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At Désir we take our purpose seriously - and that is to ensure that our customer's are educated, empowered, and honoured at all times and that you are provided discreet access to shop the world's most luxurious and reputable of adult intimate products. Meet the team that ensures you are honoured in the most spectacular way at all times and who work tirelessly to maintain our non-negotiable level of professionalism and highest of standards.

Daniela - Head of Product Planning

Daniela is the Head of Product Planning at Desir and with over 15 years in the Retail sector has a wealth of knowledge on importing and procurring the highest standard of products in accordance with Desir's values and stringent product selection criteria. Building relationships with suppliers and brands, from all over the world, Daniela ensures that customer's at Desir are offered only the very best in products that meet world-class standards.

Keeping up to date with trends, and newly launched products, Daniela makes sure that not only are South African's given the opportunity to procur international brands, but that they are able to do so at the most affordable rates possible.

Cutting edge technology, the latest innovations, and the most body-safe of products, are all part of her commitment to Desir's product offering - all while ensuring that Desir stays ahead of the pack and breaks negative stigmas related to the adult toy industry.

Lynette - Showroom Manager

Lynette has several years of store experience, and is extremely well-versed when it comes to offering individuals world-class customer service. Managing the showroom, our walk-in customers, and ensuring that they find the perfect item suitable for their needs, Lynette ensures that every client is educated and offered a discreet and world-class shopping experience in accordance with Desir's high standards and values.

Bridget - Order Controller

Bridget is an ambitious and hardworking young woman with a great desire for success. With a National Diploma in Banking and Finance, Bridget is solely responsible for heading up the Order and Dispatch Department at Desir, thereby ensuring that each and every parcel is delivered to the Desir customers timeously, impeccably wrapped, and delivered to our customers in the most professional manner.

“It is my objective and goal to have a successful career and one day be able to assist the younger disadvantaged African women within and around South Africa. I am a down to earth goal getter, who has set her own standards and works tirelessly to achieve her goals. At Desir I undertake my duties and roles with great pride, and am always looking to learn and develop myself. Due to my hard work and perseverance, my career has seen a shift from being a domestic worker to an order controller at Desir. My life is centered on hard work, love and self-respect and I am proud to be a loving wife and hopefully one day have lovely kids.”

My favorite quote from the mother of all times Mother Teresa of Calcutta: Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a struggle, accept it.

Geraldine - Client Concierge

Being in the hospitality industry for 5 years has taught me a great lot about myself! Prior to that I studied Journalism, whilst my passion for meeting new people steered me into waitressing - I got to meet people, make new friends, learn things and teach.

I love taking in knowledge and in return teach what I've learnt where I can, which is why Désir is a great platform for me.

My position as Client Concierge has allowed me to remove stigmas that are associated within this industry and allows me the platform to be able to educate people in order to honour themselves. Providing them with the most luxurious and professional service, I am proud to be part of Desir and to be able to growth with the business. 

Faith - Office Manager

Faith ensures that the Desir showroom and office space always run smoothly, from freshly cut flowers and ice cold champagne, to steaming hot cuppucinos and freshly baked croissants. Her gentle demeanour and glowing smile keep the team afloat in the most frantic of times and with her ability to package parcels with the most attention to detail Faith is an invaluable asset to the Desir team. 

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