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Hot Octopuss sex toys are sleek, sophisticated and innovative – everything you could look for in a brand that wants to change the way people view personal vibrating toys. In fact, they are known as the inventors of the world’s first ‘guybrators’ vibrators made just for men.

These specific kinds of adult toys have never been more embraced than they are today. We are proud to stock a multi-award winning vibrator that was first made just for solo play, then became a toy that can be used for couple’s play as well.

The brand began as an idea between two friends, and Hot Octopuss sex toys was born. Officially launched in 2013, the company’s biggest challenge is breaking down the stigma for male masturbators, something that has never entered mainstream conversation until now.

Breaking Down Misconceptions About Solo Play

Désir’s sex toys range from old favourites to ground-breaking, and this is exemplified in this brand’s offering on our online site. Not only do they encourage modern men to break down old notions about solo play, they dare you to do so with a toy that delivers more than what it promises.

The industry has been so impressed with Hot Octopuss sex toys and the work they have been doing that their signature model the Pulse 2 Duo has won multiple awards since launch, including the XBiz Awards and the ETO Awards, two very prestigious adult industry business awards.

Challenging Old Ideas about Intimacy and Love

As long as this brand is on the rise, it means that sex toys in South Africa like the ‘guybrator’ have an important place in the cabinet of delights for every man, alongside his lover’s rabbit vibrator. When old ideas about intimacy are challenged, it helps people open their eyes to what could be.

Hot Octopuss sex toys in this sense can satisfy him when she can’t, or it can bring the couple closer together during passionate discovery. The toy simply wraps around him, while she sits on top of it and simultaneously becomes aroused by the vibrating action.

For a deeper, more satisfying experience during solo or couples play, buy your Hot Octopuss sex toys from Désir, for the latest in modern vibrating technology.

Choose your ultimate vibrating companion from the Hot Octopuss range right here.

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