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Ranging from water to silicone base, and anal to sensitive, these products are aimed at keeping you and your toys in the perfect condition

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  • R329

    Intimate Organics HYDRA is a glycerin-free lubricant, formulated from natural plant cellulose. It is a water-based, organic blend that provides you with a silky smooth texture which is long-lasting, nourishing your skin. 120ml

  • R359

    Intimate Organics MELT is a warming lubricant that contains cinnamomum zeylancium bark. It is a premium, paraben-free lubricant that creates a warming sensation on contact & blends with a woman's own fluids. MELT is all naturally derived and is pure vegan, perfect for those looking for an all-natural lubricant. 120ml

  • R399

    The Bijoux Bliss Bliss Silicone Massage gel is a silicone gel which glides onto the skin, leaving you feeling satin smooth and luxuriously soft. Perfect for intimate areas or erotic massage, this gel in a gorgeous air-pump bottle lasts so much longer as you only need to apply a tiny amount to discover the thrill of satin on skin. Glides on smoothly and...

  • R659

    The Bijoux Crazy Cold Intimate gel is perfect to be used as a lubricant or massage gel, creating the most amazing cool tingle on all your intimate areas. Heightening all your sensations, this gel is non sticky, easy to clean, and only requires a small application for maximum results. Beautifully packaged, this gel has no boundaries.

  • R2,499

    The LELO Confession gift set is perfect for couples looking to indulge their deepest fantasies. With a pair of luxurious silk chainlink cuffs (perfect for either wrist or ankle restraint), the world famous Tiani 3 remote controlled couples vibrator, and a 75ml personal moisturizer, this adventurous gift set is perfect for enhancing couple play,...

  • R2,199

    The Lelo Accomplice Gift Set is the perfect indulgence for those looking for a couple's experience. With the luxury  TOR 2 vibrating couples cock ring, a box of 12 Lelo HEX condoms, and a 150ml quality water-based personal moisturizer, you have all you need to ensure a night of uninterupted pleasure. Use the vibrating ring to enhance and prolong...

  • R1,599

    This Lelo Alibi Gift Set is a set specifically put together for women who require discretion, seduction, and mystery. It includes the Lelo Mia 2, which is a USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof lipstick-shaped vibrator, as well as a set of Lelo's famous Luna Bead ben wa balls. Included in this exceptional gift set is a 75ml Lelo personal moisturizer....

  • R785

    The Aphrodisia is a 2 in 1 scented, silicone-based massage and intimate gel that is the ideal addition to your boudoir. Great for massages and perfect for pleasure. It has a fragrance that was inspired by the Kama Sutra that combines ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose & oriental spices - the exclusive essence of Bijoux Indiscrets. It has been created to heighten...

  • R3,670 R4,037
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    We Vibe has become an incredibly popular brand, creating toys that are not only luxurious, but technologically advanced. They have collaborated with Pjur to create their own brand of lubricant and toy cleaner, specially designed to take care of your We Vibe toys. This package deal provides you the opportunity to get a We Vibe 4 Couples Vibrator, the We...

  • R739

    The Pjur Set for him and her contains a pair of the best lubricants from Pjur - one energising lubricant for him and one stimulating and warming lubricant for her. The energizer for him is an ecologically formulate water based lubricant consisting of ginkgo, allowing more power, expansion, and energy whilst the stimulating and warming lubricant for her is...

  • R699

    The Pjur Anal Comfort serum is specifically designed to allow for comfortable anal intercourse and play. With no lidocaine or benzocaine, this special serum forms an invisible protective film on the skin thereby reducing sensitivity without a total numbing effect. Safe with condoms and suitable for daily application, this concentrated gel is the perfect...

  • R335

    Wicked's Hybrid combination lubricants are crafted with the intention of enhancing the sensual experience and giving maximum pleasure. Made with Seaweed extract and Olive Leaf extract which acts as an anti-oxidant, this lube helps to moisturize the skin and eliminates germs and bacteria. With it's silky silicone texture, you will gain the extra glide and...

  • R379

    Wicked's Ultra Heat silicone based sensation lubricant is a must have if you enjoy spicing things up in the bedroom. Made with hints of cinnamon, clove, lemon, vanilla, and citrus, it is perfectly moulded to heat things up in just the right way. Ultra Heat is available in 120ml and is an absolute pleasure to have around on those cold...

  • R379

    Wicked's Ultra Chill silicone based cooling sensation lubricant, provides you with a tingling and heightened sensual experience specifically created to assist in full sensitivity. Designed to activate and enhance your pleasure points, this silicone based cooling lubricant guarantees a feeling of overwhelming tingling sensations that will provide the...

