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Désir's massage candles provide the ultimate sensual massage with their soothing and aphrodisiac effects. Our massage candles are body-safe, melting at low temperatures to create a warm massage oil. Pour this luxurious oil on your partner, and allow for the ultimate erotic couple play.

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    Experience the ultimate erotic massage with Shunga's massage candles, a soy based candle that can be used as both an ambiance candle or an intimate massage oil. It is made from 100% natural oils and is designed to burn at a lower temperature in order to create a lukewarm oil that will leave the skin feeling soft and silky. 170ml

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    Senze’s erotic massage candle is perfect for gentle foreplay. The candle burns at a low heat, creating a warm, buttery, scented oil that moisturizes the skin as you massage. Just a few minutes of burning will create enough oil for a basic massage. Give it a little longer to have enough oil for a full-body sensual massage that your partner will love....

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