GYNAGUARD for woman

Gynaguard products address a demand in the market for feminine hygiene, to reduce the aggravation of infections and to remove the bacteria that cause them.

Most women do not realise that when the PH balance of your nether regions is off, it can become prone to problems.

With a growing need for sexual hygiene products in South Africa, this brand stands above the rest as one that empowers women to maintain a healthy PH, offsetting the common concerns that come along with being sexually adventurous in the bedroom.

When you decide to add Gynaguard products to your sexual health regimen, you are actively combating the urinary tract infections, yeast infections and bacterial infections that arise when sexual play becomes extended, multifaceted and facilitated with sex toys.

Choosing a Feminine Prevention Method

There is a big difference between normal soap and Désir’s sexual hygiene products. With Gynaguard, the product is specially formulated for sensitive skin-types, is completely fragrance free and gentle enough to use every day without any side effects.

Many women struggle to maintain a healthy PH without Gynaguard products, which inevitably leads to odours and eventual infection when care is not taken with those most delicate parts of herself. Actively preventing this bacteria from taking hold is part of a responsible feminine hygiene regimen.

Guaranteeing That Nothing Will Ruin Your Play

Sexual hygiene products in South Africa are a critical part of enjoying a happy, healthy and increasingly intimate sexual experience with your lover. Nothing puts a sudden halt on things in the bedroom like an unexpected UTI or discomfort from the previous evening’s play.

With Gynaguard products like the essential intimate wash, you gain more than peace of mind with daily use. You guarantee that any bacteria that finds its way into those zones is quickly obliterated, so that you never have to worry about interrupting your love life.

For long-term prevention of the common problems associated with frequent intercourse and exploration with sex toys, you can rely on our range of Gynaguard products to keep you performance-ready for any delightful experience that comes your way.

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