote controlled and vibrates discreetly for anywhere fun. With independent controls, powerful vibrations, and discreet remote control play, vibrating love eggs are perfect for adding some excitement to the bedroom. Alternatively use your vibrating love egg externally for incredible nipple, clitoral, or even perineum stimulation.

You will both love the playful secrecy, for foreplay that moves beyond the bedroom. Find out more about your couple's couples egg vibrator here.

#5: The Couples Anal Chain

If you are thinking of taking your anal play to the next level, couples sex toys like the beginners anal chain are always a hit. Smooth, soft and easy to retrieve, the two of you will enjoy discovering how this toy enhances your bedroom games.

Made from medical grade silicone, this waterproof, hygienic string of beads makes for an exciting addition to any cabinet of delights and is perfect for both p-spot and anal stimulation. Gently insert the anal chain into your rectum with a generous amount of water-based lubricant, and slowly pull the chain out by means of the retrieval cord during orgasm. The increased texture and stimulation of the graduated beads means heightened orgasm, more powerful stimulation, and intense sensory experiences

You will both love the gentle pleasure, for heightened sensations during play. Find out more about your couple’s anal chain here anal chain & beads here.

These intimate wearable sex toys for couples are part of Désir’s specialized collection, meant to help couples express themselves in the bedroom. As you explore and investigate each other with these companions you will realize how close a sexual bond can be. The closer you become, the more your world will open to perfect desire.

Browse our range of exclusive sex toys for couples here, and honour yourself by exploring the best South Africa has to offer.

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Womanizer Golden Moments...Womanizer Golden Moments... 2
    Sex Toys

    Womanizer Golden Moments Collection - Womanizer

    BO DP 4251460609135
    The Womanizer Golden Moments Collection is a limited edition collection featuring two of your favourite couples and clitoral stimulators - all in one gorgeous gift pack. Featuring the Womanizer Premium and the We-Vibe Chorus, this set features both products in a sophisticated sleek black and gold colourway. Created to celebrate the union of the two...
    We Vibe Luxury Pivot Couples Vibrating Penis Ring - APP readyWe Vibe Luxury Pivot Couples Vibrating Penis Ring - APP ready 2
      Sex Toys

      Pivot Vibrating Penis Ring for Couples - We-Vibe™

      We Vibe
      BO DP 839289006812
      The Pivot by We-Vibe™ is a stretchy silicone cock ring that is worn around the base of the penis. It is made of soft silicone that is comfortable and hardwearing. Apply We-Vibe™ Lube to the ring and the penis and slide down gently to the base of the penis. The Pivot cock ring helps him to stay harder and to last longer. The powerful rumbly motor in the...
      We-Vibe Unite Couples & Solo Vibrator - We-VibeWe-Vibe Unite Couples & Solo Vibrator - We-Vibe 2
        Sex Toys

        We-Vibe® Unite™ Couples Vibrator with Remote Control - We-Vibe

        We Vibe
        BO DP 839289002166
        The We-Vibe® Unite™ is the entry-level, easy-to-use couple’s vibrator by popular brand We-Vibe. The majority of women do not orgasm by penetration alone. They need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm. The We-Vibe Unite makes it easy to enjoy deep clitoral pleasure during foreplay and penetration. The slim internal arm of the Unite holds the toy in...
        Chorus Couples Vibrator -...Chorus Couples Vibrator -... 2
          Sex Toys

          Chorus Couples Vibrator - We-Vibe

          We Vibe
          BO DP 4251460604345/21/38/16331/16348
          The Chorus by We-Vibe is being hailed as the most intuitive couples vibrator ever. Featuring an adjustable fit, touch-responsive controls, and hands-free vibrations, simultaneous orgasms have never been easier to achieve. Chorus is an ergonomically designed couples vibrator designed to be worn by the female. With a small flattened arm that rests...
          Match Couples Vibrator -...Match Couples Vibrator -... 2
            Sex Toys

            Match Couples Vibrator - We-Vibe

            We Vibe
            BO DP 839289000919
            The We-Vibe Match is a couples vibrator designed to be worn by her and allows for penetrative sex at the same time. Voted the best sex toys for couples, the Match is completely waterproof and whisper quiet. By inserting the flattened end inside her vagina, with the more bulbous end resting on top of the clitoral area, dual stimulation is provide to both...
            Sex Toys

            Tyler Vibrating Couples Penis Ring - Svakom

            CON SV SRING-01-VLT
            The Tyler penis ring, is a vibrating cock-ring designed for couples play - encouraging clitoral stimulation during penetration, and simultaneous orgasms.With it's super soft silicone texture, this penis ring offers an incredibly stretchy fit that is offers a one-size-fits-most in diameter. With a circular broad-based noduled head vibrator situated at the...
            Envy Strap-On Harness Panty...
              Sex Toys

