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Explore our incomparable range of the best ben-wa balls online, assembled to extend the limits of imaginative couple’s and solo play. Used inside or out, you will come to value these luxury ben-wa balls for their playfulness, like our vibrating balls, the Fifty Shades models, mini beads and pleasure balls – for a versatile mix of teasing, pulsing and experimenting in the bedroom.

Unlock a new type of pleasure for two, with our range of ben-wa balls online.

What Is: Ben-Wa Balls

Also called orgasm or pleasure balls, the best ben-wa balls are used for two main reasons. The first is for direct g-spot stimulation, as they are placed inside her to coax a gentle teasing action from the act. The second is to strengthen her pelvic floor muscles.

What is: ben wa balls need a definition. When asked what these little balls on a string are used for the answer is simple – they are known for tightening and kegel exercising, which makes her orgasm more powerful and his pleasure more pronounced.

With luxury ben-wa balls, it is easy to begin wearing these for pelvic exercise during the day, but many vibrate and respond to kinetic movement, providing subtle or intense pleasure – depending on your chosen use or game at hand.

Now that you know what is, ben wa balls can be an exceptional addition to anyone’s cabinet of delights. The best ben-wa balls work to improve personal pleasure for two, while ensuring the wearer gradually increases the potency and length of their average orgasm.

As a trainer and a sex toy, no woman should be without the balls that can improve sexual performance across the board for a couple looking to intensify their bedroom experiences.

How To Use Ben-Wa Balls

It’s true that the best ben-wa balls are made for extended wear, a comfortable fit, and just enough movement to discreetly stimulate the all-important pelvic muscles inside her body. Many women that love to experiment eventually find that the sensations they were once able to feel have lessened with age, or with experience.

The right set of luxury ben-wa balls aims to repair any stretching or loosening that has occurred over time, returning the pelvic muscles to their former glory. This means tighter pressure on penetration, and heightened sensitivity in her erogenous areas.

Learning how to use ben wa balls is as simple as trying them out. She will insert the little string of marble sized balls into herself, and go about her day. Kinetic energy will stimulate her pelvic muscles naturally, and with each tense and release action her muscles will become more toned.

The best ben-wa balls are famous for their kegel exercise motions, but they can also be used as a sex toy. Knowing how to use ben wa balls in general play is about teasing, gentle stimulation and sensuality. This sort of toy is not meant to bring her to orgasm, but it can prepare her for the best one she has ever had!

Browse our exciting range of the best ben-wa balls available for sale online in South Africa, and honour yourself as you should this year. Caution: Things will get steamy!

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  • R2,829

    No ordinary Ben Wa Balls, the Lelo Hula is a set of two connected balls that vibrate and rotate simultaneously. Worn inside the vagina, the Hula beads are discreet and deeply pleasurable, and can be controlled by a partner using the battery-powered palm sized remote control. Use the light vibrations to tease the clitoris before inserting the Hula beads...

  • R749

    The Inner Goddess Pleasure Balls by Fifty Shades of Grey are designed bring out your inner insatiable Anastasia. At just 9.5cm in circumference, these weighted balls are for those with strong kegel muscles. The small size of the balls and 221g combined weight are a challenge for even the most advanced kegel users, but a challenge that is well rewarded in...

  • R999

    The Noir Luna beads by Lelo offer a sleek and seductive take on the world's best selling Ben Wa Balls. Perfect for a night out with your partner, the inner balls respond to movements  with subtle vibrations, whilst enhancing your feeling for pleasures to come. Strengthening your pelvic muscles, much in the same way as traditional kegel balls, the...

  • R2,199

    For your own pleasure or as the perfect gift for a naughty friend, the Dare Me Pleasure Set from Lelo is both elegant and wicked. It includes a soft suede flogger, silk cuffs and the incredible Luna Beads Mini Noir. Quoted as beads designed for pleasure and indulgence, the Luna Beads Noir when inserted vaginally, feature two internal beads which gently...

  • R2,199

    Bloom is the latest innovation from luxury brand We-Vibe™, and takes advantage of their high-end technology. The top end of the Bloom unscrews to allow you to interchange the three different weights that come with this toy. Use the Bloom to exercise your kegel muscles and strengthen your pelvic floor for longer and better orgasms. As your pelvic...

  • R2,199

    Ft calls the Gballs 2 your ‘personal sex-fitness coach’. With a cute and effective app to help you stay on target and reach your pelvic fitness goals, it certainly fits that description. Gballs 2 is a kegel exerciser that makes use of the latest technology to record your pelvic fitness and help you to improve. The Gballs themselves vibrate as...

  • R1,299
    1 Review

    With Lelo’s Luna Beads you can graduate to different sizes and weights of beads as your pelvic floor strengthens. A strong and body-safe silicon harness holds two beads securely, with a loop for easy retrieval. In your set, you’ll receive two lighter beads, and two larger beads. Each bead has an internal weight that moves with you, creating an...

  • R1,249
    2 Reviews

    The Lelo Luna Beads are an excellent kegel exercise system. This set of Luna Beads Mini has beads that are the same weight but are somewhat smaller in size than the classic Luna Beads set. This is ideal for women who find that a larger bead is uncomfortable to insert or wear. You’ll still get the advantages of the weighted balls inside the...

  • R349
    1 Review

    Strengthen your pleasure with the Bfit Classic love balls, an adaptable workout regimen designed to grow with you. The Bfit Classic includes single and dual 100% body-safe silicone harnesses, along with two interchangeable smooth and soft silicone balls. Use either a single 24g weighted silicone ball or both for a total of 48g. 100% waterproof and...

  • R749 R848
    Reduced price!

