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Swan sex toys are known for their simplicity, elegance and exceptionally high quality materials. As the world’s first collection of completely silicone adult toys, you will find that these modern companions are always velvety soft, ready to go, and around when you need them.

Swan has achieved global recognition for their range and as sex toys in South Africa, we are confident that they will do the same. Their award list is a mile long, winning accolades for their product innovation and dedication to the luxury adult industry.

Some vibrators lose power with age, but Swan sex toys have ensured that their products will never suffer this fate, with Powerbullet technology that puts the strength of powerful motors in your hands. Enjoy unparalleled battery life that will never let you down with this range.

Fierce Energy For Longer Intimate Play

Desir's sex toys are all made from the best materials available, and this is particularly true for a brand like this. It took more than two years to perfect their recharging technology, which means that your companion will be stronger and work for longer than any other vibrator out there.

With Powerbullet technology, Swan sex toys contain ‘hidden-beneath-the-surface’ lithium-ion batteries that give you previously unheard of running times. You and your lover will never have to put an intimate moment on hold when your companion holds 14 hours of total run time!

Press and Hold For Increased Vibrations

Sex toys that are different, tend to sell well. What makes this brand different is the all-over silicone that covers 100% of the companion surface. Most other adult toys only offer 60% of the device to play with, with the clunky control box taking up the rest of the space.

Instead of making room for their controls, Swan sex toys developed the ‘press and hold’ controls that have made them world famous. The longer you hold the button, the stronger the vibrations get. It’s simple, easy and a lot more hygienic to use for both partners.

The technology hidden in your beautiful Swan sex toys also comes with a travel lock, so your companion will never switch on by mistake when you are on the move.

Choose your silicone love companion with our Swan range right here.

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  • R2,199

    Featuring two powerful motors in a classic rabbit-style design, the Whooper Swan is a luxurious vibrator you’ll fall in love with immediately. The generous proportions and flexible shaft ensure that the internal arm puts perfect pressure on the g-spot without grinding against the pelvic bone, while the external shaft covers the vulva. With the two...

  • R1,999
    1 Review

    The first vibrator developed for the Swan luxury collection, the Trumpeter is uniquely shaped. The long, narrow shaft and double heads make it a very versatile vibrator that can be used solo, with a partner or even at the same time by two partners. At the narrow end, the 25cm long shaft thins down to just 2.5cm, with a curved bulb that can be used to...

  • R1,399

    Gracefully curved in a classic g-spot targeting shape, the Swan Curve is a luxury g-spot massager that will bring many hours of pleasure. It's petite size makes it easy to hold and beginner-friendly. It has total length of 16.4cm, about 11cm of which is insertable. The tip has a little flexibility to it, so it can press against the g-spot to stimulate...

  • R699

    The Swan Ultimate Personal Shaver is an excellent investment designed for women and for all her personal grooming. It’s been carefully designed to be compact, lightweight, and easy to use. It gives a clean, close shave with no nicks, cuts or razor bumps. Included in the kit are the main trimmer, a precision trimmer head, a finishing head, a stencil...

  • R399
    Out of stock

    The Swan PalmPower isn’t just a powerful body massager. Thanks to this set of two click-and-play heads, you can change from the basic rounded head on the PalmPower to one of these delightful clitoral stimulators. The PalmDelight has two rabbitlike ‘ears’ for dual stimulation. The PalmTease has three softly curved tips to target...

  • R399

    Though the real beauty of the Swan PalmPower lies in its orgasmic strength, let’s not forget that this petite yet powerful toy does actually make a great massager for less erogenous zones. Use it with the standard rounded head, or grab yourself this set of two clic-and-play interchangeable heads to target specific muscle zones and ease stress....

  • R2,099
    1 Review

    The Silver Swan is part of Swan’s collection of beautifully designed rabbit vibrators. If you prefer a broader and more rumbly sensation on your clitoris, rather than pinpoint attention, then the Silver Swan is the sex toy for you. The internal shaft is also a little shorter than others, with an insertable length of just 7.6cm, and a full...

