A Small Vibrating Sex Toy Ideal for Travel and Discreet PleasureA bullet vibrator is small enough to fit in your pocket, which is just as well – because you’ll want to take it wherever you go.

Famous for internal and external stimulation, these tiny vibes pack a punch.

Discreet pleasure is all about location, location, location!

These vibrators are among the top selling at Désir, and they’re made from the finest silicone materials in the latest designs. Easy to charge on the go, and conceal in luggage – these vastly underrated bullet vibes are perfect for avid travellers who are away for long periods of time.

What’s So Great about a Bullet Vibrator?

Bullet vibrators may be pocket-sized, but we’ve chosen a range that doesn’t skimp on power or luxury. You get the same impact as a quality vibrator, on a much smaller scale. These models come with a variety of charging options, speeds and shapes, so you’ll find exactly what you need here. Many of our premium models look exactly like lipsticks or other make-up items – so even if you do get stopped at the airport, no one will be the wiser. It allows you to transport your bullet vibrator in total secrecy, without fear of embarrassment or repercussion.

Who is a Bullet Vibrator For?

If you’re a couple going on holiday, or a woman that travels often – these vibrators are a sexy secret you can stowaway in your handbag or hand luggage. They’re small enough for easy concealment, but they’ll make a big difference during your away bedroom play.

Use it for couple’s travel:

If you’re looking for a discreet toy to take with you on holiday, to supplement foreplay and improve sex – these vibrators are what you need. Couples love having these on hand, and they’re great for intimacy and connection while away.

Take a moment to browse through our luxury collection, to find your new bullet vibrator. Whether it’s a classic replacement you need, or something exciting and new – you’ll find it here.

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Womanizer Silver Delights...Womanizer Silver Delights... 2
    Sex Toys

    Womanizer Silver Delights Collection - Womanizer

    BO DP4251460605816
    The Silver Delights Collection by Womanizer is a limited edition collection featuring two of your favourite products in one gorgeous gift pack. Featuring the Womanizer Premium clitoral suction vibrator and the We-Vibe Tango bullet vibrator, this set is perfect for women looking for intense clitoral stimulation whether it be for solo or couples play and...
    PowerBullet Essential...PowerBullet Essential... 2
      Sex Toys

      PowerBullet Essential Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator - Swan

      BO DP 677613571533/2/9
      This PowerBullet by Swan is an absolute must have for anyone look for discreet, long-lasting pocket-sized power.Measuring in at a petite 7cm's, this powerfull bullet vibrator offers an incredible 9 functions that are deep, rumbling, and intense when you need it. With one press button, you are able to navigate your way through each of the 9 intensities...
      Phoenix Neo Interactive App...Phoenix Neo Interactive App... 2
        Sex Toys

        Phoenix Neo Interactive App Controlled Bullet Vibe - Svakom

        CON SV S94
        The Phoenix Bullet Vibrator by Svakom is part of the new Intelligent App Control series, now allowing you to be more connected than ever before. Offering long distance control, local control and even web interactive, the Phoenix allows you to enjoy your pleasure with whoever you want, wherever you are or even for solo pleasure. Controlled remotely via an...
        Phoenix Neo + BDSM Kit...Phoenix Neo + BDSM Kit... 2
          Sex Toys

          Phoenix Neo + BDSM Kit Limited Edition Gift Box - Svakom

          CON S99
          The Svakom Limited Edition BDSM gift box features the Phoenix Neo Bullet vibrator as well as a comprehensive selection of BDSM items. Blending technology and sophistication into one, the Phoenix Bullet Vibrator by Svakom is part of the new Intelligent App Control series, now allowing you to be more connected than ever before. Offering long distance...
          Tulip Powerful Bullet...Tulip Powerful Bullet... 2
            Sex Toys

            Tulip Powerful Bullet Vibrator - Svakom

            CON SV S115B-BLK/VLT
            The Tulip by Svakom is a compact vibrator designed to be small in stature but powerful in performance. Measuring only 10.5cm in length, this vibrator fits perfectly in the palm of your hand but packs a punch with it's 10 powerful vibrations. With one key to control each setting, this vibe runs for a total of 1 hour on a single hour charge.  The soft...
            RO-80mm Single Speed Clitoral Bullet Vibrator - Rocks OffRO-80mm Single Speed Clitoral Bullet Vibrator - Rocks Off 2
              Sex Toys

