Our Camps Bay showroom is Cape Town’s premier destination for discovering and learning about high-end luxury sex toys, lingerie & sexual health essentials, in a safe & secure environment.

Situated at 13 Totnes Ave, Camps Bay and home to the carefully curated Désir Intimates Collection, our showroom boasts South Africa’s most distinctive luxury adult toy experience. Our expert staff will put you at ease and address any questions that you may have about our sex toy collection.

Visit a safe, open space where you can explore the best adult toys – and honour yourself!


We'd like to start by saying that we sincerely hope that all of our customers and their respective families are safe.

We would like to reassure you that we are implementing stringent precautions and safety measures to ensure that our showroom, logistics, and dispatch part of our business continues to be a safe and sterile operation and environment.


1. Our discreet showroom is situated in a small 3 storey building, with extremely limited foot traffic, compared to a traditional shopping center/mall.

2. Only 2 persons (excluding showroom manager) to be permitted into the store at a time

3. Excess patrons will be asked to wait outside of the building and not in the waiting area

4. Patrons without a face mask will not be able to access showroom

5. Patrons will be screened on entry using a No-Touch Forehead thermometer

6. Steriliser and hand sanitiser will be available at all entry and exit points of our showroom.

7. Patrons will be asked to sanitise their hands on arrival and departure.

8. All counters, door handles, glass surfaces, card machines and products are being continuously sterilised.This includes the aplication of SD90 on all surfaces. SD90 is a revolutionary product, used in protecting various surfaces for up to 90 days after deep cleaning, to assist in preventing the drastic spread of theCorona Virus.The product has successfully and extensively been used in China & Singapore in fighting Covid-19

9. Staff have been educated and empowered with regards to understanding the risks pertaining to the spreading of the Corona Virus as well as maintaining the necessary protocols in this regard.

10.Outgoing packages are packed with rubber gloves and are wiped down with disinfectant pre-packaging and pre-dispatch.

We honour our responsibility towards protecting our staff, our customers, and our families and as such we have taken serious precautions to ensure your safety whilst maintaining business as per usual.

Opening Hours

Monday: 9:00 - 17:00

Tuesday to Friday: 9:00 - 18:00

Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00

What to expect

Around the corner from the famous Camps Bay beach, our showroom offers visitors a unique and personalized experience from the most sophisticated Sexual Health and Wellness intimate store in Cape Town. This is South Africa’s premium adult shopping experience. We’ve worked hard to create a pristine, relaxed, educational environment for our customers to enjoy. On arrival at our Camps Bay showroom, you will be welcomed with an ice cold welcome drink of your choice, whilst you browse the most sophisticated Intimate Collection in the country.

With a world class vetting system applied to each and every product, we’ve ensured that our products are not only rated as a cut above the rest, but are internationally sourced and available to view within a safe and private setting.

Our Private Concierge Service

Our premium adult entertainment store experience comes with a concierge service, which means that you will have access to a knowledgeable professional who will answer your questions in detail. This personalised service sets us apart, and gives you the opportunity to ask sensitive questions that your average retailer wouldn’t know how to correctly answer.

Contact us & Directions

You can find us at: 13 Totnes Avenue, Camps Bay, Cape Town, 8005 Click here for Google Map Directions

Alternatively call 0860 994 160 or mail us on info@desir.co.za

Desir Luxury Showroom in Camps Bay
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