The Vibrating Sex Toy Designed For Intense G Spot Pleasure. G spot vibrators are all about one thing – stronger, more exhilarating orgasms.

These sex toys were made to excite exactly the right parts of you, to inspire passion like you’ve never felt before.

The G spot is a sacred, erogenous area for both sexes!

Weak or absent orgasms are a thing of the past when you invite one of these toys into the bedroom with you. Uniquely curved at the tip for invigorating g-spot pressure in the vagina, or to stimulate the prostate in men – these luxury g spot vibrators are light, soft and 100% body-safe too.

What’s So Great about G Spot Vibrators?

Our range of premium vibrators are made for durability and reliability, from the highest grade silicone and the latest in modern battery technology. Enjoy a variety of settings to send those good vibrations to your g spot at just the right moments.

Choose from our more realistic vibrators, or invest in a non-anatomical vibrator with classic styling. There are endless sizes and curves, so make sure that you check out our measurement charts to find the vibrator that will best suit you and the way you like to play.

Who is a G Spot Vibrator For?

The g spot is found in men and women, though in completely different places. With these g spot vibrators on hand, you’ll be able to reach these zones easily, without any awkward discomfort. The possibilities are unlimited with a toy as versatile and powerful as this!

Use it for solo play:

Both sexes will delight in adding a toy of this calibre to their sensual collection. An exquisite addition for solo play, if you can’t get enough all-round stimulation – followed by something powerfully direct – this is the toy you need to buy.

Use it for couples play:

Couples that are looking for a toy to enhance arousal, and add depth and variety to their extended foreplay sessions, will love these vibrators. Pick your intensity, your speed and your favourite game, for a toy you’ll never want to put down, together.

Have a look through our carefully selected G spot vibrators and add something special to your sex toy collection today. Whether its power or luxury you require, our range has it all, below.

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Two-Vibe Flexible Vibrator...Two-Vibe Flexible Vibrator... 2
    Sex Toys

    Two-Vibe Flexible Vibrator with Remote - Rocks Off

    Rocks off
    BO DP 811041014518/01
    The Two-Vibe flexible vibrator by Rocks Off has been specifically designed to offer you versatility whether you are using the Two-Vibe for couples or solo play. With each person built differently, the Two-Vibe features an ergonomically designed flexible shaft that allows you to flex and bend according to the perfect shape just for you. For an all-over...
    Enigma Dual Stimulating...Enigma Dual Stimulating... 2
      Sex Toys

      Enigma Dual Stimulating Sonic Massager - LELO

      BO DP 7350075028182
      Enigma by LELO is a luxurious dual actioned sonic massager designed to stimulate both the clitoris and g-spot in spectacular fashion. Worn by inserting the rounded arm gently into your vagina and allowing the sonic tip to rest on your clitoris, Enigma gets to work by using sonic wave technology and gentle pulsations to stimulate the g-spot and the...
      Iris Clitoral & G Spot...Iris Clitoral & G Spot... 2
        Sex Toys

        Iris Clitoral & G Spot Vibrator - Svakom

        CON S-11-PMR
        The Iris clitoral and g-spot vibrator by Svakom is an ergonomically designed vibrator that features the perfect angle in order to reach the g-spot seamlessly. Made from ultra-soft seamless silicone, the Iris features a slim design with a curved arm. With a soft spoon shaped head, insertion is both easy and comfortable and once inserted finding your...
        Siren Double Tongued...Siren Double Tongued... 2
          Sex Toys

          Siren Double Tongued Vibrator - Svakom

          CON SV S-53-CORAL
          The Siren by Svakom is a double-tongued designed vibrator that provides intense clitoral and g-spot stimulation. Made from super-soft body safe silicone, Siren features a soft and flexible rounded head that allows for smooth and easy insertion whilst the double-tongued design on the opposite end gives you intense and stimulating vibrations on your...
          Lici G-Spot Vibrator - Good...Lici G-Spot Vibrator - Good... 2
            Sex Toys

            Lici G-Spot Vibrator - Good Vibes Only

            Good Vibes Only
            EDC GVO007
            The Lici G-Spot vibrator is a slim-lined vibrator designed to stimulate and pleasure your g-spot. With 10 speeds and an easy to use control panel on the shaft of the vibrator, Lici features vibrations that range from slow and steady to strong and intense. The tapered tip makes Lici perfect for direct G-spot stimulation but also allows you the versatility...
            Tone G-Spot Vibrator - Post...Tone G-Spot Vibrator - Post... 2
              Sex Toys

              Tone G-Spot Vibrator - Post Modern Vibes

              EDC PMV20-3
              The Tone by PMV-20 is a dual motored G-Spot Vibrator that promises unparalleled stimulation and pleasure. Designed using super soft body-safe silicone, Tone features a gentle curve in it's shaft, ergonomically designed to ensure accurate g-spot stimulation. With a rounded tip that promises expert precision, Tone also features a 23cm shaft designed with...
              Vice Triple Stimulating...Vice Triple Stimulating... 2
                Sex Toys

