Vulcan Sex Toys

Vulcan sex toys are among the most affordable male toys available on the market today.

But this does not mean that they lack quality, quite the opposite. Each toy is specially crafted to imitate a natural sensation, which means only the best types of soft silicone are used.

For many years, sex toys in South Africa were focused on women, and men were left without many options when they wanted to enjoy some solo play at home. Over the last decade a new generation of toys has emerged that helps solve this problem in the male niche.

Many have tried to get it right but few have succeeded, and Vulcan sex toys are one of the chosen few who have made imitation almost as good as the real thing. As a male companion that is travel-sized and easy to conceal in a bag, this is one brand you want to consider for your next trip.

The Exquisite Plus-Sized RangeWhen Your Hand Just Isn’t Good Enough

Desir's male masturbators may sometimes carry graphic names, but that doesn’t mean that the product is cheap and trashy. This is the case with Vulcan and their range of male masturbators. Each product was created to simulate the same kind of pleasure derived from being with a lover.

Ingeniously built, these tubes are some of Vulcan sex toys hottest selling items. Every unit is 15cm long and 6.5cm in diameter which is large enough to fit over the best parts of a male erogenous zone. Many customers have said that these exponentially increase sensations down there.

Choose From 3 Vibrating Imitation Pieces

Sex toys in South Africa like these have a bad reputation, but they are actually exceptionally well-built pieces of art. There are three in the range, one to simulate ladies parts, one to simulate a mouth and one for some backdoor action. You get to choose the sensation you want most.

The best part about these Vulcan sex toys are the brains in the companions. Each unit is fitted with a reliable vibrator for added sensation during use. Play around with the 9 vibration speeds to find your ideal rhythm the next time you are looking for some authentic solo play.

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Wet Mouth Vibrating 'Fleshlight' Masturbator - Vulcan Wet Mouth Vibrating 'Fleshlight' Masturbator - Vulcan 2
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Wet Mouth Vibrating Masturbator - Vulcan

BO846623001518 - D 27.10.2017
Male masturbation sleeves come in a variety of designs. The Vulcan range is similar to the popular Fleshlight strokers, with a sleeve contained in a casing for discretion and comfort. The Vulcan Wet Mouth Vibrating masturbator has a removable bullet that transmits vibrations through the length of your shaft for extra pleasure. This vibrating stroker has a...
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