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Désir is an online adult store led by an incredible team of progressive entrepreneurs who, in 2012, recognized the need to provide customers access to the most luxurious and sophisticated adult toys from all over the globe. Headquartered in Camps Bay, Cape Town, Désir works tirelessly to bring the same level of distinction, quality, discretion and customer care to the South African adult toy market that is renowned in distinguished luxury intimate industries internationally.

Our Personal Mission Statement.

Our corporate mission statement at the Désir adult shop is to position ourselves as luxury dealers of the finest sex toys and accessories, whilst providing exceptional and extraordinary customer care, discretion and attention to detail as a brand.

Désir online aims to remove the social stigmas around purchasing and owning sex toys. Each of our products are carefully vetted, well-researched and aligned with our brand and product strategy – ensuring that every item meets the highest standard of sensual luxury.

We believe that you are beautiful regardless of size, age, race, gender or sexual preference. We honour ourselves, as well as our customers, and work to educate and entice our consumers into honouring, expressing and empowering themselves.

Désir online has an inherent social responsibility to be true to our own values and principles, and to protect our customers and act in their best interests at all times.

What it means to Honour Yourself.

We thought long and hard about a slogan that would best define Désir in South Africa for our customers and decided on ‘honour yourself.’

We believe that intimacy is a gift – for yourself and for your partner. Honouring yourself means being able to intimately communicate and empower who you are, and being able to do so without any guilt, shame or fear.

The modern world is brimming with people of all tastes and desires. Désir online embraces the differences and passions that exist in our clientele, and we celebrate them tastefully. Honouring yourself means respecting who you are, what you enjoy and who you love!

Shopping for sex toys and other intimate accompaniments at Désir online is an empowering process that is smut free. We don’t need to associate ourselves with the adult entertainment industry in order to embrace the idea that play in the bedroom can be invigorating.

Our dedication to social responsibility at the Désir adult shop also means that we keep our clients best interests in mind, consistently ensuring quality, discretion and service delivery.

Honour yourself by choosing Désir.

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