System Jo sexual health products are a line of quality-centric items from the United States, developed by a group of doctors with more than 30 years’ experience in medicine. In 1999 the group helped developed a new silicone based lubricant for women – and the rest is history.

As the demand for quality sex toys in South Africa has proven, people were instantly attracted to this pharmaceutical grade silicone, made with the purest quality ingredients available. It gives you the ability to produce that long lasting glide without ever becoming sticky.

Once the general public realised that System Jo sexual health products were in another league, the brand took off. With exceedingly high production standards akin to those you often find in the medical industry, you are in safe hands with lubricants for the average Jo.

Endorsed By Customers, Backed By Science

Désir’s sex toys have a long history of customer endorsement, but with a brand like Jo it goes well beyond that and is backed by science too. With an OTC drug licence from the FDA, you will never have to worry about these lubricants causing your body any harm.

That is the gift that System Jo sexual health products gives you – the ability to trust in the formula of a lubricant that does as it promises and will never become tacky during use. Customers that use Jo love the higher quality feel, which works in conjunction with their collection of sex toys.

Levels of Product Care That You Should Demand

Sex toys in South Africa are often made from low grade materials that come with a dubious ethical history and have unforeseen health complications on use. With this USDA Certified Organic Manufacturer, all ingredients are made from plant-based materials.

That means that when you buy System Jo sexual health products you will never suffer allergic reactions, or toxic reactions of any kind. Plus as an added ethical bonus none of their products are tested on animals. You are free to enjoy your stimulating gels, performance enhancers and lubricants guilt-free, for any of your companion lubrications needs.

Choose your favourite lubricant with our System Jo sexual health products range right here.

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  • R649

    JO's Premium Silicone Lubricantdelivers silky smooth, long lasting sensation. This lube provides a thin, slick barrier to help reduce friction during lovemaking. Latex safe, JO Premium lubricant is fragrance free and never sticky. Non toxic, non allergenic and perfect for daily therapeutic massages. 135ml

  • R629

    JO Anal Warming Lubricant has the highest viscosity of all silicone lubricant ranges and is specifically for anal use. It creates a gentle warming sensation that relaxes in preparation for anal play. This thick and slippery silicone lube is perfect for longer and more active anal play. 135ml.

  • R629

    JO Premium Anal Cooling Lubricant gives you all the long-lasting, frictionless action of JO’s classic Premium lubes, with the addition of a stimulating fresh cooling sensation. For anal play that is smooth and enjoyable for all, a slick and smooth anal lubricant like JO Premium is ideal. This Premium Anal Cooling Lubricant gives a lightly...

  • R199
    1 Review

    JO H20 Lubricant is a vegan-friendly waterbased lubricant that feels as smooth as silicone lube. It is durable and lasts longer than most other water-based lubes, but leaves no sticky residue. H20 Personal Lubricant is latex safe, and compatible with all erotic toys, including your high-quality silicone toys. Like all JO’s specially formulated...

  • R279

    JO H2O for Women is a water-based personal lubricant designed to supplement a woman’s natural feminine lubrication. This silky smooth comforting glide is never sticky or tacky and rinses off easily with just water. Formulated using a purely plant-based glycerin, this highly recommended lubricant was created just for women to not disrupt natural PH...

  • R349
    1 Review

    JO H2O Flavoured Lubricant is a deliciously tasty take on the classic JO waterbased lube. This long-lasting and super slick lubricant has been specially formulated to have the qualities of silicone lubes with the skin moisturizing properties of waterbased lube. Unlike silicone lubricant, water-ased lubes are safe to use with your silicone sex toys,...

  • R329
    1 Review

    JO H2O Lubricant is specially formulated to be exceptionally long-lasting for a waterbased lubricant, yet leaves no sticky residue. The animal-friendly formula uses plant-sourced glycerin, so it’s latex-safe and vegan-approved. H2O Cooling Lubricant takes the classic H2O formula and adds the refreshing tingle of menthol to stimulate and excite the...

  • R499

    All in One Jo Massage Glide's unique formula provides a silky smooth feel that lasts longer than any other massage oil. Just 1 drop of Jo equals 10 - 15 drops of other massage oil, it is also a long lasting latex safe personal lubricant and a terrific personal skin/tattoo conditioner.  120ml.

  • R429
    Out of stock

    Agapé for woman - by JO is an uniquely formulated lubricant that contains NO silicone, NO glycerin, NO oil and NO Wax. Especially for those women with sensitivities, JO for Women Agapé uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients to provide sensual enhancement and moisture without causing irritation. JO for Women Agapé provides silky smooth...

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