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Effortless exercise designed to provide you with stronger orgasms while you play.Explore our incomparable range of the best ben-wa balls & kegels online - assembled to extend the limits of imaginative couple’s and solo play whilst offering you a versatile exercise regime that promises longer lasting and more explosive orgasms.

Who is a Kegel Ball Set For? This sex toy is mainly used by women, but can also be used by men – and is regularly recommended for its health benefits by doctors. Women can choose from any set available, but men should avoid the single balls and go for a set that comes with a handle for easy removal.
  • Use it for health benefits: Using kegel balls regularly will speed up pregnancy recovery, it treats prostate gland inflammation, prevents vaginal prolapse and treats urinary incontinence. Gradually increase the intensity of your kegel workout with our toys.
  • Use it to make sex feel better: Our ben wa balls make your kegel muscles stronger, which means that sex will feel better, and your orgasm intensity will steadily increase. Plus, you and your partner can have sex with the balls still inside, for an added pleasure boost!
Browse through our comprehensive range of luxury kegel balls below. Whether you’re looking for a stronger workout, or an enhanced sexual experience – your perfect exerciser is here.

Ben-Wa Balls

Also called orgasm or pleasure balls, the best ben-wa balls are used for two main reasons. The first is for direct g-spot stimulation, as they are placed inside her to coax a gentle teasing action from the act. The second is to strengthen her pelvic floor muscles.

With luxury ben-wa balls, it is easy to begin wearing these for pelvic exercise during the day, but many vibrate and respond to kinetic movement, providing subtle or intense pleasure – depending on your chosen use or game at hand.

As a trainer and a sex toy, no woman should be without the balls that can improve sexual performance across the board for a couple looking to intensify their bedroom experiences.

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Showing 1 - 31 of 31 items

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