              RO-80mm Single Speed Clitoral Bullet Vibrator - Rocks Off

              Rocks off
              BO DP 811041010060
              This award-winning bullet vibrator gives you intense power in a pocket size. It’s simple, perfectly sized and powerful. One button, one speed is all you need for breathtaking orgasms. The RO-80mm bullet vibrator is discreet, waterproof and sturdy. Pop it into your handbag for on-the-go orgasms, and keep another one easily accessible in your bedside...
              Bamboo 10 Speed Bullet Vibrator - Rocks OffBamboo 10 Speed Bullet Vibrator - Rocks Off 2
                Sex Toys

                Bamboo 10 Speed Bullet Vibrator - Rocks Off

                Rocks off
                BO DP 8110401012491/3832/3825
                The Rocks Off Bamboo bullet vibrator is a discreet and elegant vibrator that offers unique precision, intense vibrations, and a sophisticated sleek finish.With a silky-smooth flattened tip and sleek-sensual lines, this elegant vibrator offers 10 intense pleasure settings and is battery operated (1 x AAA). Perfect for direct stimulation to the clitoris and...
                Truly Yours 90mm Scarlet...Truly Yours 90mm Scarlet... 2
                  Sex Toys

                  Truly Yours 90mm Scarlet Bullet Vibrator - Rocks Off

                  Rocks off
                  BO DP 81104103450
                  The Truly Yours Scarlett Velvet bullet vibrator by Rocks Off is a powerful ergonomically designed pocket-sized bullet designed for absolute all-over body precision and stimulation. With 10 functions, this easy to use bullet features a tapered tip that allows you to use it on any of his or her erogenous zones. 100% waterproof you can play anywhere,...
                  Touch of Velvet Bullet...Touch of Velvet Bullet... 2
                    Sex Toys

                    Touch of Velvet Bullet Vibrator - Rocks Off

                    Rocks off
                    BO DP 811041013795/3344/3474
                    The Touch of Velvet bullet vibrator by Rocks Off is a petite sized bullet vibrator perfect for travel, discretion, and pinpoint precisioned pleasure. Featuring a tapered tip and an easy to use on and off button, this bullet is fuss-free and can be used on any of his or her erogenous zones. With 10 vibrational settings, it is fully submersible giving you...
                    BulletPoint PowerBullet...BulletPoint PowerBullet... 2
                      Sex Toys

                      BulletPoint PowerBullet Vibrator - Swan

                      Rocks off
                      BO DP 677613565150/167/112/198
                      The PowerBullet by Swan is a discreet and powerful bullet vibrator designed to offer pinpoint precision and accuracy. With 10 powerful settings, PowerBullet is known for its highly advanced motor and deep and rumbly vibrations. With a simply press of a button, you are able to navigate through 10 settings that vary from gentle and mild to incredibly...
                      Vibrating Bullet - PlusOneVibrating Bullet - PlusOne 2
                        Sex Toys

                        Vibrating Bullet - PlusOne

                        This small but powerful bullet by PlusOne is petite in size, but powerful enough to send you over the edge! Made with 100% body-safe materials, this quick-to-charge USB bullet promises 10 different vibration settings and 2 hours of fun. Perfect for precise stimulation, it features a tapered tip that is perfect for nipple, clitoral or perineum...
                        Lil Swirl Bullet Vibrator -...Lil Swirl Bullet Vibrator -... 2
                          Sex Toys

                          Lil Swirl Bullet Vibrator - Lil'Vibe

                          The Lil'Swirl bullet vibrator is perfect for targeted stimulation of your most sensitive areas whether it be your clitoris, nipples or even your anal area. With a powerful motor, this bullet vibe features 10 vibrational settings that allow you to adjust it's intensity from super soft to powerfully intense. Made from super-soft body safe silicone, the...
                          Lil Rabbit Bullet Vibrator...Lil Rabbit Bullet Vibrator... 2
                            Sex Toys

                            Lil Rabbit Bullet Vibrator - Lil'Vibe

                            The Lil'Rabbit bullet vibrator is a bullet vibrator perfect for stimulating your clitoral area. Designed from 100% super-soft body safe silicone, this seamless bullet features 2 flexible rabbit ears that gently envelop either side of your clitoris ensuring that even the very deepest nerve endings are stimulated by the powerful vibrations. 10 settings...
                            Mia 2 Clitoral Vibrator - LELOMia 2 Clitoral Vibrator - LELO 2
                              Sex Toys