  • R275

    In this Pleasers Assortment Lubricant Packette you will find a variety of different lubricants that will suit all your needs, with the perfect introduction to the Wicked range. Designed to cater for everyone’s needs, this pack contains an assortment of waterbased, silicone and coconut oil based products all in one convenient box.  In each...

  • R275

    Wicked's Teaser pack is the perfect introduction to the Wicked Aqua edible range of lubricants. Consisting of 3 x Candy Apple, 3 x Mocha Java, 3 x Salted Caramel and 1 x Toy Love Gel lubricant - this is the ultimate pack to get you started with it's travel size pack. With each Wicked lubricant containing the amazing Olive Leaf extract, these lubes...

  • R295

    As one of SA's leading brands in lubricants, Wicked has introduced a product that will allow your sexual adventures to involve all of the five senses, allowing you to reach your most intimate desires. The variety of flavours in this range are so delicious and refreshing, with vibrant individual tastes - you won’t be sorry you added this to your...

  • R259

    Wicked's Jelle water-based anal gel is crafted to make sure that all your anal play needs are met. With its extra long lasting formula, this water-based gel will provide maximum cushion and glide. Enhanced with Aloe and Olive leaf, a powerful anti-oxidant, great moisturizer and strong anti-bacterial, this anal lube is long lasting, easy to clean, and...

  • R359

    Jo's H2O Anal Warming Lubricant is the only water based lubricant that feels like silicone, warm to the touch, and contains no harmful numbing agents or desensitizers. Latex safe and compatible with all sex toys, it is fragrance free and never sticky. Non toxic, non allergenic, containing no animal based glycerine or animal by-products. 120ml

  • R329
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    This premium silicone-based lubricant by Astroglide is not only waterproof but extremely long-lasting! From the bedroom to the shower or bathtub, its unique formula will keep the pleasure going!

  • R329

    Astroglide's Natural Liquid lubricant is perfect for those that prefer to go au-natural and works incredibly well for those with vaginal dryness. With botanical ingredients like chamomile & aloe vera, its original formula helps to soothe and hydrate. It is not made with glycerin, parabens, fragrances, flavours or hormones so is a great choice in lubricant!

  • R249
    1 Review

    Ntimate Rejuvinate serum is specifically formulated for women and endorsed by the well known Sexologist & Author, Timothy Kieswetter. With it's unique homeopathic ingredients, this serum tightens, tones, and restores a women's vagina, without the pain and hassle of lazer surgery, in less than 60 seconds. Follow the application method precisely, and...

  • R239

    Malesation's Hybrid Anal lubricant has a 2 in 1 water-based composition that allows this product to feel like a silky textured silicone lubricant. It supports the body's natural moisture balance, providing the utmost comfort during sexual activities without hindering the stimulation experienced. Being water-based, it is safe to use with toys that are made...

  • R239

    Malesation Anal Relax is a water-based lubricant designed to provide ultimate relaxation for anal penetration. It supports the natural moisture balance of your skin and therefore provides comfort during sexual activites without comprimising or hindering the stimulation experienced. Due to it being water-based, it is safe to use with any toy that is made...

  • R399

    Pjur and We Vibe have come together to create a quality, water based lubricant to accompany all your We Vibe toys! This lube is specially-formulated to enhance sensitivity and provide you with a long-lasting, hydrating glide. It is dermalogically tested and made from the highest quality ingredients. It's simple pump bottle design allows for...

  • R429

    JoyDivision's Easy Anal lubricant is one of the best anal lubricants and is recommended specifically for first times. Condom friendly and designed for anal intercourse, a few drops of Easy Anal ensure the anus is perfectly lubricated and assists in avoiding any discomfort. A water based lubricant, Easy Anal is smooth and non-oily, whilst being...

  • R399

    All in One Jo Massage Glide's unique formula provides a silky smooth feel that lasts longer than any other massage oil. Just 1 drop of Jo equals 10 - 15 drops of other massage oil, it is also a long lasting latex safe personal lubricant and a terrific personal skin/tattoo conditioner.  120ml.

  • R359

    JO H20 Flavoured Lubricant, the only water based lubricant that feels like silicone, delivers a deliciously smooth pleasant tasting long lasting glide, containing no artificial sweeteners or after taste.  Latex safe and compatible with all sex toys, fragrance free and never sticky. Non toxic, non allergenic and gluten free.  150ml.

