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    The flexible Maximus cock ring by Joy Division is easy to put on and constricts the penis at the base of the shaft to keep you harder for longer. Flexi loops on either side of the cock ring help you to get it on and remove it after use. The flexible material is phthalate-free and bodysafe, and stretches to accommodate different penis sizes. Wearing a...

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    The JoyDivision Alu-Douche Shower extension is an intimate douche perfect for both vaginal and anal intimate care. Simply screw off the existing shower hear and screw on the intimate douche attachment. Designed to make you feel cleaner, douching for women assists in washing out the vagina, whilst anal douching is a hygienic practice useful for cleaning...

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    The Joy Division VarioRing is a silicone cock ring that has an adjustable closure allowing it to fit perfectly on any size penis. Allowing you to control the tension by constricting blood flow, this cock ring allows for a fuller and stronger erection and assists with erectile dysfunction issues.  *This product has been medically endorsed by Desir's...

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    Joy Division's Clean and Safe is specifically developed for cleaning your silicone, rubber, glass, steel or latex erotic toys.  Regular use will keep your toys and leatherwear clean, disinfected and in top condition. 100ml.  

  • R379

    The Aquaglide medical water-based lubricant is the perfect lubricant for those experiencing vaginal dryness, intimate discomfort, or experience sensitivity on your intimate areas. Noticeably increasing lubrication during sexual intercourse, the Aquaglide lube is crystal clear, is 100% naturally produced, and is toy and latex friendly (even for silicone...

  • R549

    The Joy Division Long Anal Chain at a length of 29.8cm is designed to be used anally. When inserted bit by bit, this chain releases an especially deep sensation. The more slowly these are inserted, the more intense the experience. Equally, when removed slowly during orgasm, the intensity of the all rounded nerve release allows an exhilarating sensory...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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