              Envy Strap-On Harness Panty with Dildo - StrapU

              EDC AG452
              The Envy Strap-On lace pegging set features a lace crotchless panty harness that includes a suction cup dildo. Featuring a wide elastic strap and flexible material, this panty is a one-size-fits-most but offers a most comfortable fit for those measuring a waistband size between 71 - 86cm (M-XL). It features a gorgeous purple and black combination of lace...
              Classic Harness - Steamy Shades
                Sex Toys

                Classic Harness - Steamy Shades

                Steamy Shades
                BO DP 4041937579302
                This harness with black lace overlay over satin stands out thanks to its sexy appearance, and is nonetheless robust and versatile. Thanks to its adjustable belt, it can fit a multitude of wearers. Two different rings are available for different dildo sizes with a flat base. A small pocket in which a vibration bullet can be stored ensures additional...
                Silicone Soft Vibrating Cock Ring
                  Sex Toys

                  Silicone Soft Vibrating Penis Ring for Couples - Seven Creations

                  Seven Creations
                  BO DP 4890888120398
                  Vibrating penis rings are perfect for couples looking for dual stimulation whilst experiencing the benefits of the gentle restriction that allows harder erections, delayed ejaculation and prolonged love-making.This vibrating cock ring is made from soft silicone, and is accompanied by a vibrating bullet that slips into a sleeve attached to the top of the...
                  Ultra Soft Silicone Cock Ring
                    Sex Toys

                    Ultra-Soft Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring for Couples - Seven Creations

                    Seven Creations
                    BO DP 4890888120923
                    This vibro-rabbit cock ring was designed for couples and thanks to it's soft silicone it holds enough stretch to fit most men! It comes with a vibrating bullet (2 sets of batteries included) and a rabbit shaped clitoral stimulator for added sensation. Slide it onto the base of the shaft of the penis with the rabbit ears positioned up. As you thrust the...
                    Satisfyer Couples LoveRing1 - SatisfyerSatisfyer Couples LoveRing1 - Satisfyer 2
                      Sex Toys

                      Couples Rocket Ring Vibrator - Satisfyer

                      BO MS RNG001
                      The Satisfyer LoveRing1 is a versatile penis ring that is perfect for either couple or solo play.In it's luxurious body-safe soft silicone material, this ring is worn by the male with the vibrating head either situated on top of his shaft or below. Worn above, each thrust produces intense vibrations to his partner, whilst situated underneath the shaft,...
                      Partner Multifun 1 Couples Vibrator - SatisfyerPartner Multifun 1 Couples Vibrator - Satisfyer 2
                        Sex Toys

                        Endless Love Partner Multi Vibrator - Satisfyer

                        BO MS PAR002
                        The Partner Multifun1 couples vibrator by Satisfyer is an ergonomically designed vibrator that offers you more than 14 ways to use it thanks to it's versatile design and is perfect for men, women, and couples.With 3 powerful engines situated in the upper main body and each in the two lower points, this vibrator ensures that the powerful vibrations are...
                        Satisfyer Couples LoveRing2 - SatisfyerSatisfyer Couples LoveRing2 - Satisfyer 2
                          Sex Toys

                          Couples Power Ring Vibrator - Satisfyer

                          BO MS RNG002
                          The Couples LoveRing2 by Satisfyer is a vibrating penis ring perfectly designed for simultaneous orgasms.With it's luxurious super-soft silicone material and it's stretch and flexible design, this penis ring is a one-size-fits-most product. In a gorgeous cobalt blue colour, this ring is sophisticated and perfect for the more discerning gentleman. Subtle...
                          Endless Joy Partner Multi...Endless Joy Partner Multi... 2
                            Sex Toys

                            Endless Joy Partner Multi Vibrator - Satisfyer

                            BO MS PAR003
                            The Partner Multifun2 couples vibrator by Satisfyer is an ergonomically designed vibrator that offers you more than 14 ways to use it thanks to its versatile design and is perfect for men, women, and couples.With 3 powerful engines situated in the upper main body and each in the two lower points, this vibrator ensures that the powerful vibrations are felt...
                            Sex Toys

                            Double Joy Couples Vibrator - Satisfyer

                            EDC J2008-16-2
                            Designed specifically for male and female couples play, the Double Joy promises dual stimulation and simultaneous orgasms for both him and her. Worn internally by the woman during penetrative sex, this U shaped stimulator allows him to penetrate her at the same time giving both couples exquisite pleasure thanks to its breathtaking vibrations and powerful...
                            Two-Vibe Flexible Vibrator...Two-Vibe Flexible Vibrator... 2
                              Sex Toys