                              Mia 2 Clitoral Vibrator - LELO

                              BO DP 7350022277731
                              Discreet and stylish, the Lelo Mia 2 is a bliss-inducing clitoral vibrator cunningly disguised as an innocent lipstick case. It’s practically silent when in operation, has a travel lock, and is easily popped into your make-up bag (though the beautiful satin carry pouch will also do the job just fine). What’s not to love about this perfect travel...
                              Classic Rechargeable Bullet - Je JoueClassic Rechargeable Bullet - Je Joue 2
                                Sex Toys

                                Classic Clitoral 5 Speed Bullet Vibrator with Finger Sleeve- Je Joue

                                Je Joue
                                BO DP 5060170971598/72083
                                The Je Joue Classic Bullet is a silky soft bullet vibrator designed with a tapered tip for absolute pin point clitoral precision.With an included finger sleeve, this bullet is versatile in it's various options of play. For hands free play, simply slip your bullet into the circular side and you, or your partner's fingers into the oval side. Allow your...
                                Rabbit Rechargeable Bullet - Je JoueRabbit Rechargeable Bullet - Je Joue 2
                                  Sex Toys

                                  Rabbit Ears Petite Clitoral Bullet Vibrator - Je Joue

                                  Je Joue
                                  BO DP 5060170971604
                                  Powered by Je Joue’s strong bullet motor, with five speeds and seven patterns, this petite bullet vibrator with ears packs a lot of pleasure in. It’s small and discreet, easy to hold and stimulates the clitoris with it's ears fitting snuggly on either side. From the satin-smooth texture of the bodysafe silicone to the flexible ears, this...
                                  G-Spot Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator - Je JoueG-Spot Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator - Je Joue 2
                                    Sex Toys

                                    Dual Stimulating G-Spot & Clitoral 5 Speed Bullet Vibrator - Je Joue

                                    Je Joue
                                    BO DP 5060170971611/69
                                    The G-Spot bullet vibrator by Je Joue is a perfectly curved petite bullet vibrator, ergonomically designed to pleasure both your G-Spot and Clitoral areas.Featuring a strong single motor, this bullet vibe has 5 versatile vibration levels, and 7 different pulsating modes. Don't be fooled by it's petite 10cm length, this vibrator offers intense vibrations...
                                    We Aim to Please Vibrating Bullet - Fifty Shades of GreyWe Aim to Please Vibrating Bullet - Fifty Shades of Grey 2
                                      Sex Toys

                                      We Aim to Please Clitoral Vibrator - Fifty Shades of Grey

                                      Fifty Shades of Grey
                                      BO DP 5060108819930
                                      You can’t please everyone, but we’d bet that the We Aim to Please vibrating bullet will please most of you. It’s a discreet and elegant silver bullet-shaped clitoral vibrator designed to maximise pleasure at the touch of a button. Slip it into a panty for vulva stimulation, or direct the rounded end at the head of the clitoris for more...
                                      Fifty Shades Freed Pleasure Overload 10 Days of Play Gift Set - Fifty Shades of GreyFifty Shades Freed Pleasure Overload 10 Days of Play Gift Set - Fifty Shades of Grey 2
                                        Sex Toys

                                        Fifty Shades Freed Pleasure Overload 10 Days of Play Gift Set - Fifty Shades of Grey

                                        Fifty Shades of Grey
                                        BO DP 5060680313628
                                        The Luxury Fifty Shades Freed Pleasure Overload Gift Set is a tantalizing gift box, perfect for introducing new ways to play together. Open a different door each day and discover either a sensual pleasure toy or a bondage accessory to introduce you to the world of sensory and light bondage play. Offering all kinds of intimate stimulation, the pleasure...
                                        BNear Classic Bullet...BNear Classic Bullet... 2
                                          Sex Toys

                                          BNear Classic Bullet Vibrator - BSwish

                                          B Swish
                                          BO DP8555888501399
                                          The BNear classic bullet vibrator is a corded remote-controlled set of bullets designed to work on two pleasure points at once. With 5 powerful vibration modes, these waterproof bullets are perfect for sharing or for use during solo play. Let your imagination run wild and use them on your clitoris, nipples, and even his erogenous zones.  A single...
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