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    The Hydromax X30 is a popular pump used for both penis enlargment and assisting those with erectile dysfunction. Due to this pump using water to assist with the enlargment / erections, the pump itself can become quite heavy when in use. In this instance, BathMate has designed the Shower Strap, allowing you to use your pump, hands-free. Get both of these...

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    The Special Penis Pump by Malesation is a new and improved version of the Malesation Penis Pump Enlarger. This pump has a PSI Reader to help you gauge the amount of pressure you feel most comfortable with, as well as a newly designed pump-action handle to assist in increasing the size and girth of your penis. Use this along with one of our cock rings to...

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    This flexible penis sleeve slips comfortable over your erection or vibrator and with its raised beads, will increase your sexual experience and provide heightened satisfaction. Its silicone material is incredibly stretchy, allowing it to expand and fit any size, yet always retaining its original shape!

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    Penis pumps are widely known to increase the length and girth of your penis. The Malesation Penis Pump Enlarger is no different! The pump-action enlarger will not only increase the size of your penis, it will also assist with the treatment of Peyronie's disease, improves ejaculation control & prolongs the time of sexual intercourse. This product is not...

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    Malesation's Homeboy is a vibrating strap-on prosthesis that has 7 levels of vibration, all managed by an easily accessible remote control. Though it has a soft-to-the-touch silicone coating, the prosthesis itself is sturdy and rigid. These strap on prostheses assist men that suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Added girth & realistic veins add...

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    This Penis Extender Set by Malesation is gives you the option to extend your penis size by 5cm or 10cm. Made from Phthalate-free TPE, the penis extenders provide a pleasureable, realist sensation. The sleeve can be cut off to achieve the desired length, for a perfect fit. Apply just enough lubricant to slide it on, but not too much that it slides off you....

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    The Bathmate Shower Strap is the perfect accessory to assist you in your journey to penis enlargement. This strap easily clips on to the tip of your Bathmate Pump & the fully-adjustable strap fits comfortably around your neck. The purpose of this strap is for your comfort as the pump can get quite heavy when filled with water and makes your...

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    The Bathmate Hercules Enhancer is designed to increase the size of a man's penis. Used in the bath or shower using the suction of water, this product not only increases the size of the penis, but also assists in promoting longer lasting erection and increased sexual satisfaction. As the original and longest selling hydropump to help men get bigger,...

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    The Bathmate Hydromax X30 is designed to increase both the girth and length of the penis. Used in the bath or shower by using the suction of water, this product not only increases the size in both length and girth of the penis, but also assists in promoting longer lasting erections and increased sexual satisfaction. The HydroMax X30 is...

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    Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme (X30) Enhancer is the same as the HydroMax X30 Penis Enhancer, but comes with much, much more! See below for what this incredible investment package includes! Designed to increase the size of a man's penis, and building on the same design as the Hercules, it includes a detachable handball pump that attaches directly to the pump...

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    In your journey to penis enlargement, you would have already started out with either the Bathmate Hercules or the HydroMax X30. And now that you have outgrown those (literally), it is time to move on to the HydroMax X40 to continue growing to your preferred size. It is not suggested to advance directly to the X40, as the results are not...

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    The MaleEdge penis enlarger is a penis traction device that provides an all natural penis enlargement by means of cell division. This means you will keep the extra inches forever. It's been proven to grow your penis' length and girth without surgery & has been proven to correct Peyronie's disease. *This product has been medically endorsed by Desir's...

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    The Nubby Sleeve by Malesation will not only provide length and girth to your penis, but will stimulate your partner with its added bumps and clitoral stimulating protrusions. This sleeve is ultra-soft, odorless and non-porous. It is made from elastic, phthalate-free TPR and will stretch to fit most men.

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    This extra thick, stretchy soft silicone penis sleeve not only adds an inch of thickness to your entire penis, but also features a removable multi speed dial vibrator, which sits on the inside of the sleeve's tip. This provides amazing sensations for him and allows vibrating sensations for her, either directly on her clitoris or internally. Perfect for...

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