                              Two-Vibe Flexible Vibrator with Remote - Rocks Off

                              Rocks off
                              BO DP 811041014518/01
                              The Two-Vibe flexible vibrator by Rocks Off has been specifically designed to offer you versatility whether you are using the Two-Vibe for couples or solo play. With each person built differently, the Two-Vibe features an ergonomically designed flexible shaft that allows you to flex and bend according to the perfect shape just for you. For an all-over...
                              Vibrating Couples Penis...Vibrating Couples Penis... 2
                                Sex Toys

                                Vibrating Couples Penis Ring - PlusOne

                                The vibrating ring by PlusOne is a super stretchy body safe silicone ring designed to prolong his play and increase her pleasure. Perfect to use whether during solo or couple play, this penis ring accommodates most sizes and is worn around the base of the penile shaft. With the super-stretchy band gently constricting his blood flow, he gains a firmer...
                                OhNut Rings (Set of 4) -...OhNut Rings (Set of 4) -... 2
                                  Sex Toys

                                  OhNut Rings (Set of 4) - OhNut

                                  BO DP 860000250405/443/474
                                  The OhNut rings are soft, BPA, phthalate, and latex free body safe wearable rings that are designed to alleviate discomfort during sex by offering a customizable solution to the penetration depth.  Designed by renowned clinicians, each ring features a soft, compressible buffer that allows these rings to be used separately or together to vary the...
                                  Share Vibrating Penis Ring for Couples - OhMiBodShare Vibrating Penis Ring for Couples - OhMiBod 2
                                    Sex Toys

                                    Share Vibrating Penis Ring for Couples - OhMiBod

                                    BO MS OMBLL01
                                    The OhMiBod Share couples ring is a sensual couples vibrator, allowing you to take your relationship to the next level. Worn by the male at the base of the penis shaft - snugly against the pelvis - this penis ring slides on easily and allows for a comfortable yet firm fit, which by gently restricting his blood flow not only allows for stronger erections...
                                    Magnus Strapless Strap-on...Magnus Strapless Strap-on... 2
                                      Sex Toys

                                      Magnus Strapless Strap-on Vibrating Dildo - Minds of Love

                                      Minds of Love
                                      BO DP 4041937313661/54
                                      The Magnus strapless strap-on dildo by Minds of Love is an ergonomically designed strap-on vibrator that does not require a harness and is perfect for couple play.  This dildo offers both extreme dual stimulation and pleasure thanks to it's ergonomic design, ridges, and nubs, but also includes powerful vibrations to give you both clitoral, g-spot and...
                                      Vibro Rabbit Ring - MalesationVibro Rabbit Ring - Malesation 2
                                        Sex Toys

                                        Vibro Rabbit Penis Ring for Couples - Malesation

                                        BO DP 4041937315030
                                        The Vibro Rabbit ring by Malesation has been specifically designed for couples stimulation in mind.With it's firm rabbit shape situated on top of the ring, you are able to stimulate her clitoris with every thrust. Wear it at the base of the shaft of your penis and enjoy the added benefits of prolonged love-making, delayed ejaculation and a firmer and...
                                        Strap On Harness - MalesationStrap On Harness - Malesation 2
                                          Sex Toys

                                          Strap On Harness - Malesation

                                          BO DP 4041937315535
                                          The Malesation Strap On Harness is the perfect harness for those looking for a soft, comfortable and versatile harness for their dildos.Designed using soft, comfortable neoprene, this harness features adjustable straps that allow a perfect fit from a hip measurement of 41cm right up to a hip size measurement of 152cm. With 3 removable rubbing rings...
                                          Clit Ring Penis Ring for Couples - MalesationClit Ring Penis Ring for Couples - Malesation 2
                                            Sex Toys

                                            Clit Ring Penis Ring for Couples - Malesation

                                            BO DP 4041937315160
                                            The Clit Ring by Malesation has been specifically designed for couples stimulation in mind.With it's firm curvy targeted nub situated on top of the ring, you are able to stimulate the clitoris with precise pleasure. Wear it at the base of the shaft of the penis and enjoy prolonged love-making, delayed ejaculation and a...
                                            Bunny Cock Ring - MalesationBunny Cock Ring - Malesation 2
                                              Sex Toys

                                              Bunny Cock Ring - Malesation

                                              BO DP 4041937315719
                                              This versatile penis ring by Malesation is a double banded ring featuring a 'rabbit ear' head that promises dual satisfaction for both partners. With it's super-stretchy, body-safe silicone design, this cock ring is a soft, odourless, non-porous ring that is both easy to clean and fully waterproof. Designed to provide longer-lasting pleasure for him as...
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