                Vice Triple Stimulating Vibrator - Post Modern Vibes

                EDC PMV20-5
                The Vice Double Vibrator by PMV is a triple stimulating vibrator designed for the more adventurous user. Featuring three unique shafts, the Vice promises clitoral, anal, and vaginal pleasure - all at the same time! With 12 rotational modes, the largest shaft is worn internally where it massages and stimulates the g-spot. Swirling and rotating in a...
                Osci 2 App Controlled...Osci 2 App Controlled... 2
                  Sex Toys

                  Osci 2 App Controlled Oscillating G-spot Vibrator - Lovense

                  BO DP 728360599667
                  The Osci 2 oscillating vibrator by Lovense is an App controlled G-spot vibrator carefully designed to stimulate your g-spot precisely and powerfully. Using an oscillating motor, the shaft of the Osci provides a mechanism that moves the vibrations in and out giving you a pulsating pressured motion that vibrates at the same time. With a curved design and a...
                  vSculpt Vibrating Pelvic...vSculpt Vibrating Pelvic... 2
                    Sex Toys

                    vSculpt Vibrating Pelvic Floor Toning & Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy - JoyLux

                    JL VSculpt
                    The vSculpt is a revolutionary gynaecologically designed home-use device used to stimulate tissue and encourage blood flow for better pelvic health. Non-hormonal and non-invasive, the vSculpts treats bladder leakage, vaginal dryness, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction, whilst assisting in restoring the tissue and muscles of your pelvic floor in the...
                    Endless Joy Partner Multi...Endless Joy Partner Multi... 2
                      Sex Toys

                      Endless Joy Partner Multi Vibrator - Satisfyer

                      BO MS PAR003
                      The Partner Multifun2 couples vibrator by Satisfyer is an ergonomically designed vibrator that offers you more than 14 ways to use it thanks to its versatile design and is perfect for men, women, and couples.With 3 powerful engines situated in the upper main body and each in the two lower points, this vibrator ensures that the powerful vibrations are felt...
                      Power Flower G-Spot &...Power Flower G-Spot &... 2
                        Sex Toys

                        Power Flower G-Spot & Rabbit Vibrator - Satisfyer

                        BO MS VIB006
                        The Power Flower vibrator by Satisfyer is a versatile G-spot and Clitoral stimulating vibrator that features a unique fluttering tip that promises to dance around your sensitive areas creating explosive orgasms. Silicone flex technology makes the shaft soft and flexible whilst the curved design ensure precision stimulation to the g-spot area. Three soft...
                        Pillow Talk Sultry Dual...Pillow Talk Sultry Dual... 2
                          Sex Toys

                          Pillow Talk Sultry Dual G-Spot and Wand Vibrator - Swan

                          BO DP 677613268167
                          The Pillow Talk Sultry Wand Vibrator is a versatile vibrator that combines dual-ended functionality, intense vibrations, and powerful rotations - providing you with a two-in-one g-spot vibrator and an all-over body wand vibrator. With the rounded and tapered head that flexes and swivels upon pressure, this part of your vibrator is perfect for...
                          Sara Mini G-Spot & Clitoral Vibrating Wand - SvakomSara Mini G-Spot & Clitoral Vibrating Wand - Svakom 2
                            Sex Toys

                            Sara Mini G-Spot & Clitoral Vibrating Wand - Svakom

                            CON SV SLS-02C-VLT
                            The Sara Mini G-Spot & Clitoral vibrator is a flexible headed vibrator that is both powerful and compact in design and is perfect for both clitoral or g-spot stimulation. With a strong motor situated in the middle of the shaft, the whisper quiet vibrations can be felt from the head of the wand to the very tip. Use it externally to press against your...
                            Charming Smile G-Spot Vibrator - SatisfyerCharming Smile G-Spot Vibrator - Satisfyer 2
                              Sex Toys

                              Charming Smile G-Spot Vibrator - Satisfyer

                              BO MS VIB001
                              The Charming Smile G-spot vibrator is an ergonomically designed, super-flexible vibrator that offers precise and powerful G-spot stimulation.With a supple, silky touch survace, and a perfectly curved shape, this vibrator offers 12 intense vibration programmes - making G-spot stimulation effortless. With the bold combination of a flexible shaft and a...
                              Master Rabbit Vibrator - SatisfyerMaster Rabbit Vibrator - Satisfyer 2
                                Sex Toys

                                Master G-Spot Vibrator - Satisfyer

                                BO MS VIB003
                                The Master vibrator by Satisfyer is an impressive XXL vibrator with realistic features and powerful vibrations.Measuring in at 23.5cm, this vibrator is a generously proportioned vibrator designed specifically for those looking for extra length and girth without compromising on powerful vibrations. In a peach tone, with a supple, silky-matte finish, you...
                                Partner Multifun 1 Couples Vibrator - SatisfyerPartner Multifun 1 Couples Vibrator - Satisfyer 2
                                  Sex Toys

