Je Joue sex toys were built to empower people craving new frontiers of intimate play. A classically chic brand with a pioneering attitude, this company wants everyone in the world to feel comfortable buying one of their toys and trying it out, just for fun.

Another award-winning brand of sex toys, Je Joue originated in the United Kingdom where they continue to design the next generation of adult toys. As a strictly smut-free company, each toy is designed for functionality, not to look like a cheaply imitated body part.

Désir’s sex toys are selected for the exclusive luxury market, and we had to add this brand to our growing list of suppliers for their charm, quality and dedication to sensual exploration. Whether shopping for his pleasure, hers or a combination of both, you’ll fall hard for these stylish toys.

When Beauty In a Toy is What Matters

One of the first things that will strike you about Je Joue sex toys is their immeasurable beauty, grace and subtly. As a range deeply concerned with privacy and discreet intimacy, there is nothing about these toys that indicates they could be for the bedroom.

You will find that Je Joue sex toys were created to fit smoothly or snugly, depending on the use, with the highest quality materials that are 100% body safe and that wear well. Velvety soft to touch, these are inspiring to use on your lover, and they have helped redefine luxury in the adult market.

Embrace The Discreet Pleasure of Your Chosen Companion

Most sex toys in South Africa are overly concerned with appearing like the anatomical originals. Refreshingly, this brand rejects that idea and instead has embraced form and function over imitation, winning more awards than any other designer sex toys brand in the world today.

When you decide to invest in this gorgeous range of Je Joue sex toys, you never have to worry about the embarrassment of sharing a toy with a new lover, or unpacking it from an airport bag again. The designs are so lustrous and elegant that they could easily be mistaken for general massagers.

Discover which of these chic Je Joue sex toys would suit your cabinet of delights by browsing through our luxury collection right here at Desir.

Choose your discreet, designer companion from the Je Joue range right here.

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  • R1,799

    The Je Joue Ooh Pleasure Kit is a fabulous & innovative vibrator that allows you to mix & match the various colourful collectibles to personalize your sexual experience. Start off with the vibrating motor, then mix & pick either the classic vibrator head, or a vibrating cock ring head - perfect for couple play! "The perfect pleasure...

  • R2,399

    Je Joue is one of the most-popular luxury sex toy brands in the world. With the Uma G-spot vibrator they once again prove why they remain so popular. This vibrator, with its elegant lines and silky smooth exterior, feels incredible on your body’s most sensitive areas. Run it all over your own body or your partner’s, concentrating on erogenous...

  • R1,499

    The Je Joue Sasi Clitoral Vibrator is a completely revolutionary vibrator for her. Fitting snugly in your hand, this vibrator is different to the others in that it allows 6 different vibration settings and has a customizable massage ball that sits just under the silicone cover. The ball - with 5 patters of movements pre-programmed - mimics the...

  • R1,599

    San Francisco Nights is one of the most exciting pleasure kits for him, by Je Joue Ooh! This set consists of a cock ring and a butt plug, to be used with the included motor. The motor's incredibly strong vibrations will ensure ultimate satisfaction! The beauty of this set is that you can mix and match to suit your intimate needs. All you need to do is...

  • R2,399

    Je Joue Mio Cock Ring is great for couple play. Worn by the male, it provides an enhanced and longer lasting erection for him, and if positioned correctly, offers the lady intense clitoral stimulation by means of the vibrating bullet, allowing simultaneous and intense orgasms. Simply add some water-based lubricant, slide the cock ring down the base of the...

  • R2,299

    The Mimi clitoral vibrator by Je Joue has an elegant, simple shape that belies just how sophisticated a toy it is. With a hard core and an exterior that feels velvety soft against your most sensitive skin, the Mimi is a powerful yet extremely discreet handheld clitoral vibrator. It fits comfortably into your hand and is lightweight enough to hold at...

  • R1,349 R1,498
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    Out of stock

    Your pelvic floor is a set of muscles that are often over-looked. Strengthening these muscles will assist with the prevention of incontinence, it will improve recovery time from childbirth & increases sexual sensations and orgasmic potential. This pack is the perfect purchase when looking to strengthen your pelvic floor. It contains the Je Joue Ami Kegel...

  • R1,199

    This Ibiza vibes pleasure kit is the perfect gift for her. This kit includes a pebble, a detachable motor, along with a stunning set of Flash X nipple pasties by Bijoux Indiscrets. Clip the motor into your pebble to create a perfectly powerful, yet discreet, clitoral stimulator. While with your Flash X pasties, you are able to summon your inner vixen...

  • R1,799

    The Je Joue Ooh Pleasure Kit is a fabulous & innovative vibrator that allows you to mix & match the various colourful collectibles to personalize your sexual experience. Start off with the vibrating motor, then mix & pick either a clitoral pebble attachment or the classic vibrator attachment."Go Brazilian with this hot hot hot pleasure...

  • R2,499

    Je Joue has created a unique vibrator that is incredibly versatile and flexible. The G-Kii vibrator looks at first like a regular classic vibrator. It’s long, and sleek, with a slightly larger bottom end where the buttons are. When you get the G-Kii in your hands, however, and start to play with its ability to bend and hold different shapes,...

  • R2,899
    3 Reviews

    This designer dual vibrator from luxury sex toy brand Je Joue is both elegant and powerful. With three motors – one in each ‘ear’ and one in the shaft – the Fifi rabbit vibrator has five vibration speeds and seven pulsation patterns for the ultimate orgasmic indulgence. The Fifi has a narrow shaft with an insertable length of...

  • R1,199
    Out of stock

    This set of luxury Je Joue Ami Kegel Balls allow you to progress from the lighter to the more heavier balls as your pelvic muscles strengthen. Kegel balls not only assist in developing and maintaining pelvic control, but also allow for more intensive orgasms. So the stronger your pelvic muscles, the stronger your orgasmic intensity and the lesser...

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