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Penis Enlargement

The Sex Toy That Enhances Size, Girth and Sexual Experience

Penis pumps are becoming more popular, as men discover the extraordinary experience of using an enhancer for health purposes. These toys are packed with medical uses and are backed by science!

Naturally increase the size of your penis using pressure pumps!

Whether your reasons are sexual, medical or purely for aesthetic impact, there’s no doubt penis pumps are a useful bedroom tool. Our pumps are comfortably cylindrical, and use vacuum pressure to deliver blood to the penis area, which causes an immediate erection during use.

What’s So Great about Our Penis Pumps?

Our international range of penis enlargement sex toys uses pumping action to gradually improve the length and girth of your penis over time. Made from the highest quality materials, this device is 100% safe to use daily, in or out of the shower.

Body-safe / Easy to Use / Instant Results

Each of our penis pumps come from reputable companies that have invested serious time and energy into understanding how enhancement works. Better still, is that these devices have been medically proven to treat erectile dysfunction and they combat premature ejaculation.

Premium Picks:
Who are Penis Pumps For?

For men looking for visible physical or sexual enhancement, our penis pumps produce unmatched results. These units can be used in the bath or shower, and are exceptional for treating common modern problems. The bottom line is that this tool makes sex more enjoyable for both people.

  • Use it to increase size: For gradual size improvement, these enhancers can be used 2-3 times a week for noticeable results. They are popular among men who want to add size, length and girth to their bedroom experiences.
  • Use it to treat common ailments: Penis pumps are great for treating premature ejaculation and will decrease your sensitivity, allowing you to last longer in the bedroom. They’re also useful for erectile dysfunction, and can be used to create and keep harder erections.
Have a look through our premium range of penis pumps below. Make sure that you find the size pump that best matches your body, and invest in a penis enlarger you’ll love today.

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  • R3,599
    1 Review

    The Hydromax X40 is one of the bigger hydrotherapy penis pumps available in the Bathmate range. Designed for an erect penis measuring between 17cm and 22cm when erect, the X40 is the next step from the Hydromax X30 pump and is not suggested for first time users unless your penis falls within the measured range.The Hydromax penis enlargement process...

  • R4,799

    The Hydromax Xtreme X40 is Bathmate's most powerful penis pump and is designed for use when you’ve had some experience with the X30 pump, and are ready to graduate to a larger sized pump. Suited for men who measure at an erect 19 to 22cm in length, the Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme series is for the man who is serious about penis enlargement....

  • R2,399

    Using a pump to enlarge your penis has never been easier. The Bathmate X-series penis pumps use a bellows action and water to create a vacuum under pressure. This process causes micro-tears in the penile muscle. Combine pump days and rest days just as you would with regular gym to work out your penis and enhance length and girth. Penis pumps...

  • R2,799 R3,097
    Reduced price!

    You’ll see great gains with this value-added bundle, which includes the popular Bathmate Hydromax X30 Penis Pump, the Hydromax Shower Strap, and the Joy Division Vario Ring. The Hydromax X30 is the starter penis pump in the Bathmate X-Series. It gives up to 19cm of length and 6cm of girth to grow into. This genuine Bathmate is safe to use over long...

  • R4,299
    2 Reviews

    For hydropower pumping that goes beyond the average, the Bathmate Hydromax X30 Xtreme is serious about sexual health and builds on the same design as the award winning Hercules Pump.The X30 size is designed for users with an erect penis length of between 12.5 and 17.8cm. Like the rest of the revolutionary Hydromax series, these pumps use the...

  • R1,799
    2 Reviews

    Bathmate deservedly have a reputation as the world’s top range of penis pumps with the patented hydropump system. The Bathmate Hercules is where it all started: the original Hydropump. Designed to be used in the bath or shower, the Hercules penis pump uses the power of a vacuum to exercise your penis. Using the pump expands the three chambers...