  • R2,299

    The Royal Swan, a classic rabbit vibrator with rotation in the main shaft tip and a separate vibration in the external shaft is perfectly designed to target both the g-spot and the clitoris simultaneously. Two buttons control the different shafts, so you have complete control over the intensity of sensation. Quick press to turn on or off, or hold the...

  • R999
    1 Review

    The new Pillow Talk range from luxury erotic toy manufacturers BMS Factory is sure to prove as popular as their Swan and Palmpower toys. BMS adult toys are known for their powerful motors and beautiful silicone finish, and the Pillow Talk Cheeky Wand Massager is no exception. The PowerBullet™ motor in the head of this vibrating massage wand is...

  • R1,399
    Out of stock
    1 Review

    The Swan PalmPower personal massager has a deserved reputation as one of the most powerful and compact massage wands available. This rechargeable version of the classic PalmPower bodywand gives you all the power, with no pesky electrical cords to get in the way of your pleasure. The PalmPower features a cleverly tapered handle that is easy to hold...

  • R399
    2 Reviews

    The PalmSensual is a set of two click-and-play heads that are designed to be used with the Swan PalmPower Rechargeable Body Massager. Pop one of these on to the head of your PalmPower to change it from a regular bodywand to a powerful G-Spot massager or rabbit-style vibrator. Made from seamless 100% bodysafe silicone, these heads are designed to...

  • R1,299
    Out of stock
    1 Review

    Slightly larger than a standard bullet vibrator and with a surprisingly strong motor, the Mini Swan Wand is a handheld clitoral vibrator that will quickly become your favourite for foreplay or solo masturbation. The curved and bulbous head perfectly translates the powerful vibrations to stimulate the nipples, vulva, clitoris, perineum or other erogenous...

  • R2,599
    2 Reviews

    Swan is a luxury brand with multiple award-winning, powerful high quality erotic toys in its range. Among these, the Kissing Swan rabbit vibrator is one of the most popular, award winning vibrators and it’s not hard to see why. With a silky smooth silicone exterior in Swan’s signature bright pink, and a rabbit-like shape clitoral...

  • R1,499

    We love the Squeeze range by Swan! The latest technology makes these toys perfectly touch sensitive, so a light squeeze activates the vibrations, and the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibration becomes. No fiddling with buttons, no cycling through patterns: just squeeze, or release, to increase your pleasure. Internally, the Swan Squeeze toys give...

  • R1,899
    1 Review

    The petite yet powerful Swan Hug rabbit vibrator features Squeeze Control technology to make your pleasure even easier. Simply switch on the Hug vibrator then squeeze the sides of the handle to increase the speed of the two motors. Separate buttons on the handle allow you to control the motors individually according to your desire. The 9cm insertable...

  • R2,399
    1 Review

    The Eternal Swan is a strapless strap-on vibrator, which is best suited for lesbian couples. The shorter end is worn inserted into the vagina, and requires fairly strong pelvic muscles to hold and control while penetrating a partner with the longer shaft. The shape of the Eternal Swan means that when the bulb end is inserted, the longer end stands up...

  • R2,499

    The Blossom rabbit vibrator by Swan is a vibrator in it's own league. With Swan's trademark Powerbullet technology, this vibrator has two motors situated in clitoral stimulator as well as the shaft of the vibrator. What makes this vibrator unique is that the internal shaft gently rotates whilst in use, stimulating not only your g-spot but your entire...

  • R3,699
    1 Review

    The Adore series from Swan is a slightly larger range of luxury vibrators with convenient induction charging. Just pop your favourite Adore vibe into its handy cradle when you’re done with it, and it will be charged and ready next time you need it. The Swan Adore Luxury is a classic rabbit style vibrator that offers nearly 15cm of insertable...

  • R2,899

    For those who prefer more power with less length, Swan took one of the most popular Adore rabbit vibrator designs – the Beauty – and made it smaller. With an insertable length of around 13cm, and a maximum diameter of around 4.5cm, the Adore Petite Beauty is fulfilling without overwhelming. The rotating shaft and external bunny ears...

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