Lelo sex toys are some of the best-selling in the country. Known for their superior design and sensual range of tasteful accessories for adults, here is a brand that you can trust. Their collections are specially made for the luxury market, packaged in dark boxes to exhibit their sensual nature.

When you think about the entry of quality sex toys in South Africa, you automatically think about Lelo because they have been around since the very beginning. For men and women who want to enhance individual sensations or couple’s looking for fresh excitement, this brand is a classic.

The great thing about these Lelo sex toys is that a lot of development and thought has gone into their manufacture. With one of the broadest most exhilarating ranges in the country, you are sure to find just the right companion for your explorations and adventures in the bedroom.

Designed For Elegant Use During Couples Play

Désir’s sex toys come from the best designer brands in the world that are producing adult love toys today. Lelo makes the cut because of their longstanding reputation, material quality and state-of-the-art toy designs. This is the original designer brand for adult toys.

It’s true that this brand is award-winning, but the Lelo sex toys range is so much more than that. Each toy promises new experiences for you and your lover, which builds tighter bonds of love and promotes sensual, romantic stimulation in the bedroom for passionate exchanges.

A Welcome Addition To Any Refined Collection

Sex toys in South Africa don’t usually come with any sort of warranty, but this brand makes sure that you can rely on the toys that you buy. With an extensive range of toys that you cannot find anywhere else, this brand has distinguished itself with pleasure sets and sleek massagers.

If you are deterred from toys that look tacky and pornographic, then you will love your Lelo sex toys – which radiate finesse and subtlety across all of their products. If you are tired of ordering toys that leave you feeling less than satisfied, then moving to Lelo can solve that problem.

Choose your new intimate companion with our Lelo sex toys range right here.

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  • R225
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    This cleaning spray is the best choice for all your cleaning needs. The anti-viral, anti-fungal spray takes 5 seconds to activate & can be used on latex, silicone, rubber or plastic toys. Its alcohol-free & balanced pH composition is proven to remove 99% of bacteria & germs. The stylish bottle purely says...

  • R2,399
    Out of stock

    Intensify your sexual experience with the Lelo Tor 2 Vibrating Couples Cock Ring. It is a comfortable and perfectly-fitting ring made from 100% sfot body-safe silicone. Not only does it provide him with prolonged erections and delayed ejaculation, it has been designed to stimulate her clitoris just as effectively. It has a motor that is 100% more...

  • R2,599
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    1 Review

    Lelo's Tiani Couples Vibrator is perfect for couple play. Worn by the woman during love making, the external arm stimulates her clitoris externally, whilst the smaller arm fits snugly inside her, still allowing him to enter her without any discomfort. The vibrations in the enternal arm allow both partners to be stimulated - perfect for allowing both...

  • R2,574

    The Lelo Tara Couples Massager is a remote controlled couples vibrator to be worn by the women during love making. With vibrations focused on your clitoris, the shaft worn internally rotates to massage your G spot with expert precision. The comfortable fit allows the male partner to enter comfortably, allowing both partners to reach orgasmic heights...

  • R1,129

    The Lelo Tantra Sensua Whip provides a more stylish addition and daring approach to your bondage bedroom play. With soft suede tassels, this sensua whip allows you to vary the intensity of each blow, from softly sensual for awakening your senses to the more experienced and direct sting. Perfect for that erotic and suggestive gift.

  • R2,699
    5 Reviews

    The Lelo Soraya Luxury Vibrator is perfect for the lady looking for dual stimulation. Dubbed the most luxurious rabbit style vibrator, it's gold/silver plating warms to body temperature & powerfully stimulates both the clitoris and g spot simultaneously, guaranteeing a more intense orgasm. With it's finger loop, it offers the perfect control....

  • R2,395
    1 Review

    Lelo's Smartwand Medium, an update of the 'Hitachi' is cordless & designed for intense, luxurious pleasure. A smaller version of the Lelo Smartwand Large, this massager increases it's vibratory strength the harder it is applied. With memory function that remembers the last setting & with SenseTouch feature, the Smartwand Medium has 8 varied speeds,...

