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Since 2005, Tease & Please Erotic Collection, in collaboration with Moodzz BV, have been creating games that focus on eroticism, friendship, contact and love.

They encourage loved ones, colleagues, family and friends to stay connected in a way that is fun, surprising and exciting, and to not let the everyday issues and routines take over. They have created games that motivate people to remain open or become acquainted with one another in a playful, fun manner.

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Kama Poker - Tease & Please Kama Poker - Tease & Please 2

Kama Sutra Poker Game - Tease & Please

Tease & Please
MDZ1072 D27.08.2019
Let the chips fall where they may, you’ll always have fun with this Kama Sutra themed game of poker. You don’t need to be an experienced poker player to enjoy the building of erotic tension as the game slowly raises the stakes with stripping, teasing and caressing your fellow player(s) until you reach the ecstacy round. Bluff your way, change...
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