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    This Micro Set Bullet Vibrator, perfect for both anal and clitoral stimulation, is specifically for those who enjoy variety. With two interchangeable silicone covers, you can choose from either a large bulbous ring design or smaller stacked ring design for two completely different sensations. with 3 intensity levels and only 8cm long in length, this...

  • R379

    JoyDivision's Easy Anal lubricant is one of the best anal lubricants and is recommended specifically for first times. Condom friendly and designed for anal intercourse, a few drops of Easy Anal ensure the anus is perfectly lubricated and assists in avoiding any discomfort. A water based lubricant, Easy Anal is smooth and non-oily, whilst being...

  • R1,199

    The JoyDivision Alu-Douche Shower extension is an intimate douche perfect for both vaginal and anal intimate care. Simply screw off the existing shower hear and screw on the intimate douche attachment. Designed to make you feel cleaner, douching for women assists in washing out the vagina, whilst anal douching is a hygienic practice useful for cleaning...

  • R199
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    The Joy Division VarioRing is a silicone cock ring that has an adjustable closure allowing it to fit perfectly on any size penis. Allowing you to control the tension by constricting blood flow, this cock ring allows for a fuller and stronger erection and assists with erectile dysfunction issues.  *This product has been medically endorsed by Desir's...

  • R179
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    Aquaglide from Joy Division is a pH-optimised, highly effective, water-based lubricant that features long-lasting lubricating properties. This product assists in increase sensation and excitement to love-making, but is also the ideal to use with latex condoms or your pleasure objects. It is so versatile that it can also be used as a massage gel! It is...

  • R249

    Flavoured lubricants add extra enjoyment to oral sex, and can counteract the flavour of latex condoms. Aquaglide's banana-flavoured water-based lubricant adds extra moisture and increases sensitivity. The medical grade lubricant is dermatologically tested to be perfect for all skin types. It's a long-lasting and smooth lubricant that is naturally absorbed...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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