Shunga Intimate products were created for those exquisite breathless moments of intimacy in the bedroom. This brand believes that their range is a form of erotic art, and they have modelled their products on this amazing philosophy.

Sure to be some of the most popular sex toys in South Africa, this company began in 1988 in Montreal, Canada as a high end cosmetics company. Their first collection was a little risqué, and it became enormously successful, proving the demand for their products all over the world.

Created with Japanese design in mind, these Shunga Intimate products are all about stoking the fires of passion between two people. This brand transforms arousal into creative expression with their range of edible body powders, aphrodisiac oils, love-enhancing balms and other sensual items.

True Intimacy For Couples That Need a Reason

Désir’s sex toys are focused on enhancing the relationship between two loving partners, which is why this brand has been included in our premium range. If you and your lover need to give in to the love you share, to explore where it takes you on an intimate level, this brand will light the way.

After 15 years of success in the industry Shunga Intimate products will give you and your lover a reason to spend more time together, all over again. A global leader in the lotions and potions field, romance is only ever a bottle away when you invest in Shunga.

Variety Wins With This Internationally Acclaimed Brand

Sex toys in South Africa don’t have to be geared towards the obvious stimulation that comes with intimate experience. They can also be subtle accompaniments to your own physical exploration – one that moves into the realm of emotional sensuality for improved romance for two.

With the Shunga Intimate products range, you will delight in their massage creams, aromatic lubricants, erotic massage oils, love bath potions, magic arousal creams, aphrodisiac oils, candles, oral pleasure gloss products and delicious body paints.

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  • R249

    Shunga's Toko Aroma Lubricant is as high quality as all the products in this luxury range. With it's delicious candy-taste, the Shunga Aroma range is the only range of the market that leaves absolutely no aftertaste. This super-silky and long-lasting water-based lubricant is safe to use with condoms and erotic toys and requires only a small amount on...

  • R749

    Shunga's Secret Garden Clitoral Enhancing Cream improves and heightens clitoral sexual pleasure, making orgasms stronger and more frequent. This soft and sensual cream acts as a lubricant aid, maximising your pleasure and enhancing lovemaking. We recommend vulva and clitoral massage with Secret Garden cream for best results. 30ml.

  • R799
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    The G-spot contributes to women's sexual pleasure, but is not always easy to find. Use Shunga's Rain of Love G Spot Arousal Cream to swell this essential spot, making it easier to find and stimulate to orgasm. Contains natural ingredients for arousal. Booklet included for G spot self and couple discovery, enhancement and position variants.  30ml.

  • R349
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    Relax in a scented oasis as a prelude to a night of love. Shunga's Oriental Scented Dead Sea Salt crystals transform your bath into a sensual oasis. Just a small amount of crystals will colour your bathwater a soothing blue, creating velvet bubbles and releasing a beautiful scent. The aphrodisiac effect of these moisturizing bath crystals will linger...

  • R499

    Apply this softly scented aphrodisiac oil to your lover’s most tender parts, then blow gently on it to heat up the skin. The heating sensation caused by Shunga Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil is guaranteed to set your lover aflame with desire. This tasty edible oil encourages you to caress, lick and blow on your partner’s skin, giving a whole...

  • R849

    The secret arts of Japan’s renowned geishas made them sought-after lovers.  The Geisha’s Secrets Collection from Shunga lets you in on some of these secrets. This sample-size set contains beautifully scented bath gel, massage oil, warming aphrodisiac oil, Sweet Snow body powder with feather tickler for application, and Secret Garden...

  • R729
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    All-natural ingredients provide intense sensation in Shunga's Dragon Virility Cream. The 'fire and ice' sensation enhances the erection and lightly desensitizes, so he can enjoy longer lovemaking. During sex, the sensations stimulate the vagina and G-spot, intensifying orgasms for her. Dragon Virility Cream makes sex more intense and fulfilling for both...

  • R2,299

    Shunga collections are beautifully packaged, and perfect for gifting. The Carnal Pleasures Collection contains five full-sized products, offering a range of deliciously scented options for your carnal adventures. Dust your lover’s body with Sweet Snow edible body powder using the feather tickler. Choose between erotic massage oil or Soft Moves...

  • R429
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    Experience the ultimate erotic massage with Shunga's massage candles, a soy based candle that can be used as both an ambiance candle or an intimate massage oil. It is made from 100% natural oils and is designed to burn at a lower temperature in order to create a lukewarm oil that will leave the skin feeling soft and silky. 170ml

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