Sex Toys for those with disabilities

Sexual health and wellness should not be limited to any specific group of individuals.

For many, physical disability often impairs a person’s ability to engage in a regular sex life. It also brings feelings of anxiety, lack of confidence, and concern with regards to sexual performance and the ability to communicate your wants and needs effectively. It is important to recognise that these feelings are all completely normal.

Being born with or acquiring a disability, requires a lot of adapting and re-education around activities that were once deemed easy or simple. According to the World Health Organisation, more than 56 million people experience some kind of disability, and it is here that there is a blindspot regarding sex education, sexual health, and intimacy.

For many, it has been through the introduction of sex toys into their self care or relationships, that intimacy and sexual exploration has been made possible.

Sex toys, with the help of brands like Hot Octopuss, have evolved considerably over time in recognising the need for sexual aids and sex toys. Specifically designed for people with physical disabilities or serious health conditions, sex and disability are no longer a myth or an attempt at the near impossible.

Desir has carefully curated a category of products that allow persons with disabilities to opt for a selection of sex toys that promise sexual exploration and the option of a fulfillling sex life. Physical impairment or physical disabilities should not restrict your ability to be mentally and physically stimulated.

Whilst penetrative sex is not always possible, Desir’s products for people with disabilities include male masturbators, hands free strap on harnesses, penis rings to assist with erectile dysfunction, and ergonomically designed rabbit vibrators and bullet vibrators.

Bullet vibrators are ideal for precise clitoral or g-spot massage, and even for nipple and penis play and are a great start for beginners looking to add adult toys into their sex life. For products that assist with sex positions, look for adaptive equipment like sex swings or even harnesses that offer added support and comfort to the hips and back.

For those that are not quite ready to introduce a sex toy to the bedroom, start by exploring with a good water-based or silicone-based lubricant that could assist with masturbation or even oral sex. Massage candles or massage glides are also the perfect way to offer your partner intimate sensory play.

Bearing an intellectual or physical disability does not mean the end to a fulfilling sex life and with so many ways in which to continue enjoying sex, you are now able to incorporate your imagination, sex toys, bondage, and restraints into your sex life and health care.

You may have to approach sexual activity differently, but with Desir’s access to carefully curated products and a panel of medical experts to assist, you have the ability to make your own informed choices regarding your physical and emotional health.

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BulletPoint PowerBullet... BulletPoint PowerBullet... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

BulletPoint PowerBullet Vibrator - Swan

Rocks off
BO DP677613565150
The PowerBullet by Swan is a discreet and powerful bullet vibrator designed to offer pinpoint precision and accuracy. With 10 powerful settings, PowerBullet is known for its highly advanced motor and deep and rumbly vibrations. With a simply press of a button, you are able to navigate through 10 settings that vary from gentle and mild to incredibly...
F1S V2 Male Masturbator - LELO F1S V2 Male Masturbator - LELO 2
  • New
Sex Toys

F1S V2 Male Masturbator - LELO

BO DP 7350075028366
The F1S Version 2 is the next generation of male masturbators for leading international sex toy brand LELO. A penis sleeve designed for thrill seekers who want to explore the most intense and optimal satisfaction, V2 promises double the strength, four programs and a softer, more flexible sleeve to accommodate a wider range of sizes, shapes, and girths....
Flicking Tongue Robotic... Flicking Tongue Robotic... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Flicking Tongue Robotic Masturbator - LoveBotz

The Flicking Tongue masturbator by LoveBots is an automatic vibrator for him that mimics blowjob stimulation as well as vaginal penetration. By applying a small amount of lubricant, you are able to insert your penis into the 'almost-real-feel' vaginal opening that squeezes and hugs your shaft on each and every thrust. At the base of the cylinder, a soft...
Finger Vibrator - Easy Toys Finger Vibrator - Easy Toys 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Finger Vibrator - Easy Toys

The finger vibrator by Easy Toys is an ergonomically designed bullet vibrator that promises both G-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time. With a soft, seamless silicone type sleeve that fits snugly around your (or your partner's) finger, you have the option of caressing your clitoris with the soft bunny type ears on the end of the bullet whilst...
Vibrating BlowJob... Vibrating BlowJob... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Vibrating BlowJob Stimulator - Boners

The BlowJob stimulator by Boners promises an 'almost-real-deal' experience for him and mimics the sensation and pleasure created by the act of receiving oral sex. Stylishly designed in a grey masculine casing, this masturbator features a powerful motor that offers 10 varied settings and is discreet enough to place on your nightstand. Easy to operate...
Passage 7X Ergonomic... Passage 7X Ergonomic... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Passage 7X Ergonomic Prostate Massager - Prostatic Play

