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Enjoy our sophisticated range of luxury dildos, available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and tastes for the discerning couple-at-play or for individual satisfaction. Meet every longing head-on with our quality dildos online, whether strap on, strapless, pocket-sized, rippled, or for double stimulation – these sex toys are an essential for any fiery bedroom game.

Enhance the adventurous games you play with our range of quality dildos.

What Kind of Dildo Suits Your Intimacy Style?

Has there ever been a more classic sex toy than the dildo? Created to mimic the ideal shape, strength and length of that fundamental male part, these luxury dildos promise sexual gratification and something a little extra, if you know what you’re looking for.

#1: Larger Than Life Companions

Your everyday strapless dildo is anything but ordinary, especially when these are selected for size and comfort over other kinds of toys. A good dildo is made from quality, smooth or ribbed materials and is completely un-motorized.

Used by either lover, these sex toys are great for a stimulating massage during solo play, or as an intimate, versatile toy for couples. The best dildos can be used for her pleasure or for his, though you may want to be 100% sure when it comes to picking the right size.

#2: Realistic Glass For Massage

A glass dildo is by far the most hygienic, smoothest and durable of the dildo class, made from a softer, shatterproof glass that never imbibes smell, wears out or becomes a safety concern. Well known as the toy that makes temperature play more fun in the bedroom, these glass wands can be heated or frozen, as needed.

If one of your key concerns is to find dildos for men and women, for multi-purpose use without any of the cleaning issues, then glass is the way to go. Rigid without being overly hard, these curved borosilicate wands are excellent g-spot massagers.

#3: The Strap-On Kind

For role playing games in the bedroom, or fun exploring each other’s intimate desires, many luxury dildos are made to be attached to a harness, for hands-free use. Made from body-safe silicone that is waterproof and hygienic – these strap-ons come with soft, secure straps to keep the toy firmly in place while you heat things up between the sheets.

Strap on dildos are regularly used by men with erectile dysfunction, and many are hollow so that they fit well and vibrate during use to please both lovers. These can also be used for anal play by either lover, to heighten sensual moments during foreplay.

#4: A Couple’s Delight

A lesser known but increasingly popular toy comes in the form of the couple’s strapless dildos available at Désir. Also known as double dildos, these are double-ended for use by both lovers at the same time. The shorter side is worn by the active lover, who then engages their partner with the longer side.

A great companion for couples looking to add an exciting new method of foreplay to their repertoire, these are the best dildos to invest in if you are in the market for a vibrator that can be used in many different ways by each partner.

What To Look For In Quality Dildos Online

When shopping for dildos online, you should consider 4 main factors that will influence your purchase. Before making your final decision, take a look at the size of the toy, the materials it is made from and how long it lasts, what the potential functions of the toy might be and if they will benefit your specific uses for the toy in the bedroom.

In the past, it was challenging to buy dildos online in South Africa, but Désir makes it easy with our discreet, luxury one-click service for our discerning customers.

Browse our exciting range of the best dildos available online in South Africa, and honour yourself by investing in a part of you that matters.

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  • R999

    Lelo's Ella Dildo is a luxury dual ended non motorized dildo. Designed for G spot massage, insert the Ella with the curved end pointing towards the upper wall of the vagina, directly where the g spot is found. Vary your movements and place direct pressure onto the G spot area to stimulate and promote orgasms. Flip Ella around to use the other end as a...

  • R1,399

    The Fun Factory Bounce Dildo is an exciting new addition to the dildo family. With it's sleek abstract design and gently curved shape, this dildo is perfect for stimulating the g-spot and prostate. What makes it unique, is the additional stimulation you receive from the three internal rotating balls, which react to your movements providing you with...

  • R599

    The Drive Me Crazy glass massage wand is a wonderfully versatile sex toy. It’s a double-ended dildo, with either a tapered bulbous end or an end with two larger bulbs. The shaft of this glass dildo is knobbed for extra sensation. Indeed, everything about the Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy dildo is perfect for extra sensation. Because...

  • R1,999

    Share strapless dildos by Fun Factory are ideal for lesbian couples, and can be used for pegging if coupled with a harness. The Share double dildo is worn internally, held in place by the kegel muscles. Women with strong kegel muscles will find this double dildo a truly pleasurable experience, as your every thrust is felt by both partners. The...

  • R1,699
    2 Reviews

    Created for couples, the Share Strapless Double Dildo is a bodysafe silicone dildo with a short end and a long, curved end. The short end is worn by the active partner, inserted into the vagina, and gives great g-spot pleasure during your play. The longer end is 16cm of pure orgasmic joy for a receiving partner. Share strapless dildos by Fun Factory...

  • R1,499

    This beautifully contoured dildo with its velvety soft surface is a must-have for your toy bag. Thanks to an exceptional 17.5cm of insertable length and almost 4cm diameter, it’s fulfilling on every level. With the addition of a good water-based lubricant, this sensuously curved dildo will provide ideal stimulation for the clitoris, vulva and...

  • R549

    This clear dildo by ClearStone is a 7" dildo featuring a ripple effect on the shaft and a realistic penile type head for adding stimulation and sensation. Made from clear PVC, this soft to the touch dildo is Phthalate free and hygienic. With a suction base, it is easily attachable to any surface allowing for either anal or vaginal hands free play. Use it...

  • R3,299
    1 Review

    The Feeldoe straplass strap-on is the perfect toy for same sex or male to female play and for beginners to explore. The women inserts the bulbous end into her vagina, using her pelvic muscles to keep it in place, whilst the shaft end of the dildo, at a naturally tilted angle, allows you to penetrate your partner. Wearing the Feeldoe is a completely...

