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Désir's range of erotic games are perfect for foreplay, setting the tone for a fun filled night and breaking the ice for new adventures in the bedroom.

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  • R449

    Strip or Tease is an adult boardgame encouraging intimacy and slow, sensual, seduction and teaches you how to undress with finess.With two sets of cards, you are able to choose either Strip or Tease. Choose strip and gently peel off your layers move by move or choose tease and seduce your partner with the erotic instruction and seductive tips. Strip...

  • R150

    First date coming up? Nervous about how to get the conversation going? Try this fun ‘Speed Dating’ game from Moodzz. It contains a set of cards with conversation starters to help you overcome that ‘first date fright’ and strike up a conversation that will help you both get to know each other. It’s relaxed, fun and friendly.

  • R495

    The Path to Pleasure boardgame is designed for adults that are looking to heat things up in the bedroom and encourage a journey of sexual discovery.Players move along a path of pleasure board game and with each roll of the dice, land on a numbered square that offers it's own tantalizing instruction designed to bring you closer together. From massage and...

  • R655

    The really cheeky board game for friends is a board game of strategy & luck and can be enjoyed by couples and friends. Designed as a game which encourages intimacy and fun, each throw of the dice moves you around the board allowing you purchase and manage businesses with the aim of making the most profit within the adult industry. Risky or Frisky cards...

  • R659

    Ready to play the hottest game ever? Dim the lights, switch off your phones and get ready for loving and laughing. With a few throws of the dice, this game allows you to experience new, exciting, and often hilarious challenges whilst simulating sexy and wild conversations. With fifty breathtaking fantasies, the winner gets to choose exactly which one they...

  • R907

    7 Deadly Sins board game is a delightfully sinful game that tests your knowledge of naughtiness and your willingness to act out silly and outrageous sins. The aim of the game is to move around the board by answering trivia questions correctly and the first team to act out all 7 Deadly Sins wins. It includes a 16 x 16 inch game board, 270 Trivia cards, 100...

  • R503

    Sexual Role-Play is a fetish & fantasy game containing 1 Game Die, and 60 Role-Playing Cards. Embracing your adventurous and playful side, one partner shuffles the deck and fans the cards out face down. Once the die is thrown, the drawing player gets to choose a single card from anywhere in the deck. He or she then gets to read the role-play scenario and...

  • R231

    Gay Sex playing cards can be played in three different ways. It includes 50 different cards, 3 rule cards and 1 "Unleash your Fantasy" card. "Fortune Teller" game allows you to leave your fantasies for fate to decide. "Lover's Libido" encourages you to learn about your partner's likes, loves & lusts, all the while, building an adventure to lose yourself...

  • R281

    Spice things up in the bedroom with these kinky love dice! Throw the three dice (one for a body part, one for a location and another for an action) and let your fantasies be fulfilled! Contents contain three dice and a plush storage pouch. Perfect for date night and adding some spice into the bedroom.

  • R281

    Enjoy an evening of sensual pleasure with the Kama Sutra Dice Game! Throw the three dice (one for a kama sutra position, one for a location, another for additional instructions) and embark on a journey of sensual discovery. Contains 3 dice and a plush storage pouch.

  • R125

    This stylish card set consists of 54 playing cards that feature a unique Kama Sutra position on each card. A game of cards has never been so intimate or exciting! Play a game of Black Jack or make up your own rules - either way you will need to resist the temptation or give in to this thrilling game!

  • R705
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    Let the chips fall where they may, you’ll always have fun with this Kama Sutra themed game of poker. You don’t need to be an experienced poker player to enjoy the building of erotic tension as the game slowly raises the stakes with stripping, teasing and caressing your fellow player(s) until you reach the ecstacy round. Bluff your way, change...

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