Prostatic Play
The Passage 7X Ergo Prostate Stimulator is the ideal stimulator if you are looking for a precision built, ergonomically designed and powerful prostate massager. With 7 functions, including 3 powerful vibrating intensities and 4 pulsation modes, the Passage 7X is controlled via an easy to use button on the base of the product and allows for hands-free...
Mini Wand Massager - Easy Toys Mini Wand Massager - Easy Toys 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Mini Wand Massager - Easy Toys

The Mini Wand Massager by Easy Toys is a compact vibrator designed to be both discreet and effective. With it's swivel, rounded head and an ergonomically designed handle, this mini wand is ideal for all over muscle release or for intimate area massage. Perfectly controlled via one hand, the wand features 7 variable settings (easily controlled via the...
Manta Vibrating Stroker -... Manta Vibrating Stroker -... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Manta Vibrating Stroker - Fun Factory

Fun factory
BO DP 4032498806501/18
The Manta by Fun Factory is an award winning male stroker made versatile enough to use for either solo or couples play. Designed with a looped handle on one end and a wing like design on the other, Manta works by fitting snugly on either side of your shaft allowing you to control the movement and deliver expert pleasure thanks to the intense vibrations...
Sundaze Pulsing & Thrusting... Sundaze Pulsing & Thrusting... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Sundaze Pulsing & Thrusting Vibrator - Fun Factory

Fun factory
BO DP 4032498807089
The Sundaze vibrator by Fun Factory is an all-in-one thrusting, pulsating, rumbling vibrator that promises hands-free pleasure wherever you need it. Sundaze delivers a completely new kind of stimulation. Unlike conventional vibrators, Sundaze features a unique pattern that allows a slow, gentle tapping motion that gradually moves faster and faster...
Empower Couples Penis Ring... Empower Couples Penis Ring... 2
  • New
Sex Toys

Empower Couples Penis Ring - Rocks Off

BO DP 811041014389/72
The Empower Couples ring by Rocks Off is a penis ring designed to prolong ejaculation, provide a firmer erection, and offer clitoral stimulation all at the same time. Designed using stretchy body safe silicone, this ring fits comfortably at the base of his penis. The tapered head of the ring features a powerful motor that delivers intense vibrations that...
PalmPower Extreme Massage... PalmPower Extreme Massage... 2
Sex Toys

PalmPower Extreme Massage Wand Vibrator - Swan

BO DP 677613309112/280
The PalmPower Extreme body wand is a powerful and versatile massage wand designed for all-over body and intimate massage. Rechargeable and water-resistant, this wand features an elongated arm and flexible swivel neck allowing you to position the broad based silicone head on either your body's muscular pressure points or to deliver powerful vibrations to...
Iris Clitoral & G Spot... Iris Clitoral & G Spot... 2
Sex Toys

Iris Clitoral & G Spot Vibrator - Svakom

The Iris clitoral and g-spot vibrator by Svakom is an ergonomically designed vibrator that features the perfect angle in order to reach the g-spot seamlessly. Made from ultra-soft seamless silicone, the Iris features a slim design with a curved arm. With a soft spoon shaped head, insertion is both easy and comfortable and once inserted finding your...
Emma Neo Rabbit Wand... Emma Neo Rabbit Wand... 2
Sex Toys

Emma Neo Rabbit Wand Interactive Warming Vibrator - Svakom

The Emma Neo warming wand vibrator by Svakom is part of the new Intelligent App Control series, now allowing you to be more connected than ever before. Featuring new technology, Emma is a powerful, interactive, warming wand vibrator featuring detachable rabbit ears. With it's versatility you are able to use your wand, with it's swivel head, for powerful...
Set of 3 Crystal Yoni Eggs... Set of 3 Crystal Yoni Eggs... 2
Sex Toys

Set of 3 Crystal Yoni Eggs - Yoni Eggs

Yoni Eggs
Yoni Eggs, or more commonly known Jade Eggs, have been used for thousands of years as part of traditional medicine. Today the practice of inserting a Jade or Yoni Egg into the vagina, offers a myriad of benefits that not only incorporate medical advantages but also healing properties on an energetic level. By using a Yoni egg daily, blood and lymph flow...
Wand-er Woman All Over Body... Wand-er Woman All Over Body... 2
Sex Toys

