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Fun Factory sex toys are among our favourite here at Désir, due to their reliability and smart approach to rechargeable and battery operated companions for the bedroom. As one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of erotic toys, this brand is all about quality and customer satisfaction.

For many years adult toys were part of a tacky, unhealthy market that promoted the idea that sexual exploration belonged to the same realm as smut did. Because of this many couples were completely closed off to the notion of buying sex toys.

With a brand like Fun Factory, sex toys of this superior quality and tasteful finish became a way for them to combat these old ideas. Thanks to their high standards and discreet, elegant designs – toys and the thrill of exploration that they bring with them have become a part of mainstream sentiment.

The Unification of Love and Eroticism

Désir’s sex toy range includes these incredible vibrating toys because the brand shares the same ideology as we do – to help couples realize that love and eroticism, exploration and romance can be one and the same thing, enhancing both for more fulfilling experiences.

Gone are the days of misplaced shame and fear when Fun Factory sex toys are part of your collection. These intimate companions are great to look at, not sexually explicit in any way and they are created with optimum functionality in mind.

Love and Sexuality Are The Same Thing

The best sex toys in South Africa will help you express your love for each other in new, electrifying ways. With a brand this customer centric, you can look forward to products that feel incredible, work as intended and will never let you down at critical moments of intimacy.

These Fun Factory sex toys come in a variety of shapes and colours, so picking one to suit your sensual personality is part of the fun. Made in Germany to overcome the old stigma of purchasing an embarrassing looking object, these toys do not attempt to poorly mimic nature at all.

If you are looking for a gentle entry into the world of adult toys, then Fun Factory sex toys will exceed your expectations every time.

Choose your ideal companion from the Fun Factory range right here.

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  • R1,999

    This dual-stimulating rabbit vibrator features powerful angel wings that sit externally on the vibrator and 'flutter' along the clitoris, while the gently curved shaft with realistic tip stimulates your vaginal canal internally at the same time - bringing you to the most powerful climax. With a 8.8cm insertable length, this petite vibrator has a strong...

  • R299

    Fun Factory toy cleaner is manufactured by one of the top European brands, and packaged in a handy 75ml size with spray nozzle. It’s quick and easy to use to clean your sex toys before and after use and make sure no nasties get into your nice bits. It’s gentle on sensitive skin, and can be used on all types of materials to keep all of...

  • R1,999

    The Fun Factory Tiger G5 is a unisex, medium in length, wide girthed clitoral, g-spot, and p-spot vibrator that provides an incredible sense of fullness and all round stimulation - whether it be for anal or vaginal play. With a 15.2cm insertable length and a 12cm girth, you get the added stimulation of the raised ridges from the base of the shaft to...

  • R999
    1 Review

    If you’re looking for a dildo that has a natural shape and feel and a pleasing length, look no further. The Boss by Fun Factory is a 17.8cm insertable length dildo with a diameter of 4.2cm. A glans shape to the top, with a prominent coronal ridge, targets the g-spot or prostate. Close to the base, pronounced ridges in vein-like shapes will give...

  • R2,899

    The Stronic series by Fun Factory is a revolution in vibrators. In fact, they are more properly called pulsators. Stronic erotic toys thrust instead of vibrating, creating a back and forth motion that builds intense orgasms. The Stronic Zwei has been especially designed to stimulate the g-spot or the p-spot, with a rounded tip that rubs against that...

  • R1,999

    The Fun Factory ShareVibe is the ideal luxury strap-on-toy for couples. Now featuring a bullet vibrator, this german manufactured product is the only toy of it's kind in that it offers 5 pattern vibrations incorporated into the base. As such, it allows couples to both experience and share in the pleasure of the intense vibrations during love-making....

  • R1,999
    1 Review

    Share strapless dildos by Fun Factory are ideal for lesbian couples, and can be used for pegging if coupled with a harness. The Share double dildo is worn internally, held in place by the kegel muscles. Women with strong kegel muscles will find this double dildo a truly pleasurable experience, as your every thrust is felt by both partners. The...

