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Désir's massage candles provide the ultimate sensual massage with their soothing and aphrodisiac effects. Our massage candles are body-safe, melting at low temperatures to create a warm massage oil. Pour this luxurious oil on your partner, and allow for the ultimate erotic couple play.

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    The mini massage candles by Picobong are sensual, scented candles that melt into the most luxurious massage oil. Consisting of shea butter and apricot oil, these massage candles are easily absorbed into the skin, leaving you feeling nourished, moisturised, and silky soft. Light it up, let it melt and when you are ready, blow out the candle and pour the...

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    Experience the ultimate erotic massage with Shunga's massage candles, a soy based candle that can be used as both an ambiance candle or an intimate massage oil. It is made from 100% natural oils and is designed to burn at a lower temperature in order to create a lukewarm oil that will leave the skin feeling soft and silky. 170ml

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    Shunga's Caress by Candlelight Massage Candle, allows you to ignite your senses with it's aphrodisiac aromas. Use it as a candle for added ambiance, or for the ultimate use, burn this 100% natural soy candle until a little pool of wax forms. Using the included spoon, pour the warm wax onto either your or your partner's body. Gently massage the now massage...

  • R299

    Senze’s erotic massage candle is perfect for gentle foreplay. The candle burns at a low heat, creating a warm, buttery, scented oil that moisturizes the skin as you massage. Just a few minutes of burning will create enough oil for a basic massage. Give it a little longer to have enough oil for a full-body sensual massage that your partner will love....

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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