Minds of Love sex toys are great if you are looking for something a little different, but still want the sophisticated elegance you have come to trust here at Désir. Enjoy this playful range of couple-centric toys, created to invite elevated levels of excitement and inspiration into your life.

One of the main ongoing problems with sex toys is that they are positioned as part of the adult entertainment industry, which degrades the love and intimacy shared between two audacious people looking to connect physically in the bedroom.

That’s why we have added this range of Minds of Love sex toys to our intimate collection, to encourage variety and experimentation in our sophisticated clientele. When it comes to intimacy and true bonds of love, there is no rule book whatsoever that should restrict your play.

A Bold, Playful Frontier For Discovery

Desir's adult toys are focused on the exchange of passionate love that happens when couples are able to freely explore their desires with each other. With these playful toys, your imagination will be set on fire, racing through a thousand things you could do to excite your lover.

Minds of Love sex toys set the tone for this sort of seductive discovery with their streamlined, velvety materials and fun, energetic colours. There is no need to make any new experience an awkward one when toys can make you feel this inspired!

Removing The Shame From Couple’s Experimentation

It has always been a mission of ours to elevate sex toys in South Africa and actively remove the shame surrounding sexual exploration for couples. There is nothing shameful about indulging in the sensual love you share for each other, and finding out what makes the other weak at the knees.

When you make an investment in these Minds of Love sex toys, expect your bedroom play to come alive with instinctual experimentation. To be curious is human, and sexual curiosity only ever leads to a greater understanding of yourself and the person you are in love with.

If you need something to help ignite your bedroom play, these Minds of Love sex toys will take you to places you’ve never been before.

Choose your playful companion with our Minds of Love range right here.

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  • R1,149
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    1 Review

    Minds of Love gave this rabbit vibrator the right name when they called it the Seducer. This well-priced and popular battery-powered rabbit vibrator is a great choice for those new to sex toys. The bulbous head to the internal shaft mimics the shape of an erect penis, with a little extra curve to ensure it reaches the magical g-spot for excellent...

  • R1,099

    A simple, budget-friendly and bodysafe rabbit vibrator, the Romeo from Minds of Love is reliable and classic. With a gently curved internal g-spot shaft and a flexible exterior shaft designed to stimulate the clitoris, the Romeo will not let you down. You can count on this rabbit vibrator to be as steadfast as its literary namesake, and with just 2...

  • R1,199

    Vibrating ‘love eggs’ are so much fun. They can be used externally similarly to a bullet vibrator by holding the egg against the clitoris for direct stimulation. They can also be inserted into the vagina and then worn while you go about your daily tasks, adding a wicked extra edge of pleasure to your routine. Of course, they’re also...

  • R1,499

    Based on the famous Hitachi Magic Wand, this Minds of Love Massager has a soft massage head, perfect for either body or clitoral massage and stimulation. With 2 levels of vibrations, it promises a steady and intense build up, with an intensive release. This wand is large enough to cover the entire vulva area, making your orgasm an all rounded experience.

  • R1,099
    2 Reviews

    Minds of Love is a wonderfully well-priced quality brand, featuring a wide range of erotic toys to suit your budget and your pleasure. The Gilberto is no exception. It’s a battery-powered classic G-spot vibrator, with a gentle curve designed to touch you in all the right places. The handle is long-lasting ABS plastic, while the insertable end...

  • R1,799

    The Franco rabbit vibrator from Minds of Love is a powerful clitoral and g-spot stimulator. The elegant curve of this vibrator brings the bulbous head perfectly into contact with the g-spot, while the clever ridges along the inner edge provide added stimulation to the vaginal canal. The looped ‘tail’ of the Franco makes it easy to hold...

  • R849

    The Effectus G-Spot Vibrator by Minds of Love has more length than the average classic or g-spot vibrator, with a total length of 18.5cm and a diameter ranging from 3.2 to 4cm. The Effectus has a bulbous head designed to massage the g-spot using one of the six vibration patterns. Turn it on and off easily, or change up the patterns, using the...

  • R949

    The Minds of Love range is both body-friendly and budget-friendly. With quality, bodysafe silicone and ABS plastic erotic toys like the Activus G-Spot vibrator, Minds of Love is a great brand for those new to sex toys. The Activus is surprisingly powerful for a battery-powered vibrator – it takes 4 AAA batteries (not included), and is very...

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