Sqweel Sex Toys

Sqweel sex toys were created with the single-minded precision that comes with niche play.

If you are a fan of oral sex, then this companion could become your favourite new toy to add to your cabinet of delights. Each device was created with a fresh perspective on how pleasure is delivered.

One thing is for certain, and that is that sex toys in South Africa like this are rare, because they are so innovative, on the very cutting edge of modern advancements in this field. You will only find two toys in their limited, but perfect, range - built specifically for women.

If you are not a fan of vibrators and are looking for something different, Sqweel sex toys could be the sensual companion of your dreams. They are quiet to use, completely rechargeable and have been featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Company, with rave reviews!

An Oral Sex Companion Unlike Any Other

Désir’s sex toys are often ground-breaking and this flawlessly describes this sensual companion. The device contains a wheel of soft silicone tongues that spin around according to the setting that you choose. No other sex toy exists like this anywhere in the marketplace today.

Called the ‘world’s bestselling oral sex toy’ Sqweel sex toys are said to produce stronger, longer-lasting orgasms than topical vibrators which can overstimulate instead of enhance in some women. If you require a more subtle touch that is easy to control, then add Sqweel to your collection.

A Familiar Sensation Delivered at Top Speed

Sex toys in South Africa like this one have burst into the market, since winning the LoveHoney adult toy competition a few years ago. The wheel is now 30% more powerful than the original version, and feels just like a real tongue for a natural kind of arousal that hits the spot.

You can control the speed of the wheel and all Sqweel sex toys can flicker and be placed in reverse, for a varied oral experience. Inventor Trevor Murphy said that the idea came to him one night, just as he was falling asleep. Since then it’s won an armful full of awards!

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Sqweel Go Oral Stimulator - Sqweel

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The Sqweel Go Oral Simulator gives exactly the same amount of pleasure as the original Sqweel, the only difference being its size. At just 7cm, it is the perfect travel companion. A wheel of 10 soft silicone tongue shapes turns at your chosen speed (there are three speed modes) to stimulate the clitoris. The wheel can also go into reverse mode, or...
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