  • R629

    Penis pumps are widely known to increase the length and girth of your penis. The Malesation Penis Pump Enlarger is no different! The pump-action enlarger will not only increase the size of your penis, it will also assist with the treatment of Peyronie's disease, improves ejaculation control & prolongs the time of sexual intercourse. This product is not...

  • R999

    The Lust Pumper Vacuum Penis enlarger is an upgrade to the regular Lust Pumper Penis Enlarger.  Allowing you to reach your full potential, the Lust Pumper enlarger provides you with two kinds of results - immediate and permanent. Working on a vacuum system, whereby blood is drawn into the penis, you experience a longer and harder erection...

  • R999
    1 Review

    The Special Penis Pump by Malesation is a new and improved version of the Malesation Penis Pump Enlarger. This pump has a PSI Reader to help you gauge the amount of pressure you feel most comfortable with, as well as a newly designed pump-action handle to assist in increasing the size and girth of your penis. Use this along with one of our cock rings to...

  • R3,299

    The MaleEdge penis enlarger is a penis traction device that provides an all natural penis enlargement by means of cell division. This means you will keep the extra inches forever. It's been proven to grow your penis' length and girth without surgery & has been proven to correct Peyronie's disease. *This product has been medically endorsed by Desir's...

  • R1,199
    2 Reviews

    The Homeboy is a rigid, ribbed prosthetic penis cover that adds plenty to your length and girth for a more filling sensation for your partner. This vibrating strap-on is ideal for men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It’s hollow inside, so the penis rests comfortably within the strap-on, held in place by the adjustable straps. Simply slip...

  • R229
    3 Reviews

    This flexible penis sleeve slips comfortably over your erection or vibrator and with its raised beads, will increase your sexual experience and provide heightened satisfaction. With it's snug fit, this sleeve mimics a penis ring and assists in extending foreplay, maintaining a stronger erection, and delays ejaculation. Thanks to the raised beads, you...

  • R229

    The Extasyring by Joy Division is actually a sheath that adds a whole new dimension to sex. With soft nubs around the sheath, the Extasyring stimulates your partner as you thrust. with it's snug fit, the ExtasyRing acts like a cock ring, constricting blood flow in the penis to keep your erection firm and long-lasting. With a harder erection added to...

  • R299

    The Nubby Sleeve by Malesation will not only provide length and girth to your penis, but will stimulate your partner with its added bumps and clitoral stimulating protrusions. This sleeve is ultra-soft, odorless and non-porous. It is made from elastic, phthalate-free TPR and will stretch to fit most men.

  • R329
    2 Reviews

    The Lidl Extra Penis Extension sleeve is perfect for those who want to delay ejaculation and provide extra stimulation for their partner. Adding on an an extra 7.6cm's this penis sleeve also add's on extra length to your penis, whilst providing her with additional stimulation at the same time. Covered in textured pleasure beads, this sleeve is perfect for...

  • R399
    1 Review

    This extra thick, stretchy soft silicone penis sleeve not only adds an inch of thickness to your entire penis, but also features a removable multi speed dial vibrator, which sits on the inside of the sleeve's tip. This combined with the small nodules on the outside of the sleeve provides amazing sensations for both him and her. Use it to stimulate her...

  • R499

    The Bathmate Shower Strap is the perfect accessory for hands-free penis pumping for enhanced girth. Use this strap in the bath or shower to hold your Bathmate penis pump firmly in position while you wash your hair, sing a shower song or just relax and let the pump do its job. The fully adjustable strap sits comfortably around your neck. The strap...

  • R249

    As with any moving parts, long-term use can cause wear and tear on the valves of your Bathmate Hydromax X-Series penis pump. Keep a set of valves spare for quick replacement when needed.

  • R249

    Your Bathmate Hercules penis pump is designed to take a lot of use, but as with any other moving parts, some bits of it will take some wear and tear. Stock up on spare valves to avoid a panic if yours wear out.

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