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Founded in 2005, Lamelle is a South African biotechnology research company that produces highly advanced products for both the professional and consumer aesthetic skincare market, both locally and increasingly internationally.Lamelle is known for having introduced many firsts to the South African market, through constant yet systematic and transparent innovation.

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Lady Prelox Female Intimacy Supplement - LaMelle

PRE003 26.09.2019
As she enters the room heads turn; drawn in by her magnetism. She holds herself in a way that makes people envy her. She is as alluring as she is striking. Not because of her killer heels but because she is the very embodiment of confidence. She is a Lady Prelox woman. She is who we all aspire to be… Recognising that women need and want more...

Prelox Patented Male Fertility Supplement - LaMelle

6009825730615 12.03.2019
Close to 10% of all couples experience infertility at one point or another, with half of all couple's infertility problems being due to male infertility. This is commonly due to deficiencies in the semen. Lamelle Research Laboratories has over 40 years of pharmaceutical and medical experience and it is with this extensive knowledge that they have...

Prelox Peak Performance Male Supplement - LaMelle

Peak 26.09.2019
Sexual wellness and performance is often seen as a barometer of a mans health. With blood flow being one of our most important functions, it helps bring oxygen and nutrients to our muscles and organs. A healthy blood circulation is key to optimal erectile function and quality. Prelox Peak Performance tablets contribute in a natural way to not only...
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