    We all wish we stayed toned and in shape, but life gets in the way and we don’t get to the gym as often as we should. Now imagine what happens to the muscles of your pelvis, which need exercise just as much as any other muscle. Most of us spend long hours sitting at desks, and we’re definitely not thinking about exercising those vaginal...

  • R5,299

    The Elvie award winning kegel trainer for your pelvic muscles is a kegel trainer that allows you to track and visualise your exercises in real time. With an APP designed for your smartphone, you simply place Elvie inside your vaginal canal, sync your smart device to your App, and monitor your workout. Each squeeze of your pelvic muscles sends a...

  • R1,599
    1 Review

    A Luxury kegel exerciser like no other! " Stimulate. Tighten. Strengthen. Recover." Welcome to your new personal trainer, the only kegel exerciser you'll ever need to help awaken those pelvic floor muscles. Unlike traditional kegel balls, this innovative design allows you to sync Candy to your Android or iPhone device via a free downloadable app, and...

  • R1,299

    The Hold Me Tight kegel toning kit will take you from beginner to toned expert, with a single starter Kegel Exercise ball and a double advanced Kegel Exercise ball. This Rocks Off Feranti set is made of soft-to-the-touch bodysafe silicone with a ridged design to give a pleasurable sensation on insertion and removal. A discreet but strong...

  • R1,199

    The Ami 3-in-1 kegel exercise set is an investment in pelvic health that will see you through from beginner kegel exercises to advanced pelvic strength. This set contains beginner, intermediate and advanced kegel training balls, along with an instruction manual, presented in a discreet and beautiful box. Start with the larger and lightweight Ami 1 if...

  • R1,499

    We love the Squeeze range by Swan! The latest technology makes these toys perfectly touch sensitive, so a light squeeze activates the vibrations, and the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibration becomes. No fiddling with buttons, no cycling through patterns: just squeeze, or release, to increase your pleasure. Internally, the Swan Squeeze toys give...

  • R2,899

    The Lelo Luna Smart Bead, is a touch-sensor kegel vibrator designed to respond to your every squeeze. With 5 vibrational levels, you simply turn on your smart bead, pop it in vaginally, and allow the vibrations to stimulate your pelvic muscles. Clenching your muscles on each vibration to the 5 minute exercise routine, the Lelo Smart Bead responds...

  • R2,299
    1 Review

    Remote-controlled love eggs are highly popular sex toys. We all love the idea of a discreet and indulgent sex toy that teases us to orgasm in the middle of a business meeting. Of course, most of us wouldn’t wear it to a business meeting, but the Jive by We-Vibe™ is that perfect quiet, discreet and wonderfully powerful egg vibrator...

  • R699

    Picobong's Honi vibrator is a mini vibe offering mega vibrations. Egg shaped, the Honi is perfect for pinpoint clitoral stimulation and allows you to stimulate yourself both externally and internally. Apply a small amount of your favourite water-based lubricant and use the ergonomically designed egg vibrator to stimulate your citoral and vulva region. Use...

  • R1,199

    Vibrating ‘love eggs’ are so much fun. They can be used externally similarly to a bullet vibrator by holding the egg against the clitoris for direct stimulation. They can also be inserted into the vagina and then worn while you go about your daily tasks, adding a wicked extra edge of pleasure to your routine. Of course, they’re also...

  • R599

    The BNaughty Classic Egg Vibrator by BSwish is the Unleashed version of the BNaughty Classic with attached remote. Featuring a completely seperate remote control, you are offered a wireless egg vibrator that delivers wonderfully powerful vibrations.  Insert the BNaughty vibrating egg into your vagina, and hand over the wireless remote control to your...

  • R2,499
    1 Review

    Take your couples play to a new level with the Lyla 2 remote-controlled vibrator. This egg-shaped vibrator can be worn discreetly inside the vagina, or slip it inside your panties, and allow your partner to control the vibes remotely for thrilling sensations. The motor is whisper-quiet yet powerful enough to truly stimulate, with six vibration modes and...

  • R1,649
    1 Review

    The Fifty Shades Freed I've Got You remote-controlled egg is the perfect love egg for both beginners and experienced toy users. Designed with an ergonomical and shapely contour, this love-egg is perfect for either anal or vaginal use. Cover it in your favourite water-based lubricant, give the remote-control to your partner and enjoy exhiliration of the 8...

  • R525
    1 Review

    Vibrating love eggs are a firm favourite for making date night something especially sexy. Try to keep your quivering legs under control as your partner, with the remote control in hand, intensifies the pleasure. Insert the ABS plastic bodysafe BNaughty Vibrating Egg into your vagina, and hand over the corded remote control to your lover. The strong...

  • R1,199

    At first glance, the Ball & Chain by Rocks Off looks a little daunting, but this remote-controlled love egg is actually finished in satin soft silicone, and even the chain links are made of flexible silicone. It’s completely bodysafe and silky to the touch. With a remote that’s cunningly disguised as a lipstick case, this erotic sex toy...

  • R1,699

    The Luxury Fifty Shades Freed Pleasure Overload Gift Set is a tantalizing gift box, perfect for introducing new ways to play together. Open a different door each day and discover either a sensual pleasure toy or a bondage accessory to introduce you to the world of sensory and light bondage play. Offering all kinds of intimate stimulation, the pleasure...

  • R2,299

    You won’t go wrong with this luxury gift set in elegant black. Inside The Alibi, you’ll find the Lelo Mia 2. This USB-rechargeable bullet vibrator is smartly shaped like a lipstick case, so it’s easy to pop in your handbag for portable pleasure. Even left casually on your dressing table, the Mia 2 won’t raise and eyebrow. Along...

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