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Kegel Exercisers

The Exerciser Women Use to Make Sex Feel Better

Kegel balls answer the question – how can I make my orgasms longer-lasting and more intense? That’s right ladies, there’s a physiological reason why sex doesn’t feel as good as it once did!

You need to get your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles in shape!

One part sex toy, one part exerciser, quality kegel balls have the amazing ability to help you exercise your kegel muscles. Once inserted, these little weighted balls are then handy for performing a variety of exercises, or they can be used during sex to enhance sensation and arousal.

What’s So Great about Ben Wa Balls?

Our carefully selected range of kegel exercisers come in a variety of weights and sizes, so that you can find the perfect resistance for your needs. Luxury materials make these body-safe balls comfortable to wear, any time of the day.

Comfortable / App-Controlled / Biofeedback Tracking

Every set of kegel balls that we stock is uniquely shaped, designed by some of the most advanced, forward-thinking sex toy companies in the world. Choose your weight according to whether you are a beginner, or require more resistance to improve your current exercises.

Premium Picks:
Who is a Kegel Ball Set For? This sex toy is mainly used by women, but can also be used by men – and is regularly recommended for its health benefits by doctors. Women can choose from any set available, but men should avoid the single balls and go for a set that comes with a handle for easy removal.
  • Use it for health benefits: Using kegel balls regularly will speed up pregnancy recovery, it treats prostate gland inflammation, prevents vaginal prolapse and treats urinary incontinence. Gradually increase the intensity of your kegel workout with our toys.
  • Use it to make sex feel better: Our ben wa balls make your kegel muscles stronger, which means that sex will feel better, and your orgasm intensity will steadily increase. Plus, you and your partner can have sex with the balls still inside, for an added pleasure boost!
Browse through our comprehensive range of luxury kegel balls below. Whether you’re looking for a stronger workout, or an enhanced sexual experience – your perfect exerciser is here.

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  • R5,299

    The Elvie award winning kegel trainer for your pelvic muscles is a kegel trainer that allows you to track and visualise your exercises in real time. With an APP designed for your smartphone, you simply place Elvie inside your vaginal canal, sync your smart device to your App, and monitor your workout. Each squeeze of your pelvic muscles sends a...

  • R2,099

    Bloom is the latest innovation from luxury brand We-Vibe™, and takes advantage of their high-end technology. The top end of the Bloom unscrews to allow you to interchange the three different weights that come with this toy. Use the Bloom to exercise your kegel muscles and strengthen your pelvic floor for longer and better orgasms. As your pelvic...

  • R2,099 R2,799
    1 Review

    A Luxury kegel exerciser like no other! " Stimulate. Tighten. Strengthen. Recover."Welcome to your new personal trainer, the only kegel exerciser you'll ever need to help awaken those pelvic floor muscles. Unlike traditional kegel balls, this innovative design allows you to sync Candy to your Android or iPhone device via a free downloadable app, and...

  • R2,949

    The Lelo Luna Smart Bead, is a touch-sensor kegel vibrator designed to respond to your every squeeze. With 5 vibrational levels, you simply turn on your smart bead, pop it in vaginally, and allow the vibrations to stimulate your pelvic muscles. Clenching your muscles on each vibration to the 5 minute exercise routine, the Lelo Smart Bead responds...

  • R1,249
    1 Review

    With Lelo’s Luna Beads you can graduate to different sizes and weights of beads as your pelvic floor strengthens. A strong and body-safe silicon harness holds two beads securely, with a loop for easy retrieval. In your set, you’ll receive two lighter beads, and two larger beads. Each bead has an internal weight that moves with you, creating an...

  • R999

    The Noir Luna beads by Lelo offer a sleek and seductive take on the world's best selling Ben Wa Balls. Perfect for a night out with your partner, the inner balls respond to movements  with subtle vibrations, whilst enhancing your feeling for pleasures to come. Strengthening your pelvic muscles, much in the same way as traditional kegel balls, the...

  • R1,199

    The Ami 3-in-1 kegel exercise set is an investment in pelvic health that will see you through from beginner kegel exercises to advanced pelvic strength. This set contains beginner, intermediate and advanced kegel training balls, along with an instruction manual, presented in a discreet and beautiful box. Start with the larger and lightweight Ami 1 if...

  • R1,299 R1,498
    Reduced price!

    Your pelvic floor is a set of muscles that are often over-looked. Strengthening these muscles will assist with the prevention of incontinence, it will improve recovery time from childbirth & increases sexual sensations and orgasmic potential. This pack is the perfect purchase when looking to strengthen your pelvic floor. It contains the Je Joue Ami Kegel...

  • R299
    1 Review

    Strengthen your pleasure with the Bfit Classic love balls, an adaptable workout regimen designed to grow with you. The Bfit Classic includes single and dual 100% body-safe silicone harnesses, along with two interchangeable smooth and soft silicone balls. Use either a single 24g weighted silicone ball or both for a total of 48g. 100% waterproof and...

  • R1,199

    The Hold Me Tight kegel toning kit will take you from beginner to toned expert, with a single starter Kegel Exercise ball and a double advanced Kegel Exercise ball. This Rocks Off Feranti set is made of soft-to-the-touch bodysafe silicone with a ridged design to give a pleasurable sensation on insertion and removal. A discreet but strong...

  • R1,499

    We love the Squeeze range by Swan! The latest technology makes these toys perfectly touch sensitive, so a light squeeze activates the vibrations, and the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibration becomes. No fiddling with buttons, no cycling through patterns: just squeeze, or release, to increase your pleasure. Internally, the Swan Squeeze toys give...

  • R1,199

    Vibrating ‘love eggs’ are so much fun. They can be used externally similarly to a bullet vibrator by holding the egg against the clitoris for direct stimulation. They can also be inserted into the vagina and then worn while you go about your daily tasks, adding a wicked extra edge of pleasure to your routine. Of course, they’re also...

  • R2,799

    No ordinary love egg, the Lelo Hula is a set of two connected balls that vibrate and rotate simultaneiously. Worn inside the vagina, the Hula beads are discreet and deeply pleasurable, and can be controlled by a partner using the battery-powered palm sized remote control. Use the light vibrations to tease the clitoris before inserting the Hula beads for...

  • R599
    1 Review

    Vibrating love eggs are a firm favourite for making date night something especially sexy. Try to keep your quivering legs under control as your partner, with the remote control in hand, intensifies the pleasure. Insert the ABS plastic bodysafe BNaughty Vibrating Egg into your vagina, and hand over the remote control to your lover. The strong pullcord...

  • R1,299

    It’s no wonder this vibrating egg was nominated for Best New Luxury Product when it was launched in 2012. The BNaughty Premium Unleashed vibrating egg is a bullet-shaped egg that can be controlled by the wireless remote control from up to several meters away. It has seven vibration functions, letting you or your partner take control of your pleasure...

  • R799 R1,199

    At first glance, the Ball & Chain by Rocks Off looks a little daunting, but this remote-controlled love egg is actually finished in satin soft silicone, and even the chain links are made of flexible silicone. It’s completely bodysafe and silky to the touch. The quirky design just adds to the fun, and gives a nod to a kinkier audience who enjoy...

  • R1,999

    For your own pleasure or as the perfect gift for a naughty friend, the Dare Me Pleasure Set from Lelo is both elegant and wicked. It includes a soft suede flogger, silk cuffs and Luna Beads Mini Noir. Lelo Luna Beads are pleasure-enhancing kegel exercisers that train the muscles for longer, stronger orgasms and more pleasure for your partner. This...

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