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X-Pole pole sets come from an internationally renowned brand that has spent years educating the public about the benefits of dance pole fitness and aerial arts. Of course, these superbly manufactured poles are also used for bedroom related action.

It is fair to say that sometimes sex toys in South Africa mimic the adult entertainment industry, and this is true of the humble pole. Many men and women find dancing arousing, which is why these sets make for such a great addition in your home or bedroom area.

Better still, is that because these X-Pole pole sets are designed for modern dance and sporting events, they don’t have the stigma that comes along with purchasing a cheap imitation pole that easily breaks with use. If you are a fan of sensual dancing, then this could be your ideal purchase.

Modern Dancing Heats Up The Scene

Désir’s sex toys stand out because of their quality and ease of use. This is true of our pole dancing range, which we have selected to become an ideal accompaniment for suggestive dancing during foreplay. If you like to dance, or you have always wanted to learn – this is your chance.

Modern sensual dancing has become very popular lately, with X-Pole pole sets flying out of the store to meet the demands of a progressive client base. Many women take lessons just for fun, and as a means of expression – then they take what they have learned home and wow their lovers.

Incredible Quality, Durable Long-Lasting Safety

Sex toys in South Africa like these poles can often be cheap, and poorly made with low grade materials, which poses a safety hazard. If the pole cannot stand securely while you dance, you could end up seriously injuring yourself and ruining an intimate experience between you and your lover.

If you decide to invest in one of these X-Pole pole sets, you will never have to find out what it feels like to collapse with your pole. They are sturdy sport poles that secure tightly to any floor and ceiling combination with very easy to follow instructions for assembly.

Choose your new dance pole with our X-Pole pole sets range right here.

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