Wand-er Woman All Over Body Wand Vibrator - Satisfyer

This impressively sized wand by Satisfyer promises targeted stimulation and pressure designed for soothing tension and providing intense pleasure. Measuring in at an impressing 34 cms, the Wand-er Woman Wand features a streamlined shape coupled with 50 vibrational intensities made up of 10 rhythms and 5 varied intensities. With its waterproof seamless...
Alex Neo Interactive... Alex Neo Interactive... 2
Sex Toys

Alex Neo Interactive Thrusting Masturbator - Svakom

The Alex Neo masturbator by Svakom is part of the new Intelligent App Control series, now allowing you to be more connected than ever before. Featuring new technology, Alex is a cutting-edge tech filled male masturbator featuring app functions and long distance functionality. Ergonomically designed, Alex is flexible enough to fit any length of the male...
Womanizer Silver Delights... Womanizer Silver Delights... 2
Sex Toys

Womanizer Silver Delights Collection - Womanizer

BO DP4251460605816
The Silver Delights Collection by Womanizer is a limited edition collection featuring two of your favourite products in one gorgeous gift pack. Featuring the Womanizer Premium clitoral suction vibrator and the We-Vibe Tango bullet vibrator, this set is perfect for women looking for intense clitoral stimulation whether it be for solo or couples play and...
Ella Neo Interactive App... Ella Neo Interactive App... 2
Sex Toys

Ella Neo Interactive App Controlled Egg Vibrator - Svakom

The Ella Neo Egg Vibrator by Svakom is part of the new Intelligent App Control series, now allowing you to be more connected than ever before. Offering long distance control, local control and even web interactive, the Phoenix allows you to enjoy your pleasure with whoever you want, wherever you are or even for solo pleasure. Controlled remotely via an...
Aida Mini Wand Massager -... Aida Mini Wand Massager -... 2
Sex Toys

Aida Mini Wand Massager - Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only
The Aida wand massager by Good Vibes Only is a travel friend mini wand massager designed to stimulate your intimate areas or release muscular tension. With it's swivel head design, Aida features 10 vibrational speeds that range from slow and deliberate to deep and intense. It's super soft silicone design allows you to slide the head over your intimate or...
Lici G-Spot Vibrator - Good... Lici G-Spot Vibrator - Good... 2
Sex Toys

Lici G-Spot Vibrator - Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only
The Lici G-Spot vibrator is a slim-lined vibrator designed to stimulate and pleasure your g-spot. With 10 speeds and an easy to use control panel on the shaft of the vibrator, Lici features vibrations that range from slow and steady to strong and intense. The tapered tip makes Lici perfect for direct G-spot stimulation but also allows you the versatility...
Base Wand Vibrator - Post... Base Wand Vibrator - Post... 2
Sex Toys

Base Wand Vibrator - Post Modern Vibes

The Base wand vibrator by PMV-20 is a cordless and super-flexible slim wand vibrator that is both versatile and easy to use. With a flexible head that swivels and flexes according to your pressure, Base is perfect for both all-over body tension release as well as intimate massage. The super soft silicone texture allows it to slide and glide, making it...
Liberty by Lily Allen... Liberty by Lily Allen... 2
Sex Toys

Liberty by Lily Allen Clitoral Stimulator - Womanizer

BO DP 4251460606479
The Liberty - the latest release by Womanizer -  is a small, lightweight clitoral stimulator that now offers a super silent motor, and a uniquely designed cover, making it the perfect companion no matter where you are.With the incredible and award winning Air Pleasure technology, the Womanizer is designed to stimulate your clitoris by barely touching it...
Tulip Clitoral Vibrator -... Tulip Clitoral Vibrator -... 2
  • Sale
  • -R500 / -R500
Sex Toys

Tulip Clitoral Vibrator - Bloom

R999 R1,499
The Tulip clitoris vibrator is an elegant vibrator from the Bloom collection. Designed to stimulate the entire clitoral area, this Tulip is made from super-soft body safe silicone that is soft to the touch. With it's ergonomic design, the Tulip fits perfectly into the palm of your hand allowing you to easily control the positioning and stimulation of the...
Ion Male Pleasure Air... Ion Male Pleasure Air... 2
Sex Toys

Ion Male Pleasure Air Stroker - ArcWave

BO DP 4251460603621
Meet the world's first pleasure air stroker for men. The Ion by ArcWave is quoted as being the first male masturbator for men that allows you to experience the closest thing to a female orgasm. Designed to provide a powerful new type of stimulation to your shaft based purely on pulsating airwaves, the Ion targets the Pacinian pleasure points in the...
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