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The Womanizer is brought to you by a German company called EPI24 GmbH and their goal is to design innovative lifestyle products that are both ergonomic and of premium quality.

The Womanizer Adult Toy

Collaborating with Physicians and wellness experts, their international team of designers and engineers have created the first and only PleasureAir intimate stimulator. The founder, with 40 years’ experience in research and development, is committed to defining new standards for innovative technology. For the first time, this revolutionary product makes it possible to stimulate a woman without direct contact, for your private delight!

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  • R3,599 R3,848
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    The Womanizer has fast become one of the most popular clitoral stimulators & it is no wonder as to why! The W500 is stimulator that is a revolutionary product which uses both sucking and air pressure to stimulate the clitoris for mind-blowing orgasms. To top it all off, the Ultra Heat lubricant by Wicked is perfectly moulded to heat things up in just the...

  • R1,799
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    The Womanizer Pro40 is the perfect introductory toy for those new to the Womanizer experience. Using it's unique, patented PleasureAir technology, this product uses both sucking and air pressure to stimulate your clitoris without making direct contact, thereby avoiding over-stimulation, and allowing multiple orgasms! Simply place the soft silicone...

  • R4,199

    The Womanizer Plus Size is one of the latest products from award winning brand, Womanizer. Specialising in touch-less clitoral suction and stimulation, the Womanizer products use a servomotor and air compression pump that when working together create a suctioning effect on your clitoris - replicating the intensity of oral stimulation - and provide...

  • R2,685

    The Womanizer 2GO is a powerful and petite on-the-go clitoral stimulator. With it's revolutionary, and contactless Pleasure Air Technology stimulation, the 2Go targets the clitoris by gently sucking and stimulating your sweet spot without touching it directly. By applying intense pulsating pressure waves to your clitoral region, you experience direct and...

  • R3,499
    3 Reviews

    Womanizer's new and upgraded W500 PRO Clitoral stimulator is a revolutionary product which uses patented PleasureAir Technology to stimulate your clitoris without even touching it! By applying the circular nub directly over your clitoris (apply a small amount of lubricant prior), the W500 gently sucks and uses soft pressure waves to stimulate your entire...

  • R2,399
    1 Review

    The first in the popular Womanizer range, the W100 is a handy, compact clitoral stimulator that works through suction and air pressure to stimulate without direct contact. Simply place the nozzle over the head of your clitoris and relax while the Womanizer W100’s pulsating, sucking sensations build you up to a tremendous orgasm. Add a little...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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