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At Désir we take our purpose seriously - and that is to ensure that our customer's are educated, empowered, and honoured at all times and that you are provided discreet access to shop the world's most luxurious and reputable of adult intimate products. Meet the team that ensures you are honoured in the most spectacular way at all times and who work tirelessly to maintain our non-negotiable level of professionalism and highest of standards.


Brodie has over 18 years’ experience within the retail industry and has a serious passion for trading, product sourcing, and statistical number crunching. Whilst her experience is predominantly based on brick and mortar retail stores, she has had extensive involvement in the development and integration of e-commerce retail platforms across South Africa. 

Désir has been a carefully mapped out and detailed project, aiming to remove stigmas and provide consumer’s access to the most luxurious of products, which she is immensely proud and excited to part of. In addition Brodie holds an absolute belief in building people from the ground up, and giving back to communities through social upliftment and empowerment 
based solutions and has strived to include this ethos within the Désir team.  

A mother of two girls, Brodie is fervent about raising strong-willed, confident, and independent women who are able to assertively navigate their way through life and to be able to honour themselves regardless of the challenges or adversities, which they may face in life.


“I am the Operations Manager here at Désir & feel so privileged to have been part of this adventure from the very beginning. Having a Degree in Organizational Psychology and a Diploma in Business Analysis, my aim is to assist in the streamlining of processes to ensure maximum efficiency, doing market research and statistical analysis in order to meet consumer needs. From a Customer Liaison perspective, my goal here is to assist in removing the negative mind set around the purchasing of sex toys and striving to ensure that we, as a team, provide a comfortable and judge-free environment for our customers, new or experienced.

I like to stay on the positive side of life & always strive to do my best in all aspects of life. Désir is an wonderful company to work for, having their support in growing me in my career and as an individual & I am honoured to be a part of this amazing team!”



Clayton started at Désir in October 2015 with the sole mission of increasing organic traffic. The weather was heating up as well as the sex toy industry and soon thereafter Désir started to make their digital footprint in the online sphere.

“Désir was a perfect fit for me as they were a new business ripe for e-commerce domination and ready for a Search Engine Optimization Strategy. We are steadily growing as a team and moving at a fast pace as a result of our efforts. I see Désir destined to be the top adult shop in South Africa and a hub for the sex toy industry”.



Bridget is an ambitious and hardworking young woman with a great desire for success. With a National Diploma in Banking and Finance, Bridget is solely responsible for heading up the Order and Dispatch Department at Desir, thereby ensuring that each and every parcel is delivered to the Desir customers timeously, impeccably wrapped, and delivered to our customers in the most professional manner.

“It is my objective and goal to have a successful career and one day be able to assist the younger disadvantaged African women within and around South Africa. I am a down to earth goal getter, who has set her own standards and works tirelessly to achieve her goals. At Desir I undertake my duties and roles with great pride, and am always looking to learn and develop myself. Due to my hard work and perseverance, my career has seen a shift from being a domestic worker to an order controller at Desir. My life is centered on hard work, love and self-respect and I am proud to be a loving wife and hopefully one day have lovely kids.”

My favorite quote from the mother of all times Mother Teresa of Calcutta: Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a struggle, accept it.



Being in the hospitality industry for 5 years has taught me a great lot about myself! Prior to that I studied Journalism, whilst my passion for meeting new people steered me into waitressing - I got to meet people, make new friends, learn things and teach.

I love taking in knowledge and in return teach what I've learnt where I can, which is why Désir is a great platform for me. 
My position as Client Concierge will enforce me to remove stigmas that are associated within this industry and will provide me with an everyday basis of educating people to honour themselves and also giving them that top notch quality personalised service that we pride ourselves in. Désir is rapidly gowing and I can only see myself growing with it


Dr Scott Barker

I am originally from Pretoria where I studied medicine at Tukkies, before moving to Cape Town to do my Internship at Victoria Hospital. I was then fortunate enough to get a post at Vredenburg Hospital on the West Coast to spend my community service year.

After leaving the employ of the state I spent a number of years doing locum work at ER/Casualty wards at various hospitals in and around Cape Town. I then settled into 10 years of Family Medicine at a busy group practice, it was during this time that my partner Shannon and I welcomed little 2 boys into our lives. It was during my years of family medicine that I developed an interest in aesthetic and laser medicine.

My interest in Laser medicine has now branched into the exciting new field of minimally invasive laser procedures for common gynaecological problems. Laser vaginal tightening, treatment of stress urinary and mixed incontinence as well as treatment of vaginal atrophy are now possible as in office procedures which require no down time at all. I am excited about partnering with Desir. We both share the vision of improving people’s health and sex lives with state of the art medical innovations and medically endorsed sex aids. I now run my own Laser/Aesthetic/Veins practice in Sea Point, Cape Town.


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