Désir's panel of Medical Experts

It has been a crucial part of the Désir ethos to be able to align ourselves with medical experts that share our vision of changing the Sexual health and Wellness scene and to support our strategy of becoming South Africa’s most trusted adult shop . We are proud to introduce our Panel of Experts who not only share our vision of sexual education and empowerment but who are available to offer you access to sound and expert medical advice when you need it.

Catriona Boffard

Catriona Boffard – Clinical Sexologist & Psychotherapist

Catriona Boffard is a Sexologist, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapist, Sexuality Researcher & Educator and Author. She is a globally recognized authority on sex, and has delivered her expert advice on TV, radio, corporate and public platforms. She is an expert in the field of sexual behaviour and well-being, with a particular interest in helping couples re-establish their sexual intimacy and empowering women to embrace their sexuality. She works from a biopsychosocial perspective; assessing and treating clients through an integrative approach which explores the physiological, psychological and social factors behind their concerns.

Dr Jeanne Aspeling

Dr Jeanne Aspeling – Medical Practitioner

Dr Jeanne Aspeling qualified as a medical doctor from the University of Stellenbosch in 2011. She has been working in the field of sexual medicine since 2015 and she has treated multiple patients with any sexual health related problems for the past five years. Dr Aspeling is an Executive Board member of the South African Sexual Health Association. She is a member of the HIV Clinician Society of South Africa and the World Professional Association for Transgender Healthcare. She has been asked for her expert opinion in multiple articles as well as on radio talk shows. Dr Aspeling has a passion for Women’s Health and Men’s Health and approaches any sexual health problem from a medical perspective and rules out that a medical issue can be the cause of a sexual symptom/problem.

Dr Natalie Clarke

Dr Natalie Clarke – General & Facial Aesthetic Practitioner

Dr Natalie Clarke practices in Cape Town as both a general and facial aesthetic practitioner. During her 19 years of practicing medicine, Natalie has developed a special interest in women’s health and wellness. Natalie believes strongly in encouraging women to honour themselves and their bodies and advocates regular medical women’s exams. Natalie’s aesthetic practice ethos is to embrace and acknowledge the positive power and energy of the ageing process and supports women who choose to enhance their natural beauty through the use of aesthetic treatments of wrinkle-relaxing injections (Botox) and hyaluronic-acid dermal fillers. Natalie loves to laugh and when not at work loves to ride mountain bikes, dress up and drink champagne. Natalie considers it a great honour and privilege to have the opportunity to care for and help each and every patient who entrusts their healthcare needs to her.

Natalia Novikova

Dr Natalia Novikova – Gynaecologist

Dr Natalia Novikova is a gynaecologist with special interest in pelvic floor disorders, incontinence, painful sex.Being an advanced minimally invasive gynaecological surgeon and having a special interest in urogynaecology allows her to bring a full package of skills to women seeking assistance with female genital reconstructive surgery and variety of non-invasive treatments, improving genital appearance as well as treating incontinence, vaginal dryness, vaginal looseness, painful sex and other problems. Dr Novikova comes from Ukraine where she graduated from medical university in 1998. She trained to become a gynaecologist at the centre of excellence Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, Australia. Dr Novikova studied and worked in different countries (Ukraine, Sweden, Australia and finally South Africa) and in different settings (public or government and private, urban and rural, in various cultural environments, developed and developing countries) throughout her carrier. Dr Novikova has been dedicated researcher for many years and obtained Masters in Medicine degree from University of Sydney, Australia and PhD from National Medical University in Ukraine. She had published her research extensively in leading medical journals. Dr Novikova is a leader in the field of aesthetic gynaecology in South Africa. Dr Novikova empowers women to find solutions for their intimate health problems.

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