Désir's range of erotic games are perfect for foreplay, setting the tone for a fun filled night and breaking the ice for new adventures in the bedroom.

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  • R799

    The Endless Nights of Amazing Sex board game is based on the equally popular Kama Sutra card game, but now allows couples the opportunity to enjoy over 400 trivia questions, over 60 erotic foreplay, sex positions and tantalizing treats, and a combination of over 1 million ways to win! Earn Sex Cards by correctly answering sex trivia questions, learn more...

  • R899

    7 Deadly Sins board game is a delightfully sinful game that tests your knowledge of naughtiness and your willingness to act out silly and outrageous sins. The aim of the game is to move around the board by answering trivia questions correctly and the first team to act out all 7 Deadly Sins wins. It includes a 16 x 16 inch game board, 270 Trivia cards, 100...

  • R599

    The Fifty Days of Play boardgame, taking inspiration from the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, is a sexy adult game for couples who are looking to spice things up. With 50 envelopes in a multitude of colours and 1 dice with corresponding coloured dots, you aim to throw the dice and open the relating coloured envelope. Following the instructions across five...

  • R499

    Sexual Role-Play is a fetish & fantasy game containing 1 Game Die, and 60 Role-Playing Cards. Embracing your adventurous and playful side, one partner shuffles the deck and fans the cards out face down. Once the die is thrown, the drawing player gets to choose a single card from anywhere in the deck. He or she then gets to read the role-play scenario and...

  • R229

    Adventurous Sex playing cards each illistrate a unique and adventurous sex position providing you the opportunity to be bold and take your sexual experience to new levels of excitement! Use them as flashcards, or play one of the included card games that can provide you with 100 000 possible sexual fantasies!

  • R229

    Gay Sex playing cards can be played in three different ways. It includes 50 different cards, 3 rule cards and 1 "Unleash your Fantasy" card. "Fortune Teller" game allows you to leave your fantasies for fate to decide. "Lover's Libido" encourages you to learn about your partner's likes, loves & lusts, all the while, building an adventure to lose yourself...

  • R229

    Lesbian Sex card game includes 50 different cards, 3 rule cards and 1 "Unleash your Fantasy" card, allowing you to play this in three different ways! "Fortune Teller" game allows you to leave your fantasies for fate to decide. "Lover's Libido" encourages you to learn about your partner's likes, loves & lusts, all the while, building an adventure to lose...

  • R229

    A Year Of Sex card game provides you over 50 different Kama Sutra sex positions! This versatile card game offers you the opportunity to either use the individual cards as positional references, or you can play one of the three included sex games to play out your fantasies! Each card offers you simple technique instructions as well as a challenging rating...

  • R279

    Spice things up in the bedroom with these kinky love dice! Throw the three dice (one for a body part, one for a location and another for an action) and let your fantasies be fulfilled! Contents contain three dice and a plush storage pouch. Perfect for date night and adding some spice into the bedroom.

  • R279

    Enjoy an evening of sensual pleasure with the Kama Sutra Dice Game! Throw the three dice (one for a kama sutra position, one for a location, another for additional instructions) and embark on a journey of sensual discovery. Contains 3 dice and a plush storage pouch.

  • R649

    The really cheeky board game for friends is a board game of strategy & luck and can be enjoyed by couples and friends. Designed as a game which encourages intimacy and fun, each throw of the dice moves you around the board allowing you purchase and manage businesses with the aim of making the most profit within the adult industry. Risky or Frisky cards...

  • R499

    The Screaming O Ovation Kit provides the ultimate kit for a night with your partner. Containing 2 of each item, this kit includes 2 screaming o vibrating cock rings, 2 water-based lubricant sachets, 2 warming lubricant sachets, two cleansing towelettes, and two sweet mints. The disposable vibrating cock ring, allows for 30 plus minutes of play and has a...

  • R699

    Tease and Please Kama Poker.Tease and Please's Kama Poker is a sexy couple's game where poker and Kama Sutra meet, join, and play. The goal is for two or more players or partners to experience an exciting and erotic adventure together. Building up sexual tension in several rounds, players are encouraged to strip, touch and caress until ending up in...

  • R149

    This Moodzz Openhearted Speed dating game allows you to get to know each other using intimate, funny, or erotic questions and answer. Perfect for breaking the ice.

  • R245
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    Bijoux Petits Bonbons Lucky Love Dice. Create your own sexy sensual game, personalise it, let your imagination flow. You control the intensity and outcome of this game every time. With self adhesive stickers for inspiration.

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