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A Small Vibrating Sex Toy Ideal for Travel and Discreet Pleasure

A bullet vibrator is small enough to fit in your pocket, which is just as well – because you’ll want to take it wherever you go. Famous for internal and external stimulation, these tiny vibes pack a punch.

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Discreet pleasure is all about location, location, location!

These vibrators are among the top selling at Désir, and they’re made from the finest silicone materials in the latest designs. Easy to charge on the go, and conceal in luggage – these vastly underrated bullet vibes are perfect for avid travellers who are away for long periods of time.

What’s So Great about a Bullet Vibrator?

Bullet vibrators may be pocket-sized, but we’ve chosen a range that doesn’t skimp on power or luxury. You get the same impact as a quality vibrator, on a much smaller scale. These models come with a variety of charging options, speeds and shapes, so you’ll find exactly what you need here. Many of our premium models look exactly like lipsticks or other make-up items – so even if you do get stopped at the airport, no one will be the wiser. It allows you to transport your bullet vibrator in total secrecy, without fear of embarrassment or repercussion.

Premium Picks:
Who is a Bullet Vibrator For?

If you’re a couple going on holiday, or a woman that travels often – these vibrators are a sexy secret you can stowaway in your handbag or hand luggage. They’re small enough for easy concealment, but they’ll make a big difference during your away bedroom play. 

- Use it for solo play: These bullet vibrators are great for solo play enhancement, and they can be used to create incredible orgasms in no time at all. For an extra powerful orgasm, we recommend our duel stimulating g spot vibrator – small but significant!
- Use it for couple’s travel: If you’re looking for a discreet toy to take with you on holiday, to supplement foreplay and improve sex – these vibrators are what you need. Couples love having these on hand, and they’re great for intimacy and connection while away.

Take a moment to browse through our luxury collection, to find your new bullet vibrator. Whether it’s a classic replacement you need, or something exciting and new – you’ll find it here.
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