                                  Endless Love Partner Multi Vibrator - Satisfyer

                                  BO MS PAR002
                                  The Partner Multifun1 couples vibrator by Satisfyer is an ergonomically designed vibrator that offers you more than 14 ways to use it thanks to it's versatile design and is perfect for men, women, and couples.With 3 powerful engines situated in the upper main body and each in the two lower points, this vibrator ensures that the powerful vibrations are...
                                  Mona 2 G-Spot Vibrator - LELOMona 2 G-Spot Vibrator - LELO 2
                                    Sex Toys

                                    Mona 2 G-Spot Vibrator - LELO

                                    BO DP 7350022277601/25
                                    The Mona 2 by LELO is the upgraded version of one of LELO's most popular G-spot vibrators.Made from soft, smooth, body-safe silicone, the Mona2 features a gently curved tip, ensuring absolute g-spot precision stimulation. With 6 powerful stimulation modes, and a run time of up to 4 hours, the Mona 2 promises a powerful motor, a 4 button interface for easy...
                                    Amy G-spot Vibrator - SvakomAmy G-spot Vibrator - Svakom 2
                                      Product available with different options
                                      Sex Toys

                                      Amy G-spot Vibrator - Svakom

                                      CON SV SUV-02-PNK/VLT
                                      The Amy by Svakom is a medium sized, super-soft silicone vibrator in a curved design - perfect for targeted stimulation to your g-spot.Designed in super-soft body-safe silicone, Amy is an ergonomically designed G-spot vibrator that faatures a slightly flattened head at the tip and a curved shaft. When inserted internally with the flattened head pointing...
                                      Bonnie Unisex Dual Motor Vibrator - SvakomBonnie Unisex Dual Motor Vibrator - Svakom 2
                                        Sex Toys

                                        Bonnie Flexible Unisex Dual Motor Vibrator - Svakom

                                        CON SV S1-PMR
                                        The Bonnie unisex vibrator by Svakom is a versatile vibrator, ergonomically designed to stimulate either your nipples, clitoris, g-spot, and even his perineum and prostate.Made from super-soft body-safe silicone, this vibrator features two different sized heads on either size of the vibrator. The small flexible head on one side, can be...
                                        Cici Flexible Head Multi-Use Vibrator - SvakomCici Flexible Head Multi-Use Vibrator - Svakom 2
                                          Sex Toys

                                          Cici Flexible Ribbed Head G-Spot Vibrator - Svakom

                                          CON SV SG-02B-VLT
                                          The Cici flexible vibrator by Svakom is a uniquely designed slim, elegant multi-use vibrator designed to reach your most erogenous spots effortlessly.Made from super-soft body-safe silicone, the Cici features a 13cm insertable length with a textured and flexible head for added stimulation. Bend the head at any angle and use it anywhere, anyhow. From...
                                          Primo Warming Plug Vibrator with Remote Control - SvakomPrimo Warming Plug Vibrator with Remote Control - Svakom 2
                                            Sex Toys

                                            Primo Warming Unisex Vibrator with Remote - Svakom

                                            CON SV SPM-01-PMR/BLK
                                            The Primo warming vibrator by Svakom is a luxury vibrator that has a unique heating system - giving you both comfort and stimulation all at the same time. The Primo can be used by both male and female. For a male, this is perfect for massaging the prostate and for a female, it can be used for G-spot and anal stimulation. With it's separate heating...
                                            Amorous G-Spot Vibrator - Minds of LoveAmorous G-Spot Vibrator - Minds of Love 2
                                              Sex Toys

                                              Amorous G-Spot Vibrator - Minds of Love

                                              Minds of Love
                                              BO DP 4041937308858/65
                                              The Amorous Minds of Love vibrator is a curved G-Spot vibrator that offers intense G-Spot stimulation and is perfect for beginners and experts alike.Made from 100% body safe, phthalate-free silicone, this soft-to-the-touch vibrator features two powerful yet ultra-quiet motors, allowing you to play just about anywhere, anytime. Insert it gently with the...
                                              G5 Big Boss G-Spot Vibrator...
                                                Sex Toys

                                                G5 Big Boss G-Spot Vibrator - Fun Factory

                                                Fun factory
                                                BO DP 4032498802572/96
                                                The G5 Big Boss Vibrator by Fun Factory is a large, realistically designed vibrator perfectly curved for precise G-Spot stimulation.With it's realistically designed shaft and glans, this vibrator is perfect for use on both your clitoris as well as internal stimulation. With a diameter of 4.6cm, it offers 12 vibrational levels offering you varied speed...
                                                BCute Classic Curve Mini...BCute Classic Curve Mini... 2
                                                  Sex Toys

                                                  BCute Classic Curve Mini Vibrator - BSwish

                                                  B Swish
                                                  BO DP 8555888500132/354
                                                  The BCute Classic Curve vibrator by BSwish is aptly named thanks to it's petite 7.6cm size. With it's curved tip, this vibe offers great pinpoint precision, whether it is for your nipples, clitoris, head of his penis, or any erogenous zone. Uniquely shaped and a firm ridged base make this vibrator easy to use and control. With a twist control function,...
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