  • R1,699
    3 Reviews

    Created for couples, the Share Strapless Double Dildo is a bodysafe silicone dildo with a short end and a long, curved end. The short end is worn by the active partner, inserted into the vagina, and gives great g-spot pleasure during your play. The longer end is 16cm of pure orgasmic joy for a receiving partner. Share strapless dildos by Fun Factory...

  • R1,199
    Out of stock

    When you’re looking for size, the Fun Factory Magnum lives up to its name. This girthy 18cm dildo is made in a flexible and bodysafe silicone that makes it soft to the touch yet firm enough to fulfil. Thanks to the flat suction cup base, the Magnum dildo can be used for both vaginal and anal play, and is also harness compatible. It has a smooth...

  • R999

    The Layaspot clitoral vibrator is a perennial favourite from European manufacturers Fun Factory. It’s made of longwearing, bodysafe ABS plastic. The ergonomically friendly design fits neatly into the palm of your hand, and is comfortable to hold while stimulating the nipples, clitoris or labia. The Layaspot has 8 vibration speeds, ranging from a...

  • R349

    Designed as an add on for the Fun Factory Battery+ range of sex toys, the Hybrid Kit allows you to use rechargeable batteries in your Mr Boss, Abby or Wicked Wings vibrator, allowing you to recharge your batteries without ever taking them out of your toy.  The innovative hybrid technology in the Battery+ toys means that, with this kit, you...

  • R2,199
    1 Review

    The Fun Factory Delight is a different take on dual stimulation of the g-spot and clitoris, offering more potential for explosive blended orgasms. More compact than a traditional rabbit-style vibrator, the Delight provides dual stimulation of the g-spot and clitoris from one powerful motor. The elegant ‘S’ shape of the “Royal...

  • R1,499
    1 Review

    The Fun Factory Bouncer is a wonderfully simple and pleasing dildo design. Like other Fun Factory dildos, it features a flat, wide suction cup base that allows you to stick it to a wall or other clean surface. That wide base also makes it perfect for anal play, and for use with a harness. This means the Bouncer can be used for solo or couples play....

  • R449

    The unisex Bootie small with its velvety soft silicone surface is the perfect toy for a newcomer to anal play and expert alike. Its rounded top end makes it particuarly easy to insert and comfortable to wear for extended periods. It is the perfect combination of necessary hardness and high flexibility to hit the P-spot everytime. Great for solo or partner...

  • R3,299

    The Fun Factory Stronic range is well known for being the only vibrators that have a strong thrusting action. Now Fun Factory has combined that with a powerful external clitoral vibrator to give you twice the sensation, and far more pleasure - for both your clitoris and your g-spot! With 64 stimulation settings, from gentle pulses to deep rhythmic...

  • R699

    Fun Factory has taken anal plugs to the next level with the B Balls Duo. This anal plug offers double the fun with rotating inner balls inside the outer casing. When you move, the weighted inner balls move with you, providing delightful sensation. At 12.5cm long, with ball girths of 3.2 and 3.6cm, this anal plug creates a deliciously full sensation,...

  • R899
    Out of stock
    1 Review

    Fun Factory dildos are a firm favourite, and we think every toy collection should contain a couple. With wide, flat, suction bases, Fun Factory dildos can be used safely for both vaginal and anal play, stick to smooth surfaces and walls for fun solo play, and fit comfortably into a harness. The Amor dildo is the smallest in the range, and is perfect...

  • R1,999

    The Abby G by Fun Factory is a powerful battery operated g-spot vibrator now designed to offer the same intensity as a main's charged vibrator. Not only are you offered the same intensity, but with Fun Factory's Battery + technology, the battery power and intensity is maintained throughout the battery's life, and does not diminish towards the end as is...

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