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3D Secure is an  a additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions. South African banks have implemented 3D Secure for all online retailers, which allows you to authenticate yourself while making an online payment with Désir. If your card has been activated for 3D secure payments, you’ll briefly be redirected and asked to input your unique OTP (one time pin), sms’d to your mobile phone, in order to authenticate the transaction.

What is 3D Secure?

  • Also called Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode

  • It is an authentication service that allows only the cardholder to use the card  

  • It allows you to enter your previously selected PIN/Password or a One Time PIN, therefore helping your bank to know it is you shopping online  

  • With additional focus on the safety of e-commerce transactions,

    • your bank may have already registered you for the service, or

    • you may be required to register during your next online purchase (see below). 

What can you expect when doing an online 3D Secure purchase?

If you have already registered or have been registered by your bank, you will be prompted with an additional screen requesting a One Time PIN (OTP) or a PIN/Password.  OTPs are sent to your cellphone number your bank has on record for you, whilst a PIN or Password is a secret code you have chosen when you registered for 3D Secure or was provided to you by your bank at the time of issuing your card.  Simply enter the OTP, PIN or password in the given space and proceed.  

What if I’m not yet registered for 3D Secure with my bank or am unsure?:

If it is your first time doing an online transaction, or you are a regular shopper but have never registered or been registered for the 3D Secure service, you might be asked to register for 3D Secure when you make a purchase.  

You can contact your bank at the below numbers, or clink on the links to register your card:

012 317 3344

0868 555 111

Standard Bank
0861 201 311

011 369 2800

Log on to your FNB Online Banking profile ( ) and follow these prompts:

  • Select the “My Bank Accounts” tab

  • Select the “My Cards” sub tab

  • Click on “Activate Now” in the “Verified by Visa” column for the card that you would like to activate

  • Capture the relevant details

  • You will be sent a OTP to your mobile phone which you will then need to enter on your online banking profile

  • Once done, your card will be activated for 3D Secure online banking.

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