Tantus Sex Toys

Tantus Sex Toys

Tantus sex toys come from a rich and colourful history, thanks to their original female creator Metis Black, who began hand pouring and sculpting them back in 1997.

This was during a time when nearly all other sex toys on the market were using common moulds and tin-based silicone.

Now we are excited to bring you these sex toys, because they have evolved into top quality, eco-friendly products made from a unique formula that only the brand knows. The brand has a mission to deliver superior sexual health products to the world, which we fully support.

That is what makes Tantus sex toys different. They started small and ended up huge, and just 18 years later they now sell some of the healthiest body-aware toys on the market, made from the finest materials. A pure formula goes a long way in making these toys the best around.

Be Healthy With These Body-Aware Products

Désir’s sex toys are sourced for a lot more reasons than ‘good looks’ and ‘could be fun,’ like many of our competitors, view our range here. In fact we audit each product to ensure that the materials are harmless and will not place our customers in danger of sexual ill-health down the line.

One of the reasons why we added these Tantus sex toys is that they use the highest grades of silicone on the market, which can usually only be found in small boutique stores. The materials are 100% body-safe and shaped specifically for safety and ease of use during play.

The Difference is In The Way It Feels

Sex toys in South Africa have a notorious reputation for being cheap junk that breaks, cracks or melts within a few uses. Worse still, many of these toys are too hard, too rough or too gritty to use over time. The difference with this line is in the way they feel, use after use.

Ergonomically engineered and eco-friendly, all Tantus sex toys are anatomically tested which is why they have earned a reputation as being some of the most comfortable toys in the world. If safety, hygiene and fit are of critical importance in your life, then this brand has a companion for you.

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Ryder Anal Plug for Intermediate Users - Medium - Tantus

BO830539000383 D14.05.18
Tantus anal plugs are cleverly designed and hand-poured in velvety-soft bodysafe silicone. The Ryder is intended as an ‘intermediate’ anal plug: smooth to insert, and with a curved base that sits comfortably between the butt cheeks for comfortable wear and easy-grip removal. This butt plug has a 10cm insertable length, with a long, narrow neck...
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Twist Anal Plug for Advanced Users - Tantus

This Tantus butt plug in 100% bodysafe silicone is perfect for more experienced anal players. The extra stimulation offered by the textured, corkscrew effect shaft will make the entire experience of the Twist anal plug more pleasurable. It’s a reasonably-sized plug, at just over 10cm of insertable length, and a diameter of 3.3cm. The silicone...
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