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Kegel Exercisers

The Exerciser Women Use to Make Sex Feel Better

Kegel balls answer the question – how can I make my orgasms longer-lasting and more intense? That’s right ladies, there’s a physiological reason why sex doesn’t feel as good as it once did!

You need to get your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles in shape!

One part sex toy, one part exerciser, quality kegel balls have the amazing ability to help you exercise your kegel muscles. Once inserted, these little weighted balls are then handy for performing a variety of exercises, or they can be used during sex to enhance sensation and arousal.

What’s So Great about Ben Wa Balls?

Our carefully selected range of kegel exercisers come in a variety of weights and sizes, so that you can find the perfect resistance for your needs. Luxury materials make these body-safe balls comfortable to wear, any time of the day.

Comfortable / App-Controlled / Biofeedback Tracking

Every set of kegel balls that we stock is uniquely shaped, designed by some of the most advanced, forward-thinking sex toy companies in the world. Choose your weight according to whether you are a beginner, or require more resistance to improve your current exercises.

Premium Picks:
Who is a Kegel Ball Set For? This sex toy is mainly used by women, but can also be used by men – and is regularly recommended for its health benefits by doctors. Women can choose from any set available, but men should avoid the single balls and go for a set that comes with a handle for easy removal.
  • Use it for health benefits: Using kegel balls regularly will speed up pregnancy recovery, it treats prostate gland inflammation, prevents vaginal prolapse and treats urinary incontinence. Gradually increase the intensity of your kegel workout with our toys.
  • Use it to make sex feel better: Our ben wa balls make your kegel muscles stronger, which means that sex will feel better, and your orgasm intensity will steadily increase. Plus, you and your partner can have sex with the balls still inside, for an added pleasure boost!
Browse through our comprehensive range of luxury kegel balls below. Whether you’re looking for a stronger workout, or an enhanced sexual experience – your perfect exerciser is here.

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