Picobong sex toys are some of the most discreet that you can buy, mainly because they look nothing like an adult toy. The brand does this on purpose to strip away the stigma of owning a toy and using it in the bedroom during solo play or as something to promote intimacy between couples.

As long as there have been adult toys, brands have attempted to create toys that would hold more of a mass appeal. Picobong achieves this effortlessly with their striking colours, fun designs and bold risqué presence in the marketplace.

This brand claims to have global charisma and they use their Picobong sex toys to deliver on a solemn oath – to keep their customers on their toes with an endless variety of innovation. Based on their range and their growing body of fans, we have to agree that they are keeping their promises.

Adult Toys For Life, Love and Adventure

Désir’s sex toys need to fit in with your busy lifestyle, which is where this adaptive brand comes in. With pocket-sized vibrators that are built for travel, you never have to leave your excitement at home. Best of all, you don’t have to live through the embarrassment of a luggage check!

Each and every one of these fine Picobong sex toys could be a general massager. Only you and your lover would know what your companion is really used for. As a division of the Lelo brand, these companions are also very affordable, which means that you don’t have to choose, take them both.

The Trendiest Version of Your Favourite Toy

Sex toys in South Africa deserve a better reputation, and companies like this have done a lot to get them there. With headquarters all over the world, from Shanghai to California, you are guaranteed the latest in modern adult technology when you invest in a brand like Picobong.

A sexual revolution is taking place, and Picobong sex toys are at the centre of it all. Personal sensual awareness is an important life skill, if you want to live the best version of your life. Become uninhabited, unbiased and unburdened when you add one of these fun toys to your collection!

Choose your daring companion with our Picobong sex toys range right here.

Alternatively you can browser Desir's full range of inimate toys here.

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  • R999

    The Zizo Innie Vibe by Picobong is a classically curved vibrator perfect for focussing on all of your pleasure points. Classic and classy in it's design, the Zizo is for confident minimalists looking for maximum pleasure. With a curved shaft for G spot stimulation and a tapered tip for precise clitoral massage, the Zizo is a versatile vibe offering all...

  • R1,149 Mahana by Picobong is an innovative dual vibrator that is inserted into the vagina and stimulates both the g-spot and the clitoris. Each arm can be operated separately or they can both vibrate together to build up to a blissful blended orgasm. The Mahana is made of bodysafe ABS plastic and high-quality soft-touch...

  • R829
    1 Review

    With its clever flexible silicone ring to slip over your finger the IPO Finger Vibe is a step up from your basic bullet vibrator. It may be small, but it packs a lot of power thanks to a new-generation motor that makes the most of a standard AAA battery. The strength of the motor gives a good rumbly vibration that is ideal for both pinpoint stimulation...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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