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Tenga sex toys are some of our favourites in the intimate collection that we have selected for you. Aesthetically speaking, none of these toys look even remotely like an adult toy, which is beneficial if you are a constant traveller or you shy away from the imitation types of companion.

Like us, this brand believes that pleasure needs to be spoken about. Sex toys in South Africa have been a taboo subject for far too long, considering that everyone wants to have a healthy, vibrant sex life. You don’t need to be lewd or obscene to enjoy a sex toy with this brand on your side.

And that is what makes these Tenga sex toys so special. Not only are they built for functionality and fun, but they achieve this without appearing suggestive at all. Perfect as an introductory sex toy, or as a harmless companion to keep about the house in case you are ever feeling adventurous.

A Sex Toy That Doesn’t Look Like One

Desir's list of products don’t always have to assume traditional shapes or take customary sizes. They can be as innovative and design-conscious as they choose to be, which is the case with this brand. These exquisitely crafted companions are so discreet, you might even forget what they are for.

Luckily, you will never forget how one feels. Created to be highly functional, each sex toy has been engineered to perform flawlessly and repeatedly, for a durable, lovable companion that lasts. Tenga sex toys are the new frontier in private, vibrating companions – for people that are shy.

Empowering Couples That Find Intimacy Difficult

Sex toys in South Africa are often lewd and crass, which turns a lot of couple’s away from ever buying one. This brand closes that gap by being a non-threatening electronic device that can be used by both lovers on each other, however they wish. This makes it a powerful instigator for new users!

Designed by an Asian inventor, Tenga sex toys are innocently satisfying and will empower a couple that finds sensual intimacy difficult, to drop their guard and let the good times roll. If you want to invite a new level of adventurous play into your love life, then these companions are for you.

Choose your discreet companion with our Tenga sex toys range right here.

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