Malesation sex toys come to SA with this original range of black items, so they are very easy to recognize among other toys. The idea behind the dark colour is to limit the impact of wear and hide any stains or marks that may happen during inspired sensual encounters.

A lot of people have said that these sex toys are uniquely durable, because they are specifically made for ‘his’ pleasure – even though the range is interchangeable for him and her. The brand likes to call themselves the ‘sexual gadget makers’ of the adult world, for pure indulgence.

Aside from the dark colours that are intrinsic to Malesation sex toys, they are also incredibly well made by this European company, with the best materials available. Sure to appeal to any man, this range brings a sense of danger and artistic elegance to your bedroom, where it belongs.

Why Black Sex Toys Are The Best Kind

Désir’s sex toys may be selected to delight and enrapture, but a few need to capture the attention of couples that prefer things a little more advanced. Often, these couples choose to invest in black sex toys because they retain the mystery of the moment, as it is happening.

When you decide to buy one of the Malesation sex toys, you are getting a companion that was made for hard wear and long-lasting use. Black toys from this range are seen as more hygienic, hiding any surface stains that may spear, keeping your companion looking good all through the night.

Everything a Man Loves, And a Woman Too

For quality sex toys in South Africa few brands can compare to Malesation’s exquisite range of daring sex toys for him. Almost ironically, when he is happiest so is she – so the brand has become popular among women who want to make sure that he is more than satisfied.

Malesation sex toys have evolved into more than just male gadgets of delight, they also include features to enhance her pleasure. And as any experienced couple knows, when one lover is happy the other one is sure to follow suit with the right motivation!

Choose your daring companion with our Malesation sex toys range right here.

You can also browser our full luxury collection here.

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  • R129
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    Malesation Glide is a smooth water-based lubricant great used on its own or with any toy. It is latex friendly, odorless and tasteless. Malesation Water Based Glide is long lasting yet gentle on skin and toys. Suitable for males and females. 50ml

  • R249

    These stretchy penis ring set by Malesation is designed specifically to help you achieve a longer-lasting and stronger erection. With three seperate rings, each featuring a unique design, you can choose from ribbed wtih chunky blocks, groovy waves, or fine ornamentation - all providing you with unique and varied stimulation. Made from phthalate free and...

  • R299

    Available in three sizes for all experience levels, the Malesation Silicone Butt Plug is beautifully shaped for easy insertion and amazing sensation. The tapered design and pointed tip allow you to gently ease this anal plug in, using plenty of water-based lube, while the broad central shaft gives you a pleasing feeling of fullness. The narrow base shaft...

  • R199

    Malesation's Power Ring is no ordinary cock ring. Made from the purest phthalate-free body safe silicone, this power ring has been designed specifically for those allergic to various materials and taking sensitivity into account. Due to the softness of the silicone, this cock ring is extremely comfortable. Scentless, anti-allergenic, and easy to clean....

  • R999
    1 Review

    The Special Penis Pump by Malesation is a new and improved version of the Malesation Penis Pump Enlarger. This pump has a PSI Reader to help you gauge the amount of pressure you feel most comfortable with, as well as a newly designed pump-action handle to assist in increasing the size and girth of your penis. Use this along with one of our cock rings to...

  • R299

    The Nubby Sleeve by Malesation will not only provide length and girth to your penis, but will stimulate your partner with its added bumps and clitoral stimulating protrusions. This sleeve is ultra-soft, odorless and non-porous. It is made from elastic, phthalate-free TPR and will stretch to fit most men.

  • R249

    The Malesation Beaded Cock ring set gives you two cock rings specifically beaded for extra stimulation. Made of high grade silicone, these soft, hygienic rings are anti-allergenic and easy to clean. Set includes two cockrings: 4cm and 4.5cm wide.

  • R799 R1,199

    Ready for some serious stimulation in the anal area? The Silicone Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug from Malesation is a sensational anal toy, in every sense of the word. It’s a fulfilling 12cm of insertable length, with a hand pump for inflation and seven vibration modes. Tapering to a modest tip, with a total diameter (un-inflated) of 4.5cm,...

  • R1,199
    2 Reviews

    The Homeboy is a rigid, ribbed prosthetic penis cover that adds plenty to your length and girth for a more filling sensation for your partner. This vibrating strap-on is ideal for men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It’s hollow inside, so the penis rests comfortably within the strap-on, held in place by the adjustable straps. Simply slip...

  • R299
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    The Malesation Delay Spray has all natural ingredients and has a slight numbing effect, allowing you to keep control and prevent early ejaculation. Being able to last longer will give you the opportunity to provide longer lasting enjoyment. We recommend waiting a few minutes for the spray to take effect and to prevent the spray from affecting your...

  • R129

    Cock rings extend your enjoyment, make your erection harder and longer, and build up amazing orgasms. So who wouldn’t want to make sure they have a selection of different cock rings in their toy drawer? The basic cock ring from Malesation is a great one to start with. It’s made of soft, bodysafe silicone, and is available in different...

  • R829

    The Malesation Anal Stimulator has been ergonomically designed for ultimate pleasure. Its internal arm massages his prostate with precision, while the bump on the external arm will massage his perineum to gain maximum pleasure.

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