  • R3,065
    1 Review

    Lelo's Smartwand Large, an update of the 'Hitachi', provides an incredibly intense vibratory experience. Slightly bigger and more powerful than the Lelo Smartwand Medium, the innovative SenseTouch feature makes this cordless wand a cut above the rest.Vibrations build as soon as it makes contact with your skin and it can be used as both a body...

  • R2,985

    Lelo's Ora is the first ever winner of the prestigious Cannes Lions Award in product design for pleasure objects globally. Circular in shape with a cut out hole for easy handling, the small bead at the base rotates to simulate the feeling of oral sex. Together with vibrations & 10 stimulation patterns, the sophisticated Ora will provide hours of...

  • R2,899

    Lelo's Oden Couples Vibrator is the most sophisticated remote controlled couples Ring and Vibrator combination. Worn by the male in the form of a cock ring, the Oden provides him with a longer lasting erection and delayed ejaculation, whilst the bullet vibrator rests lightly on her clitoris providing her with the ultimate in powerful orgasms. With...

  • R1,395
    Out of stock
    1 Review

    The luxurious, lipstick-shaped Mia 2 Vibrator by Lelo was designed for absolute discretion and is perfect for clitoral stimulation. The USB rechargeable vibrator has a virtually inaudible motor with 6 varied intensities & the angled tip makes it the perfect product to explore and experiment with. Treat yourself to a bullet with a touch of class.

  • R2,754
    1 Review

    Lelo's Lyla 2 Vibrator is a thrilling premium vibrating bullet with a wireless remote control that vibrates as well. Worn internally by the female, this bullet style massager provides you the secrecy, pleasure, and excitement any time of the day. Wear it wherever and allow your partner to thrill and excite you by using the powerful SenseMotion...

  • R1,150
    Out of stock
    1 Review

     The Lelo Luna Beads Mini are a smaller version of the original Luna Beads, offering a smaller diameter of 29mm as opposed to the Classic Luna Beads which has a diameter of 36mm.Providing sleek and seductive kinetic energy, these kegel balls are designed to respond perfectly to your movements, enhancing and toning your pelvic muscles, providing...

  • R1,150
    1 Review

    The Lelo Luna Beads are a set of sleek and seductive kinetic energy vibrating kegel balls, (28g and 37g), designed to respond perfectly to your movements. Not only enhancing your arousal and sensual feelings, these luna beads are a comfortable and can be used according to your fitness levels.  The more toned your pelvic muscles, the more intense...

  • R2,499

    Lelo's perfectly shaped Loki prostate massager for men is perfect for more controlled application and direction. Guaranteed to enhance your orgasms by 30%, this vibrating massager is waterproof and rechargeable. With 6 variable settings providing mind blow and intensive orgasms, this perfectly shaped and angled prostate massager, makes it your number one...

  • R2,295

    Lelo's Lily handheld massager is petite & discreet, perfect for sensual women who masturbate through clitoral stimulation only. It is designed to fit the body perfectly and allows both clitoral and vulva stimulation. It can be used any which way: Use the broad, flat side for overall stimulation, use the gentle curved side or the tip for a...

  • R245

    This incredibly luxurious product by Lelo is a dual purpose personal lubricant as well as a moisturizer. Made from nourishing ingredients, this lube will provide you with long-lasting lubrication and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. This water-based lubricant is a safe and a satisfying addition to all your sensual experiences. It is safe to use...

  • R3,048 R3,338
    Reduced price!

    Looking to add a little adventure to the boudoir? Then this bundle pack is for you! Get the Oden 2 Vibrating Couples Love Ring and the SuperHero Performance Spray for Men at a reduced price to help spice things up a bit! The Oden 2 is one of the world's most sophisticated vibrating love ring for couples. It has flexible, interchangeable bases to...

  • R599

    LELO Charger.

  • R2,712 R3,013
    Reduced price!

    The prostate is a walnut sized gland located at the root of the penis & when massaged correctly, provides intense, long-lasting, even multiple, orgasms and intense ejaculation. Lelo engineered the Bruno Prostate Massager to provide men with the ultimate prostate experience. We have teamed the Bruno up with the Jelle water-based anal lubricant to ensure...

