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  • R2,999

    A Luxury kegel exerciser like no other! Welcome to your new personal trainer, the only kegel exerciser you'll ever need to help awaken those pelvic floor muscles. Unlike traditional kegel balls, this innovative design allows you to sync Candy to your Android or iPhone device via a free downloadable app, and provides you with professional training courses...

  • R549

    The Joy Division Secret JoyBall is a silicone based kegel ball designed to increase pelvic muscle control, which in turn increases the potency of your orgasm. With a weight of 154g, it is perfect for the kegel beginner, and is discreet enough to wear it for extended periods allowing you to strengthen your vagina muscles. With a tiny string, it is easy to...

  • R895

     The Lelo Luna Beads Mini are a smaller version of the original Luna Beads, offering a smaller diameter of 29mm as opposed to the Classic Luna Beads which has a diameter of 36mm.Providing sleek and seductive kinetic energy, these kegel balls are designed to respond perfectly to your movements, enhancing and toning your pelvic muscles, providing...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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