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Swede Herbal products belong to that unique group of sensual products that help stimulate the senses preparing the way for an intimate encounter.

Known around the world as a company designed to enhance the act of love, these herbal items are a must-have for your bedroom.It is well known that candles can be used as sex toys, to set the tone for romance when a dimmer, more subtle light is required. There is a growing trend for naturally infused candles now, made from essential oils and organic perfumes to stimulate your sense of smell.

As a market leader in scented candles, Swede Herbal products have spent years developing just the right scents to enhance your other senses and contribute to the perfect couples massage experience. These items are incredible for quickly and easily setting a specific mood.

A Cosmetic Formula Designed To Inspire

Desir's luxury adult toys attempt to not only inspire arousal in the right places, but to set the right tone for this arousal to take place between two people. This brand has created a line of aphrodisiac herbal candles, blended from natural waxes, butters and extracts that have then been fragranced with essential oils to make their ambiance in your room explode when the candle is lit.

But then these Swede Herbal products can be taken a step further. As the candle burns and liquefies the natural formula, it can be drizzled onto your lover’s body – making it a nourishing and hydrating massage oil that is warm and smooth to use during massage.

Bringing The Fantasy To Life

Sex toys in South Africa can sometimes leave you feeling less than inspired, but with a product like Swede, romance will always be in the air. The combination of exotic herbal smells, combined with the warm melted liquid massage oil is enough to ignite your passions for the rest of the evening.

To use these incredible Swede Herbal products, simply light the candle and wait for 15-20 minutes for the liquid to heat. A single candle gives you 36 hours of burn time, but that always depends on how the massage goes. Made with all natural body-friendly ingredients, you will love these candles.

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Luxury Massage Aphrodisiac Candle - Senze

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Senze’s erotic massage candle is perfect for gentle foreplay. The candle burns at a low heat, creating a warm, buttery, scented oil that moisturizes the skin as you massage. Just a few minutes of burning will create enough oil for a basic massage. Give it a little longer to have enough oil for a full-body sensual massage that your partner will love....
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