  • R2,609

    The Indulge me Pleasure Set from Lelo is the ultimate addition to the bedroom when it comes to indulging in those intense, intimate moments. This pleasure set has a silk INTIMA blindfold and a feather tickler to heighten your partner's senses. To top it off, a Lelo Noa Couples Massager is included to turn your experience into a memorable one, allowing you...

  • R2,989

    The Lelo Ina Wave Vibrator, at a length of 11cm is a dual action rabbit vibrator which offers a wave like motion (replicating finger motion), whilst stimulating the clitoris at the same time. The orgasmic experience is three-fold, whilst the precise G-spot precision allows you to experience intense internal massage bringing you to the perfect climax....

  • R2,895

    The Lelo Ina 2 is a rabbit vibrator that features 100% more power than its predecessor, the Lelo Ina. It is a dual stimulating vibrator, which means it provides incredible clitoral and g spot stimulation simultaneously. One motor in the internal shaft and one in the external arm, ensures you experience the perfect blended orgasm. The Ina 2 provides you...

  • R2,985
    1 Review

    The Ida Vibrator by Lelo is the ultimate in couple play. With the slender arm slipping easily and gently inside the female, this couples vibrator is small enough to still allow the male partner to to enter her at the same time. With the arm's slight internal swirling rotations, it not only provides intense g spot stimulation for her but gently caresses...

  • R2,854
    Out of stock

    The Hula beads by Lelo is the world's first bullet that rotates and vibrates. The top bulb rotates, while the base vibrates. It's also a 2-in-1: It can be used to stimulate the sensitive labia & clitoris area by inserting the first bead only. When inserting fully, this incredible toy will stimulate the G Spot. Accompanied by a remote...

  • R3,499
    1 Review

    Lelo's Hugo prostate massager is one of a kind. t's remote control functionality allows you the option to control the vibes & intensity, giving you the perfect hands free experience! The Hugo is designed to increase the size & intensity of the male climax by 30% providing you with the most explosive orgasmic experience. Perfect for either solo...

  • R2,699

    The Gigi 2 is Lelo's worlds best-selling G Spot vibrator. It has a flattened head, enabling it to directly stimulate the g spot or can be turned around to become a clitoral massager - making it two vibrators in one! It is quiet & discreet and with 8 vibration modes, it can be adjusted to suit your personal preference.

  • R499

    Lelo's flickering touch massage candle is made from all-natural soy wax, shea butter and apricot kernel oil. Available in different aromas, the lightly scented wax melts into an exquisite pool of luxurious massage oil, allowing you to get intimate and close with your partner. 150g.

  • R815

    Lelo's Ella Dildo is a luxury dual ended non motorized dildo. Designed for G spot massage, insert the Ella with the curved end pointing towards the upper wall of the vagina, directly where the g spot is found. Vary your movements and place direct pressure onto the G spot area to stimulate and promote orgasms. Flip Ella around to use the other end as a...

  • R2,229

    The LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set in seductive black, includes a soft tasseled SENSUA Suede whip,ETHEREA Silk Cuffs, and the popular Luna Beads Mini Noir, all bringing an exciting new dimension to foreplay. Gift set comes with a gift card and black satin storage pouch, creating an erotically shared pleasure fantasy together. 

  • R2,754

    Lelo Bruno Prostate Massager has been called the world's most pleasurable prostate massager. The prostate, a walnut sized gland located at the root of the penis, when massaged correctly, provides intense, long-lasting, even multiple, orgasms and intense ejaculation. While many men focus largely on external stimulation, the prostate gland is often...

  • R2,999

    Lelo's Bridal Pleasure Set is perfect for the bride to be, the perfect honeymoon gift, or for countless nights of passion. All in white, this set contains a sensual pearl studded silk blindfold, a teaser whip ring of soft suede, and most importantly the Noa couples vibrator - to be worn by the woman during lovemaking. 

  • R1,985

    The Lelo Alia Vibrator is an intimate, discreet and stylishly designed oval palm shaped massager specifically designed for clitoral stimulation. With a finger loop for the ultimate control, this 6 speed vibrator is waterproof and powerful. 

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