The Lux Fetish brand is best known as the premium soft bondage couples brand. With items ranging from hogtie sets, restraining products, swings, and fun introductory bondage play to the more advanced core utility products, you are bound to find quality products perfect for the BDSM enthusiast.

Lux Fetish Adult Toys

Beginner or advanced, the Lux Fetish products are made from the highest quality materials, are body safe, and encourage safe and gentle bondage play. For a novice, the idea of bondage play can be rather unnerving, but with Lux Fetish and the appropriate knowledge you are guaranteed a safe and exciting experience in pushing your sexual boundaries and experimenting with your limits.

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  • R499

    The LUX Fetish Vinyl King Size Bed sheet is ideal for non-mess and stain free play. Made from PVC this king size sheet fits most beds, and is stain, lubricant and oil safe.

  • R849

    This beautiful harness is made from 100% PVC, comes with 2 x rubber hold rings and can accomodate any dildo with a flared base. It is fully adjustable and will fit up to 152cm waist. This comfortable harness is perfect for beginners & experts alike!

  • R249

    The Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps by Lux Fetish are a set of clamps designed to plump your nipples by allowing you to adjust the pinch of the clamps according to your personal pleasure threshold. With padded tips on each end, and an ultra tight grip, these nipples clamps are joined together by a high quality steel chain and are designed for erotic...

  • R649

    This Lux Fetish Hog Tie Set is a BDSM couple's dream. Take full control of your partner while they're secured in positions that you and they never thought possible. With all four adjustable cuffs meeting at a center point, connected by rings and swiveling connector clasps, you are able to control and move positions according to your taste. Cuffs can...

  • R429

    These Lux Fetish Faux Fur Ankle Cuffs are perfect for restraining your partner, whilst letting them still play with their hands. Featuring a lock and chain, these ankle restraints are fully adjustable and are made of premium steel clips. The comfortable faux fur makes wearing them comfortable, allowing you to focus on the intense pleasure of being...

  • R999
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    This Lux Fetish Door Slam Love Swing allows you to turn any standard door into a versatile and thrilling sex swing. Perfect for helping you and your partner discover different angles and positions to add to your repertoire. Simply shut the cuff loops into the door frame and use the fully adjustable straps to position you comfortably. Can hold a maximum...

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