Fleshlight is well-known for their male masturbators and their products have been deemed the world’s number 1 best-selling sex toys for men.

Fleshlight Male Masturbators

Their hyper-realistic, patented SuperSkin material is available with either a mouth, vulva or anal orifice, and along with a variety of interior textures and patterns, has all been designed to replicate the sensation of penetrative sex.

From the simple, discreet casing to the incredibly soft, inner sleeve, Fleshlight masturbators are guaranteed to please. So take a browse through our Fleshlight selection below. A Pink Lady or a Flight Pilot might catch your eye, but either way, your new intimate companion awaits... You can read about the patent of the fleshlight here.

Where can I buy a Fleshlight online?

You can purchase Fleshlight from our online shop at https://www.desir.co.za/brand/fleshlight/ with 24hour delivery or visit our sohpisticated showroom in Camps Bay, Cape Town.

Herewith an instructional video on how a Fleshlight works:

Hygene is important, view this video on how to clean your Fleshlight:

To watch a tutorial on Fleshlights click here to learn more.

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  • R1,949

    "Fleshlight - The #1 selling male sex toy in the world"The Vibro Pink Lady Touch Fleshlight can be seen as the upgrade on the Original Pink Lady Fleshlight. Not only does it have a "touch" textured interior that feels like concentric fingers down the shaft, it comes with 3 vibrating bullets to add to the phenomenal sensation. These single speed bullets...

  • R745

    This Shower Mount is the perfect accessory for your Fleshlight experience! This mount provides you with the versatility to try out different angles and heights, so that you can find the perfect position to steam up your shower session!

  • R895

    Rated as the #1 selling male sex toy in the world, the Quickshot Vantage male masturbator is a non anatomical masturbator with an array of ridges & textures designed to provide you with the most incredible stimulation. With a hole on either side, this product is perfect for either solo or couple play. For solo play, you can either leave the cap on one end...

  • R895

    Rated as the #1 selling male sex toy in the world, the Quickshot Boost male masturbator is a non anatomical masturbator with an array of ridges & textures designed to provide you with the most incredible stimulation. With a hole on either side, this product is perfect for either solo or couple play. For solo play, you can either leave the cap on one...

  • R1,595

    This may look like the original Pink Lady Fleshlight on the outside, however the experience awaiting you on the inside will blow your mind! Instead of the smooth interior, the Vortex contains 4 spiralled chambers and deep ridges. Combined with the soft SuperSkin material and the screw cap to regulate the suction intensity, experience a more explosive...

  • R1,525
    Out of stock

    They say practice makes perfect and Fleshlight has engineered the Stamina Training Unit (STU) to assist with just that. This unit has been designed to turn an ordinary masturbation session into an intensely pleasurable training session. The Stamina Training Unit's stimulating inner texture, made to replicate the sensations of intercourse, will help you...

  • R1,594

    "Fleshlight - The #1 selling male sex toy in the world"The name says it all. This Fleshlight is the original Fleshlight masturbator that was launched and is still a favourite amongst returning and first-time customers. Unlike the other Fleshlight models with patterned interiors, this smooth patented SuperSkin sleeve not only provides a...

  • R1,569

    The Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight, like all Fleshlights, is made from patented SuperSkin material and has an incredible, textured interior, with nodules, bumps and spirals. Not only that, it also has a clear sleeve and casing, allowing you to watch the action and the bottom screw cap regulates the suction intensity. It is advisable to use a water-based...

  • R1,569

    "Fleshlight - The #1 selling male sex toy in the world"The Fleshlight Go Torque Ice is smaller than the standard Fleshlights, giving you a more discreet, travel-friendly companion made from soft SuperSkin material. Its clear sleeve and casing allows you and your partner to watch the action. The screw cap at the bottom of the Fleshlight allows you to...

  • R1,585

    The Fleshlight GO Surge is a discreet, and compact version of their original best-selling Fleshlight products, making this the perfect travel companion! It is a compressed design so single-handed grip action is made easier, while the internal sleeve is made from lifelike SuperSkin, and has textured ribbs and ridges for a thrilling experience. Being 17%...

  • R1,399

    The Flight Pilot Fleshlight has a newly improved, aerodynamic outer casing and an unbelievably bumpy inner texture that will take your solo mission to new heights! The suction intensity can be controlled by the screw cap at the base, providing you to create the perfect experience. Water based lubricant is advised, as silicone based lubes will...

  • R1,475

    Looking for a Fleshlight that is slightly lighter and easier to hold? Look no further, the Flight Instructor Fleshlight is the one for you! Its soft, textured sleeve is contained in a sleek, slimline casing for maximum discretion. Soar into extasy with the sensual nodules on the interior. Use a water based lubricant to increase the sensations.

  • R1,595
    Out of stock

    "VStroker - The world's most advanced virtual sex system"Enhance your solo experience with the revolutionary VStroker. It connects seamlessly to your Fleshlight (sold seperately) and wirelessly transmits sensor information to your PC or Mac - simulating a lifelike experience. Simply attach VStroker to the end of your Fleshlight (sold separately),...

  • R2,977 R3,544
    Reduced price!
    Out of stock

    Fleshlight is the #1 male sex toy in the world. With its 'real-feel' material and their incredible accessories, it is no wonder it is the preferred choice. The Vibro Pink Lady Touch is a popular one due to the 3 vibrating bullets that are included for added stimulation to your solo session. What's more, Fleshlight have created the V Stroker, the world's...

  • R219

    Maintaining your Fleshlight in order to prolong its lifespan is one easy task! This Renewal Powder restores the hyper-realistic SuperSkin sleeve to its original softness. Made from 100% cornstarch, this natural powder will not irritate the skin. Remove your Fleshlight sleeve from its casing, dispense the powder onto the sleeve until coated...

  • R255

    With your Fleshlight being made from Real Feel SuperSkin material, it is always best to ensure you have the right cleaning essentials to keep the condition of your Fleshlight in pristine condition. The Fleshlight Intimate Toy Cleaner helps you do just that. Spray the anti-bacterial toy cleaner onto the sleeve of your Fleshlight to disinfect them after use...

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