Wicked Water Based "Pomegranate Parfait" Flavoured Lubricant

As one of SA's leading brands in lubricants, Wicked has introduced a flavoured lubricant that offer incredible flavours that are so delicious and refreshing, with vibrant individual tastes. Here, we are offering you the opportunity to mix and match these two amazing flavours at a discounted price!

What makes this brand of lubricant so different from the rest is the possibility of mixing and matching these to create new flavours. Mixing the Pomegranate with the delectable Vanilla Bean flavour provides you with a delicious Pomegranate Parfait dessert taste. Whether you use them on their own to enjoy their unique tastes, or mix them together, you won't be sorry you added this to your pleasure trove.

Each flavour is available in 120ml, are long-lasting, non-sticky, paraben-free, and latex friendly so can be enjoyed safely, also making this ideal with vegans.


You Save -R79


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