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Remote Control Vibrators

Wireless Fun for Expansive Solo or Couples Play
A remote control vibrator is the next logical step in vibrating sex toy technology. With hands-free control, this type of vibrator can be manipulated remotely for additional sensual fun and games.

Play with distance, speeds, and different vibration settings!

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As an essential addition to your sex toy collection, a remote vibrator opens up a host of exciting possibilities in the bedroom using the latest in mobile, remote technology. The handheld or egg vibrator couples with a physical remote - or a mobile app - for total control of the unit’s settings.

What’s So Great about a Remote Control Vibrator?

Each of our luxury remote control vibrators are made from body-safe materials that are soft and comfortable for sensual play. Plus they can be used during sex for mind-blowing all-over orgasms!

Many come with a range of settings for exceptional foreplay, even if your partner isn’t physically present. A lot of constant travellers use these sex toys to enhance sexting from afar. One partner accesses the vibrator controls from their phone, and the other enjoys the real-time sensations!

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Who is a Remote Vibrator For?

There’s a vibrator waiting for you to find it – and change your sex life forever! These toys are known to supplement and enhance foreplay and sex for men and women on their own, or for couples. It’s a much-loved travelling companion that has a wide variety of uses for the adventurous at heart.

- Use it for solo play: Men and women will love using remote toys for nuanced solo play, or as a way to involve a lover who is in another location altogether. These toys are especially useful if you’re into power play, or BDSM - as one partner holds all the control.
- Use it for couples play: A lot of women need intense clitoral stimulation to orgasm, which is where this remote toy comes in handy. Simply insert the vibrator and go about sex as usual, while controlling external pulses from your app or remote control.

Spend some time exploring our exclusive collection and find a remote control vibrator that ticks all of your boxes. From popular classics to totally silent vibrations – you’ll find what you need below.
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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items

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