  • R299

    JO H2O Cooling Lubricant, the only water based lubricant that feels like silicone, provides a cooling tingling sensation, delivering a silky smooth long lasting pure glide. Latex safe and compatible with all sex toys, fragrance free and never sticky. Non toxic, non allergenic, containing no animal based glycerine or animal by-products.  135ml. 

  • R325

    JO H2O Cooling Lubricant, the only water based lubricant that feels like silicone, provides a warm sensation,  delivering a silky smooth long lasting pure glide. Latex safe and compatible with all sex toys, fragrance free and never sticky. Non toxic, non allergenic, containing no animal based glycerin or animal by-products.  135ml.

  • R499

    JO's Premium Anal Cooling Lubricant provides a cooling tingling sensation, whilst delivering a silky smooth, thick, long lasting and sensual glide. Waterproof and containing no harmful numbing agents or desensitizes, it is latex safe and can be used with non silicone sex toys. It is fragrance free and never sticky. Non toxic, non allergenic and perfect...

  • R469

    Pjur's Analyse Me Relaxing Anal Glide's contains natural Jojoba extract which softens and moisturizes the skin, thereby relaxing the sphincter and allowing for a soft and smooth experience. Contains no desensitizing effects and is perfect for both women and men. 100ml.

  • R329

    Fun Factory's Toy Fluid comes in a sexy aluminium bottle, is a perfect smooth waterbased toy fluid lubricant, condom safe, and leaves no residue. Ideal with all silicone sex toys and reduces unwanted friction, with pump action dispenser. 100ml. 

  • R625

    JO Anal Warming Lubricant has the highest viscosity of all silicone lubricant ranges and is specifically for anal use. With it's unique ingredients it gently numbs and desensitizes the anal area in preparation of anal play, whilst providing a warming sensation shortly after application. It is warm to the touch & delivers a silky smooth, long lasting...

  • R649

    JO's Premium Silicone Lubricant has specifically been formulated by a group of gynecologists and delivers a silky smooth long lasting sensual sensation, mirroring the natural lubrication of a woman. This lube not only provides a thin, slick barrier to help reduce friction during lovemaking, but is long lasting for enhanced pleasure. Latex safe, this lube...

  • R279

    Aquaglide Banana-flavoured lubricant is water based, which provides the vagina with natural moisture, whilst intensifying sensitivity. Designed to specifically spice up your oral and sex toy play, this lube has PH optimiser properties and fat free components and is perfect for all skin types. The soft silky textures also makes this lubricant perfect when...

  • R429

    Pjur's Cool Waterbased lubricant contains the unique Pjur menthol which provides a pleasant cooling and tingling sensation shortly after it is applied. Whilst not too cold, this lubricant leaves you feeling fresh and provides heightened stimulation and sensation to your intimate areas. This lube is transparent and odourless, leaving you refreshed and...

  • R335

    Pjur MyGlide is a stimulating and warming lubricant that contains ginseng to stimulate circulation whilst providing a warm tingling experience thereby enhancing sensitivity and maximising sexual experiences. Perfect for women who desire more pleasure, this water-based lubricant was specially developed to excite, arouse, and stimulate the clitoral and...

  • R190

    Pjur's Aqua water-based lubricant is made from the highest quality ingredients and absorbs perfectly into the skin leaving it feeling soft and silky. Ideally suited to add extra lubrication for both masturbation and love-making, this lube is also suitable for use with all adult toys as it's formulation does not deteriorate the materials or the finish of...

  • R315

    Pjur's aqua lubricant for women is a premium water based  formula and specifically developed for a women's softer and more sensitive skin. What's great about this lube, is that is is also a moisturizer which provides care and relief to dry and damaged skin - not only for intimate areas. Waterbased, it does not leave your skin sticky and can be used...

  • R429

    Pjur Woman super concentrated bodyglide is specifically formulated for a woman's soft and sensitive skin. Softer and 20% thinner than the original, it does not get sticky or dry out and is allergy tested. Perfect for both sensual massage and intimate area lubrication, this water, fat and oil free lube is is latex safe. What's best is that this lubricant...

  • R395

    Pjur's original bodyglide is rated as the world's most popular lubricant. Providing long lasting lubrication, it can be used for both sensual massage as well as lubricant for your intimate area. This latex safe bodyglide is of the highest quality, and is so super concentrated that you will only need a few drops, helping you make this lubricant last so...

  • R219

    Shunga's Toko Aroma Lubricant is perfect for added lubrication and can even be used during oral sex, providing providing a long lasting, non staining, and ultra silky smooth finish with a delicious taste. Waterbased, latex safe and sex toy compatible, this lubricant is non sticky and long lasting. 

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