  • R549
    1 Review

    This realistic clear dildo by ClearStone is a 7 inch (18cm) lifelike dildo made of clear PVC. Phthalate free and made of hygienic material this soft to the touch dildo has realistic detailing and additional nobules at the base allowing increased sensations and stimulation, wheter it be for anal or vaginal use. With a suction base, it is easily attached to...

  • R2,499

    Laid's D2 Stone Dildo is hand sculpted from polished black granite. With a slightly twisted shaft, this dildo curves gently into a broad flattened head allowing you to gently twist the shaft which gives a fuller feeling and stimulates various points of pleasure, either anal or vaginal. This is the perfect dildo for those who prefer more pressure across a...

  • R599

    The Play Candi Double Dong is a flexible silicone double-ended dildo with a soft bodysafe, silky feeling finish. It’s 33cm in total length, with a pleasing bulge to either end and a ridged centre bridge for extra sensation. Play Candi sex toys are bodysafe, budget-friendly and attractively designed. This double ended dildo is great for both solo...

  • R599 R799

    Glass dildos are strong, durable and beautiful. They’re made from pyrex tempered glass, making them almost impossible to break and ensuring a non-porous, bacteria-repelling finish. Aside from its durability, glass is a wonderful material for sex toys because of its temperature. At normal, room temperature, it is slightly cool to the touch but...

  • R1,199

    The Purple Love is a gorgeous glass double ended dildo with one bulbous end and one tapered end. Both ends offer delicious sensation when inserted, and the tapered end is comfortable for anal teasing. The shaft of the Purple Love dildo is a deep purple, constrasting beautifully with the multicoloured bulbs to each end. Glass dildos are beautiful, easy to...

  • R1,699

    This Fifty Shades Darker Steel G Spot massager is a double ended steel dildo which can be used for stimulating either the G Spot or the P spot. With it's curved design, it has a bulbed tip specifically intended to stimulate the G Spot and a beaded end for direct P Spot stimulation, making this perfect for either him, her or couple play. With it's...

  • R1,089
    Out of stock

    The Magnum Dildo is Fun Factory's second largest dildo, sitting at 18cm in height & 3.8cm in diameter. Not only is it harness compatible for couples play, but it also has a suction-cup base allow the Magnum to adhere to smooth surfaces and walls for solo play.  It is suitable for both vaginal and anal play. Its smooth, curved shaft and rounded...

  • R2,599
    Out of stock

    Tantus' Bend Over Intermediate Strap on Kit is the perfect way to explore strap-on sex. With two smooth 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone dildos, the Medium and Large Silk, this kit comes with a velvet harness that is comfortable, adjustable (fits up to 60” hips), and machine washable. With a one touch vibrator fitting snugly on the pouch on the front of...

  • R2,299

    The Eternal Swan is a strapless strap-on vibrator, which is best suited for lesbian couples. The shorter end is worn inserted into the vagina, and requires fairly strong pelvic muscles to hold and control while penetrating a partner with the longer shaft. The shape of the Eternal Swan means that when the bulb end is inserted, the longer end stands up...

  • R899

    Discover a whole new sexual experience with the Discover Double Dong by Vibe Therapy. Made from body-safe silicone, it has sensual ridges along its shaft for added stimulation. This double ended dildo also warms quickly to your body temperature, for enhanced sensations. It can be used for solo play, but is most definitely a toy to bring excitement to the...

  • R499

    This Lux Fetish Strap-On Harness is perfect for beginners wanting to experience the pleasures of the role-reversal and domination.  With it's sturdy rubber O rings is compatible with most flared base dildos. With it's fully adjustable 4 way straps fitting up to 152cm hip measurement, it give you a custom fit, allowing you to take full control. 

  • R849

    The Fun Factory Amor dildo at a length of 12.5 cm, an insertable length of 11cm and diameter of 3.5 cm, is the smallest dildo from the Fun Factory range. With a sleek, flexible design and a naturalistic shape of the tip, this dildo is perfect for targeting either the g-spot or the p-spot. Used with water based lubricant this dildo is perfect for either...

  • R649

    The Robbie dildo from Malesation is perfect for solo or strap-on play. The flared suction base fits most standard strap-on harnesses, or can be used to firmly attach your dildo to a smooth surface. The wavy shaft and angled tip of the Robbie dildo make it ideal for g-spot or p-spot stimulation. It’s made from seamless, bodysafe, phthalate-free...

  • R1,299
    2 Reviews

    The Homeboy is a rigid, ribbed prosthetic penis cover that adds plenty to your length and girth for a more filling sensation for your partner. This vibrating strap-on is ideal for men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It’s hollow inside, so the penis rests comfortably within the strap-on, held in place by the adjustable straps. Simply slip...

  • R1,799

    The Double Dan is a smooth, smaller sized metal e-stim dildo designed for beginners to electroplay. The classic rounded tip and approximately 6.5cm of insertable length make this slimline dildo very comfortable and easy to insert. It’s made of medical grade aluminium, which is completely body safe and can be warmed or cooled to enhance your...

  • R2,199

    The smooth, cool metal and six sinuous balls on this Mystim dildo may be all the sensation you need to take you over the edge. The Bal(l)zac is an extra-long hand-polished aluminium dildo in high quality medical grade aluminium. It is beautifully cool to the touch, and can be cooled further in a fridge or warmed up for incredible sensation play. At 15.5cm...

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